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  • As the academic year draws to a close, the time comes for many students to bid farewell to their student accommodation here in Leeds. Moving out can be both exciting and overwhelming, but with the right approach, you can make the process smooth and hassle-free. In this blog, we will explore the essential do's and don'ts of moving out of student accommodation, helping you transition to the next chapter of your life with ease.


    The do's:


    Plan Ahead:


    Moving out requires careful planning. Start early and create a checklist of tasks you need to complete before leaving. This includes notifying Parklane Properties of your move out date, arranging transport, organising packing materials, and informing your utility companies of your move (if you’re all-inclusive with us- we’ve got that bit covered).




    Before you start packing, take the opportunity to declutter your belongings. Sort through your items and decide what you truly need, what can be donated, and what should be thrown away. This will not only lighten your load but also make unpacking at your new place much easier. Here’s a great article which points you in the right direction in terms of donating in Leeds- https://www.zerowasteleeds.org.uk/tips/what-can-i-do-with-clothes-i-no-longer-want/


    Pack Methodically:


    When packing, be organised and label your boxes clearly. Pack heavier items at the bottom and fragile ones on top, using appropriate padding and bubble wrap for protection. Consider creating an inventory list to keep track of your belongings and ensure nothing gets lost in transit.


    Notify Service Providers:


    Remember to inform utility companies, such as electricity, water, and internet providers, about your moving date to avoid unnecessary charges. Settle any outstanding bills and schedule disconnections or transfers accordingly. This will help streamline the process and prevent any potential issues. You may also want to send in evidence of this to us!


    Clean Thoroughly:


    Leaving your student accommodation in a clean and tidy state is not only considerate but also ensures you have a good chance of receiving your deposit back. Clean each room meticulously, paying attention to common areas, appliances, and fixtures. Don't forget to vacuum, dust, and mop the floors before saying your final goodbye.






    One of the biggest mistakes you can make when moving out is leaving everything until the last minute. Procrastination only adds unnecessary stress and increases the likelihood of forgetting crucial tasks. Start early, tackle one task at a time, and stay on top of your moving schedule.


    Leave Damages Unattended:


    Accidents happen, and minor damages are not uncommon during your stay in student accommodation. However, neglecting to report or repair damages can result in deductions from your deposit. Document any existing damages upon moving in and promptly report any new ones to us before you move out so we can get these fixed.


    Forget About Redirecting Mail:


    Ensure you arrange mail redirection with your local postal service or update your address with relevant organisations, friends, and family. This will prevent important mail from getting lost or falling into the wrong hands, guaranteeing a seamless transition to your new address!


    Overlook Proper Waste Disposal:


    Dispose of your waste responsibly. Don't leave unwanted items or rubbish behind in your accommodation or communal areas as you WILL be charged for the removal. Familiarise yourself with local recycling and waste disposal guidelines and make use of designated bins or recycling points. Keep in mind that leaving a mess behind reflects poorly on your character and may impact future references. Here is a useful link all about waste disposal in Leeds- https://www.leeds.gov.uk/residents/bins-and-recycling/recycling-sites


    Leave Personal Information Behind:


    Before vacating your student accommodation, ensure you take all your personal belongings and important documents with you. Double-check drawers, closets, and any hiding spots where you might have stashed valuable items. Safeguarding your personal information is crucial, so remember to shred or securely dispose of any sensitive documents you no longer need.


    Moving out of student accommodation is a significant milestone, marking the end of a chapter and the beginning of new adventures. By following these do's and don'ts, you can make the transition smoother and reduce stress. Remember, we’re only a phone call away, so if you have any questions regarding the move out process, or just want some additional cleaning tips, give us a call on 0113 230 4949 or email your Property Manager.

  • In an era of skyrocketing rents and soaring property prices, saving for a mortgage deposit can seem like an insurmountable challenge for many first-time buyers. However, Skipton Building Society has introduced a ground breaking solution with its 100% mortgage scheme. Let's delve into the details of this innovative offering and explore its potential benefits and drawbacks for aspiring homeowners.

    Breaking Down the Eligibility Criteria

    Skipton's 100% mortgage is exclusively available to first-time buyers, with an additional requirement of having paid rent in full and on time for a minimum of 12 consecutive months. Applicants must be at least 21 years old. Additionally, they need to demonstrate a history of timely rental payments and up-to-date household bill payments for at least 12 of the previous 18 months. Maintaining a clean repayment record, including non-financial commitments like subscriptions, is crucial. It is also worth noting that the scheme excludes the purchase of new-build flats.

    No Deposit, No Problem

    Unlike traditional mortgage products, Skipton's 100% mortgage eliminates the need for a deposit. This aspect makes it particularly attractive for first-time buyers who have struggled to accumulate substantial savings. Even those with smaller deposits (up to 5%) can also take advantage of this scheme, widening the scope of potential applicants.

    Borrowing Based on Rent Payments

    While most mortgages consider borrowers' income and expenses, Skipton's 100% mortgage takes a different approach. The loan amount is capped at the equivalent of the applicant's monthly rental payment. Essentially, if your monthly rent amounts to £1,000, the mortgage you qualify for cannot exceed £1,000 per month. This unique borrowing approach aligns with individuals' existing housing costs and helps ensure affordability.

    Interest Rates and Comparisons

    Skipton's 100% mortgage is offered as a five-year fixed-rate deal with an interest rate of 5.49%. Notably, this product comes with no fees, which can be advantageous for budget-conscious buyers. However, it's crucial to consider that the absence of a deposit comes at a premium. For those able to muster a 5% deposit, significantly cheaper five-year fixed-rate mortgages with a 95% loan-to-value (LTV) ratio are available. Potential applicants should carefully evaluate the long-term financial implications of their choices.


    This scheme has the potential to revolutionize homeownership for first-time buyers who have been burdened by the struggle to save for a deposit. By leveraging their rental payment history, eligible individuals can step onto the property ladder with reduced financial barriers. However, it's essential to weigh the higher interest rate against the convenience of a deposit-free approach and consider other mortgage options available in the market.

    Does this new scheme mean you’re in the market to buy a property in Leeds? Have you seen a property for sale on our website? Get in touch with our experienced team to discuss more on 0113 237 0000 or email satty@parklaneproperties.com.

  • Over the past decade, Leeds has emerged as one of the most promising housing markets in the UK, ranking in the top 10. With an impressive average rental yield of 7.1%, which is significantly higher than the national average of 3.53%, it's no wonder that investors are showing keen interest in this city. Keep reading to find out some major factors that contribute to Leeds' attractiveness as a property investment destination, and explain why it's a wise decision to invest in one of the most lucrative property markets in the UK.


    Affordable Property Prices


    Despite its growing popularity, Leeds remains an affordable city to invest in compared to other major UK cities such as London or Manchester. Property prices in Leeds are significantly lower than in these cities, meaning that investors can secure high-quality properties for a lower price. This affordability, combined with the city's strong rental market, provides investors with an opportunity for high rental yields and long-term capital growth.

    In conclusion, Leeds is a great city to invest in for property investors looking for a stable, resilient market with excellent growth prospects. With a growing population, diverse economy, excellent transportation links, thriving cultural scene, and affordable property prices, Leeds offers a compelling investment opportunity that is hard to ignore.


    Growing and diverse population


    One of the key factors contributing to Leeds' attractiveness as a property investment destination is its growing population. The city's population has been steadily increasing over the years, and is expected to continue to do so in the coming years. According to recent projections, Leeds' population is set to reach over 800,000 by 2030. With such a large population, the demand for housing is likely to remain high, creating a stable investment opportunity for property investors. Leeds also has four main universities, with millions of students travelling from all over the world to come and study. Because of this, student accommodation is at its peak, however there is still a shortage, meaning investments within the city are crucial. 


    Diverse Economy


    Leeds is known for its diverse economy, which includes a mix of industries such as finance, digital, healthcare, and manufacturing. The city is home to a number of large corporations, including ASDA, Sky Betting & Gaming, and Yorkshire Bank, as well as a thriving start-up scene. This diverse economy makes Leeds a resilient city that is less dependent on any single industry. As a result, property investors can be confident in the stability of the city's economy and the long-term growth prospects of the property market.


    Excellent Transportation Links


    Leeds benefits from excellent transportation links, making it easily accessible from other parts of the UK. The city is well-connected by road, rail, and air, with the M1 and M62 motorways running close by, and the city's train station providing direct links to London in just over 2 hours. Leeds Bradford Airport also provides direct flights to a number of destinations across Europe. This connectivity makes Leeds an attractive destination for professionals, students, and tourists, all of whom contribute to the demand for housing in the city. Did we mention Leeds is Gods own country? 


    Thriving Cultural Scene


    Leeds boasts a thriving cultural scene, with a range of museums, art galleries, theatres, and music venues. The city is also home to a number of world-renowned festivals, including Leeds Festival, Leeds International Film Festival, and Leeds Pride. This cultural richness attracts people from all walks of life, contributing to the city's diverse population and strong rental market.


    Ready to invest in Leeds? Give our experienced team a call on 0113 237 0000 or email ls1@parklaneproperties.com.

  • It’s time to get ready for a historic weekend as King Charles III is set to be crowned as King on Saturday 6thMay 2023, at Westminster Abbey in London. After the passing of his mother, Elizabeth II, this coronation is eagerly anticipated by people around the world.


    The first weekend in May will be a huge time for communities to come together and celebrate, as we witness the coronation of His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen Consort. For many people, especially students, this will be a historic first. Parklane Properties are here to provide you with the lowdown on this significant event!


    It's time to mark your calendars and prepare for a weekend filled with excitement!


    What is a coronation and why is it so important? 


    A coronation is a ceremonial event that marks the crowning and anointing of a monarch upon their ascension to the throne, symbolising the beginning of their reign and official recognition of their authority. It involves rituals and traditions, such as crowning with a royal crown and taking oaths, often held in significant locations open to the public as well as some famous faces. Coronations hold cultural, historical, and symbolic significance, often accompanied by celebrations and processions, and are seen as unifying and momentous occasions for a nation or monarchy.


    What’s happening the week of the coronation?


    The week of a coronation is full of celebration, gatherings and ceremonies- so it can be tricky to keep track. We’ve done our research on all the events from Saturday 6th May until Monday 8th May 2023, keep reading to find out.


    Coronation concert


    Don't miss out on the coronation concert at Windsor Castle on Sunday 7th May 2023. Although tickets are sold out, you can still catch it on BBC. Why not create your own concert experience from the comfort of your very own student accommodation right here in Leeds?


    Round up your housemates and host your own Coronation party. Set the mood with banners and themed decorations, and watch the concert together. It's a perfect opportunity to celebrate this historic occasion and create lasting memories. Join in the festivities and make it a special event with your own unique touch, even if you can't be physically present at Windsor Castle.


    Coronation Big Lunch


    Is food a way to your heart? Then the coronation Big Lunch is for you, where you and your neighbours or community are invited to come together and share food and fun! If you're interested in organising a Big Lunch for you and your housemates, you can get your coronation pack and information on how to plan your event here.


    Whether it's a small gathering or a larger celebration, the coronation Big Lunch is a perfect way to come together and celebrate this historic occasion with your community.


    The Big Help Out


    On Monday 8th May 2023, the public is invited to participate in The Big Help Out. This initiative encourages people to try volunteering and join in on local projects in their communities. Why not plan to volunteer at a local organisation or project, and even invite your friends to volunteer as a group?


    For more information on this project and how to get involved, visit their website. Remember, 8th May is a Bank Holiday in celebration of King Charles' coronation, which means no lectures or studying! It's a perfect opportunity to make a difference in your local area and contribute to the spirit of community and service on this special day.


    How can you celebrate the week of the coronation?


    Celebrating the Kings Coronation doesn’t need to be you glued to the tv, there are loads of parties, events and gatherings you can host to get in the royal spirit!


    Street party


    You don't have to participate in a big community event to celebrate the coronation of the king. A smaller, more private celebration can be just as meaningful! If you live in shared student accommodation, why not host your own party with your housemates in your communal kitchen, or if the weather permits, set up outside for a fun outdoor celebration.


    To make things easier, you can all pitch in to buy drinks and food, and decide who will cook or set up a buffet that just needs to be set out. And don't forget the bunting! Whether you're celebrating inside or outside, decorate the tables and surroundings with all things Royal. It's a great opportunity to come together with your housemates and enjoy a memorable coronation party in your own unique way.


    University celebrations


    Many universities are organising their own unique ways to celebrate the coronation, so why not join in the festivities?


    Be sure to check your university's news and events to see if they have any special plans for coronation day 2023, and get involved if they do! It's a great opportunity to come together with fellow students and staff to celebrate this historic event in a fun and memorable way.


    Set up a fair


    If you enjoy organising events, why not plan something special for your house mates? Maybe even extend the invitation to your street? You can set up stalls and games for people to get involved in, and consider donating any money raised to charity or splitting it among multiple charities.

    Remember, it's all about having fun and celebrating together on this special day. 


    We hope we’ve given you a clear run down of the events happening throughout the coronation festivities, along with some information on how you can celebrate with your mates!

  • In recent years, Leeds has seen a shift in how students (and professionals) live after moving out of halls of residents in their first year of university. This change can be due to many factors, including rising living costs, a desire to live amongst others and not on your own, and the convenience of shared living spaces. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why house shares are becoming more popular and how they can benefit those who choose to live in them.


    One of the primary reasons why house shares are becoming more popular is due to the rising cost of living. With rent, utilities and just the general cost of items on the, it has become more challenging for individuals to afford a place of their own. By sharing living spaces, individuals can split the cost of rent and utilities, which can make living expenses more manageable. House shares are usually all inclusive, so you can rest assured knowing your bills are taken care of by your letting agent. 


    Another reason why house shares are becoming more popular is the desire to live with others, but still have your own space. Many people, particularly those who are new to a city or have just started a job or university course, crave companionship and a sense of community. By living in a shared house, individuals can form friendships with likeminded people, which can help them feel more connected and less isolated. Despite this, if you do need your alone time, you can retreat to your private bedroom. 


    In addition to saving on rent and utilities and living with others, house shares offer several other benefits for both students and professionals. For example, shared living spaces can be more convenient than living alone. In a house share, individuals can split the responsibilities of household chores, such as cleaning and cooking. This can help to save time and reduce stress, as individuals do not have to manage all of these tasks on their own. It can make the more mundane routines of life less challenging, leaving more time for work, studying, or hanging with friends and family!


    All Parklane Properties house shares come fully furnished and equipped with all the necessary amenities, which can be convenient for people who are new to a city or country and may not have their own furniture or appliances. We have a range of house shares available for undergraduates, postgraduates and professionals in all the hotspots in Leeds, so you can be confident you’re living amongst like-minded people, and in a location that suites your lifestyle best. Each house share comes refurbed to a high standard, and offers a competitive all inclusive package, allowing you to focus on what matters. 


    Are you a student of professional thinking of living in a house share for 2023/24? Get in touch with us today on 0113 230 4949 or email ls6@parklaneproperties.com, and one of our experienced negotiators will be able to help. See you there!

  • Leeds Dock is fast becoming the most popular area for professionals to live in Leeds, due to its vibrant and exciting atmosphere all year round. It’s the perfect location for all the perks of city centre living, without the hustle and bustle that comes with it. 


    When living in one of the many Leeds Dock developments, you are a short walk from all the shops, bars and restaurants you could ask for. Within close proximity, there is also Royal Armouries Museum, The Tetley, and Leeds Discovery Centre- perfect for filling your weekends! You will never be short of retail therapy, as Leeds Dock is situated close to multiple retail parks, including Crown Point Shopping Park. Not to mention the entirety of Leeds centre just on your doorstep!


    In Summer, you can enjoy the Waterfront Festival, which displays a mind-blowing array of independent street food businesses, performers and activities- suitable for everyone! Why not pack a bag and get sunbathing by the dock? Or grab a water taxi to take you into the city? Whatever you decide, Leeds Dock will have something going on. 


    The history of Leeds Dock


    Since 2006, Leeds Dock has faced many waves of regeneration, with a vision to build a hub for tech, media and creative industries, while also providing modern and affordable living for those in and around Leeds. Previously Clarence Dock, Leeds Dock is popular for tourists, but also well suited and functional for those living and working in the area. Today, there is an eclectic range of co-working spaces, independent businesses, food and drink, wellness facilities and retail units.


    What’s available in Leeds Dock?


    Whether you’re buying or looking to rent, Parklane Properties have modern apartments available in and around the Leeds Dock area, providing a perfect place to call home in a community you can fit into right away. You can leave your apartment and walk just a few feet to grab a coffee from North Star Coffee, then get your laptop fired up in the luxury co-working space in Department UK. To finish your day, grab a pizza at Pizza Express and a cocktail at The Canary. No two days will be the same when living at Leeds Dock. 


    Want to discover more or find out what properties we have available?


    Click here to discover our website, call 0113 237 0000 or email ls1@parklaneproperties.com. 

  • If you are looking to sell or rent out your property, it is important to get it cleaned up to an incredibly high standard before putting it on the market. While this may seem like an obvious task, the importance first impressions cannot be underestimated.

    How do you do deep clean a house and where do you start? Here are some of our tips for cleaning up your property before putting it on the market:

    Tackle room by room

    Start by making an in-depth checklist for each room, and also make sure you have the right tools and cleaning products for the job- this will make the overall job so much easier. Make sure you have everything you need to clean that specific room, so you don’t need to keep popping downstairs to grab something! Cleaning room from room will also seem a lot less daunting then tackling the whole house all at once.

    Give yourself plenty of time

    Although the idea of cleaning a whole house top to bottom, inside and out seems like a mammoth task, the earlier you start the less pressure you will feel. You want to make sure you have time on your side, meaning you do not need to rush the process resulting in potentially missing or rushing spots. It’s also a good idea to give yourself plenty of breaks, as cleaning can be a very laborious and exhausting task.

    Start with the worst rooms

    Kitchens and bathrooms are usually a good place to start when it comes to cleaning a whole house, as they’re usually the dirtiest. Grime and food debris can build up very quickly in areas such as the oven, the extractor fan, the backsplash and behind appliances. For bathrooms, the toilet and shower will need a thorough clean to make sure it is sparking for the people interested, focusing extra on the shower screens and tiles. They are also usually the smelliest rooms, so make sure you’re opening the windows and adding air fresheners when you can!

    Don’t forget outside!

    So, you’ve spent all this time cleaning in your home, why stop outside? Your potential buyers/ renters will see the exterior of your house first, so first impressions really do count. Your house may be immaculate inside, but if it looks dirty and run down outside, the potential buyers may not even want to step over the threshold. We suggest looking at your property from the road and compare it to other houses on the street. Does the drive need a jet wash? Could the fence do with a repaint? Could the trees/ shrubbery do with a tame? Does your front door and windows need cleaning? All these elements come together to make your property either look presentable and well maintained, or uninviting and run down- and THAT’S a deal breaker!

  • Looking for luxury city centre living with all the amenities and modern safety features? We have a property for you. Apartment 173 in Aspect 14 is an extremely popular and modern development within close proximity to the Universities, Leeds General Infirmary, First Direct Arena and the bustling Northern Quarter. It is also just a short walk into town, with an abundance of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and entertainment on your doorstep. The complex itself offers parking included in the price, fob entry and on-site maintenance. There is also a fantastic community feel within this complex, with attractive outside areas and seating making your morning walk around the block an enjoyable activity you’ll look forward to each day. 


    The two bedroom apartment itself boasts breath taking views of the North of the city through floor to ceiling windows and its own private balcony. This spacious apartment starts with an entrance hallway, leading to a very large, open plan lounge. Have you ever wanted to sit in your living room and watch the world go by with a coffee? Here you can! The modern kitchen is spacious and comes with all the appliances you’d need, along with a dining area tucked away from the living room. There is a master bedroom along with a smaller bedroom for guests, and a family bathroom with bath and shower. 


    The location of this apartment is second to none. You get all the perks of city centre living, without the eye watering price tag. Aspect 14 is a short walk from numerous city parks including Lovell Park and Oatland Fields, along with numerous supermarkets like Morrisons and Aldi. In just a 5-minute walk you can be amongst the hustle and bustle of Leeds city centre, surrounded by cafes, bars and restaurants. The nearest primary school is Blenheim primary school at just a 3 minute drive, and the nearest secondary school is Dixons Trinity at a 6 minute drive. For colleges, Leeds City College is a 7-minute drive and the University of Leeds is a 7 minute drive. Aspect 14 has fantastic bus routes into the city centre and a 15 minute walk to Leeds train station which can take you anywhere in the country. 


    This property would be fantastic as a home for yourself or to rent out to a young couple looking for the excitement that comes with city centre living. 


    Don’t miss out on the fantastic opportunity by giving us a call on 0113 237 0000 or emailing satty@parklaneproperties.com

  • It can be quite common for people to experience issues with damp and mould in their property at some point. Even in the driest of conditions, mould can still be an issue for some- especially in the colder, wetter months. Keep reading to discover our top tips on how to prevent damp and mould in your house.

    Use a dehumidifier

    Dehumidifiers help to remove excess moisture from the air, and may become your new best friend if you get one! Moist properties in particular, i.e when the heating is on but windows are always shut, when there has been a leak, and when steam isn’t contained- will require a dehumidifier the most. Not only do dehumidifiers help to hinder mould growth, they can also assist with drying clothes and preventing dust mites.

    Wipe away condensation

    You may find that in the colder months your windows may fill with condensation. Condensation occurs when warm air hits your cold windows, resulting in water forming. Condensation is most common in your bedroom when you first wake up, and in the kitchen when you’re cooking and boiling water. A way to prevent this, is to keep your bedroom door open for ventilation, and to use your extractor fan in your kitchen. Turning your heating on regularly will also help with this issue as the windows the warm air hits will not be as cold.

    Don’t dry clothes on radiators

    There are many reasons why you shouldn’t dry clothes on your radiators, the main one being condensation, which then leads to mould. Although it may seem tempting to chuck a few clothes on the radiators while you already have the heating on, your best bet is using a heated clothes horse. You could also use your tumble dryer if you have one, however this can be expensive. We suggest regularly adjusting your drying on a clothes horse, and putting them in a room you don’t use as often so it doesn’t affect your day-to-day life.

    Close bathroom doors

    This may seem an obvious one, however you’d be surprised how many people forget to fully close the door when taking a steamy shower! Steam from showers and cooking can cause a lot more damage in your home than you think, and so it’s important you do what you can to avoid it escaping. When taking a shower, make sure the extractor fan is on, and the door is closed. If your bathroom has a window, open it!

    Check for leaks

    Leaky windows, doors and pipes are a sure way of getting unwanted moisture inside your home, so it’s crucial to report these issues to Hive as soon as you spot them. In the meantime, you can use a towel/ bucket to ensure the leak is contained and doesn’t prevent any rot/ damp issues later down the line. No one wants a soggy carpet!!

    Turn on your heating

    We understand times are hard right now and the Cost of Living Crisis means bills are skyrocketing, however a crucial step in preventing damp and mould in your home is to have your heating on regularly. We’re not saying your home needs to be a sauna, but a balance of having the heating on and also cracking open your windows from time to time will help prevent moisture- which will then lead to damp and mould problems.

  • The best hidden gems in Leeds might be a little harder to spot than you think. You might walk past them each day without realising it — or you might not even know that there is anything worth seeing at all! Nowadays, it's hard to keep up with all the cool places around. They're popping up everywhere and new ones are appearing every month. But where can you find them? From hidden bars to historic architecture, this blog will help you find the cream of the crop!


    Whitelock’s is a 1715 pub tucked away in a narrow alleyway just off Briggate high street, which offers cask ale and beer battered haddock and chunky chips. With its traditional pub interior and quaint courtyard, this pub is a stark contract to the modern high street it is part of. If it wasn’t for marketing or word of mouth, you would most definitely walk by this hidden treasure!

    The Ivanhoe Clock

    If you’re a Leeds local, you will most likely have walked through Thornton’s Arcade countless times, however how many times have you looked up? The Ivanhoe Clock was built in 1877 and features wooden life size characters from Robin Hood, Richard the Lion-Heart, Friar Tuck and Gurth the Swineherd. When the quarter hours strike, each character moves before your eyes.

    The Leeds Town hall organ

    Leeds Town hall itself is a prominent building within the city centre, however how many times have you been inside? In the basement, lies the 12 meter high and 12 meter wide organ, first played in 1858 when the building was first opened. In more recent times, the organ is played by leading organists from around the world, and has also been a part of Leeds International Concert Season, Leeds International Film Festival and Leeds Light Night.

    The Tetley

    Looking for something to do on a rainy day? The Tetley is a contemporary art gallery in South Bank, along with a café, bar and kitchen. Formerly the Tetley Brewery, the space is home to emerging artists, free exhibitions and a place to help communities and young people. You can also find creative workshops and courses to join to enhance your skills and meet new people.

    Abbey House Museum

    If you’re into your history, you’ll love stepping back in time to wander through the mock Victoria streets and peer in the shops and houses in this interactive and immersive Victorian museum. Abbey House Museum is situated directly across the road from Kirkstall Abbey, so why not spend the morning in the museum walking down memory lane, then get some fresh air around the Abbey grounds in the afternoon.

    Leeds is a city rich with culture and hidden gems when you know where to look, so throw yourself into the New Year and keep your ears to the ground for the ever-growing list of hidden gems.

  • It's the New Year, and for many people this is a time to reflect on the past and make resolutions for the future. Picking up a hobby in the New Year is a great way to submerge yourself into learning new skills- and making new friends! They also give you something to look forward to and help keep you busy. If a new hobby sounds like something you would like to get in board with, here are our top picks for Leeds:


    Pottery/ sewing groups


    Leeds offers lots of pottery groups and courses that are great for those who want to get creative in their downtime and have a go at something new. You can sign up for one off classes, or courses, which will teach you everything you need to know about pottery, along with having some fun. Usually all materials are included, and why not bring your friends along! Sunken Studio offer a ‘Throwing taster’ for just £70.


    It's just the same for sewing, or anything textile related too! If you fancy turning your hand to making clothes, or maybe a cushion cover, there’s a workshop in Leeds for that. Sewing can be therapeutic and good for the mind in the New Year, but it can also be very rewarding. The Bowery is a coffee shop in Headingley and also offers evening sewing workshops over 4 weeks at just £80.


    Rock climbing


    Fancy something that’s going to get your heart pumping and hands sweating? There are plenty of climbing centres in Leeds which offer classes, and also full use of all their climbing walls to suite your schedule. Climbing is great for your physical health, and is a great alternative to the gym. The Climbing Lab in Kirkstall offer an adult introduction class for just £15, there you will have a 1-1 session with a trainer, giving you all the tips on how to climb independently. After the session you can have free reign within the climbing centre. 


    Running clubs


    Being active in the New Year is usually everyone’s priority, but it can get very dull if you’re stuck in the same sweaty gym for five days a week. Why not mix your exercise up, and merge socialising with being active! Whether you’re a newbie or a running expert, Leeds has plenty of running clubs all over the city with people from all different backgrounds. Leeds based running groups include Leeds Girls Can Run, Chapel Allerton Runners, Hyde Park Harriers and Abbey Runners. Want to get stuck in? Check these groups out on Facebook to find out dates, times and the place to meet! Ready, set, GO!


    Puppy yoga


    Yes you heard that right… yoga, with puppies! Studies show that pets have a huge positive effect on our mental health, and there are amazing health and mental benefits with yoga too, so why not combine the two for the perfect serotonin boost? Puppy Yoga UK offer 45 minutes of yoga time along with 15 minutes puppy play time, all for just £29.50. This is a great way to kick off your new yoga hobby, where you can learn new skills, de-stress, and make a few four-legged friends! 


    These are just a few of the hundreds of hobbies you can get on board with in 2023, so why not get stuck in and pick up something new this month!

  • It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Are you planning on heading home for Christmas? Thousands of students will be getting ready to pack their bags and head home for the festive period. If this is you, we have some tips on what you need to do before locking your doors and driving home for Christmas!



    -       Student areas have a high crime rate, so check that your insurance policy is in order before leaving for an extended time, as the last thing you want upon returning is to lose valuable possessions and them not be covered.


    -       Make sure all your curtains/ blinds are closed so people can’t see in. Also remove all valuables that may be on show (bikes outside etc)


    -       If you have one, set your alarm and ensure all the windows and doors are fully closed and locked. The flashing alarm box on a home will be spotted by potential thieves and it may steer them away from your home.


    -       If you have the space, take valuables home with you. If there ever was a break in, it minimises the amount of items the burglars will want to take. 


    -       It may be useful to set up a light timer that flicks a light on for an hour on an evening. We understand that times are hard for everyone right now, but the couple of hours you leave the hall light on when out can help prevent a break-in.

    Energy saving:


    -       Turn the thermostats down on your radiators and heaters. The last thing you want is you leaving in a rush and your heating is on ALL Christmas. 


    -       Don’t leave any appliances on ‘Standby’, this uses a lot more electricity than you think. 


    Other tips:


    -       Please ensure all rooms are accessible so we can carry out essential maintenance works and conduct viewings.


    -       Dispose of any perishable foods when you go away but do not turn your fridge/freezer off.


    -       Ensure all taps are turned off & plugs out of sinks. This limits the risk of flooding.  

    These tips will not only help to protect your property and reduce your carbon footprint but will also ensure that you are not running up large utility bills! 


    If you have any maintenance issues over the Christmas period please contact Hive on: 0113 224 4610 or repairs@hiveliving.co.uk.  


    Parklane Properties wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

  • We know that as a landlord, the biggest priority is getting your property filled with suitable tenants. But have you also thought about the benefits of full management? 

    With our full management service, landlords can enjoy the true benefit of a ‘hands off’ service that places emphasis and responsibility on us as your agent. Keep reading to find out why you should choose full management with Parklane Properties.


    Pre tenancy


    In order to get the most for your property, we will conduct a full rental valuation, along with marketing advice and marketing strategy.


    To maximise exposure, we will market your property(ies) on all major portals and erect To Let boards.


    We will arrange EPC and EICR and Gas Safety Certificate (where applicable).


    When enquiries come through, we will conduct accompanied viewings and negotiate terms with potential tenants. 


    All potential tenants will receive a full credit check.


    We require a tenancy deposit (protected by the TDS) for each of our properties, to ensure any potential damages/ arrears accrued during the tenancy are covered. 


    We will create and handle all legal documentation.


    During tenancy


    We will ask tenants to complete an Inventory and Schedule of condition report.


    Where applicable, we will handle the transferral of utilities. 


    In line with guidelines, we will carry out periodical inspections.


    Seamless transferring of monthly rent & Issuing rent statements.


    Arranging annual Gas Safety Certificate renewals (where applicable).


    Should maintenance issues arise, we will fully handle the arranging of repairs & maintenance along with the payment of invoices. 



    Post tenancy


    Working closely with the tenant to manage the move out process and deposit return.


    Should deposit disputes arise, we aim to resolve these swiftly and amicably.


    Proactive re-letting to avoid periods of void rent.



    As accommodation providers ourselves, we understand the needs of our landlords and offer management solutions from start to finish. We are results-driven and are committed to providing a level of service and insight that is second to none - we have sold and let properties within days of instruction and can do the same for you. Let our industry knowledge and 45 years of experience lead your property to your next tenants. 


    Call us today on 0113 237 0000 or email LS1@parklaneproperties.com to get started. 

  • When you think of winter time, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Christmas. However, many students and young professionals also use the winter months to get ahead of the game and start their house hunt for 2023/24. There are many benefits of securing your property early, and this blog will delve into them.


    Keep reading to find out why you should start your student house hunting early: 



    It's no secret that all the good properties go first. Why wouldn’t they? When you start looking early, you have a wide range of properties to choose from, meaning you can get the best value for money. We don’t recommend rushing into a decision, but when you spot something you love you’ll be ready to go! 

    We understand that choosing a home is a process that takes time and patience- so sorting it early gives you time to decide and choose a place where you feel secure, peaceful, and at home. 

    You can check a list of amazing places to live on our website: https://www.parklaneproperties.com/



    Not only is this important for your mental health, but it’s also inevitably a huge aspect of your life. When you decide on a property and sign up, you know you’ve got the rest of the year to sit back, put your feet up and chill! Knowing everyone else is running around like headless chickens, you know you’ve secured your property and all that’s left is to move in next year!



    Moving out of your home away from your family and friends is a big step when you’re studying at uni, and taking that stride towards independence can be hard work, especially when it comes to choosing your housemates. Doing this carefully might save you from bickering over bills, who’ll do the dishes, who should do the supermarket run, or whose turn it is to clean the toilet (!!!).

    Usually, your friendships grow stronger once you’ve secured a property. You can allow yourself to get excited with your new friends and plan the year ahead! 


    Top tip: We suggest taking your friends on a little day trip to the area you’re moving to. Grab a coffee, some lunch, and go for a walk to explore the area and get excited about the year to come!



    When it comes to Summer time, all you want to do is hang with friends and catch a tan, right? When you sign up early, all your deposit and guarantor info will be sorted early in the year, leaving Summer for fun, fun and more fun! We have a super easy sign up process, where you are prompted regularly for everything you need. The process is fully remote meaning you don’t even need to leave your bed!



    Get in touch with our Property Consultants today to discover your dream student accommodation in Leeds. The team will help advise on the area you want to live in, and they’ll be able to show you what options there are, whether you’re a student or professional!

    Sit back, get your feet up and relax… you’re all sorted up until 2024 

    Call 0113 230 4949 or email at: LS6@parklaneproperties.com

  • Zero stamp duty rate is doubled to £250,000 for all home movers and increased to £425,000 for first-time buyers! The recent Government announcement has seen changes to Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT). Let us explain what this means for selling and buying a property.



    Stamp duty land tax (SDLT) is charged on the purchase of property or land. It applies in England and Northern Ireland only but there are separate property transaction tax rules in Scotland and Wales. 



    The recent changes to stamp duty relief will save home movers £2,500 on their purchase as the ‘nil rate threshold’ has increased from £125,000 to £250,000.

    The biggest impact will be for first time buyers, with an increase in the ‘nil-rate threshold’ from £300,000 to £425,000. There has also been an increase in the maximum amount first time buyers can buy a house for and still be eligible for relief from £500,000 to £625,000. Be aware if you are a first-time buyer and the purchase price exceeds £625,000 you will be subject to paying the same rates as home movers. 



    The objective is for the government to support home ownership and promote mobility in the housing market which in turn supports economic growth and spending on durable goods. As the housing market slows down and there is little to no inventory available, the stamp duty relief is an attempt to boost the housing market. 




    Rishi Sunak, former Chancellor and now Prime Minister, introduced a stamp duty holiday during the Covid -19 pandemic.  During these unprecedented times, home buyers reflected on their requirements, leaving cities for the suburbs for additional space to work from home and have access to outdoor space. There was a large surge in demand with a small supply of houses which resulted in property price increases, spurred on with a Stamp Duty holiday to stimulate the property market.


    This property ‘bubble’ has not seen much let up since then, but now we are in a different economic climate with the cost of living crisis, increased interest rates and higher borrowing costs, the slow down in the property market remains to be seen. 



    The savings made on the stamp duty relief will offer an initial saving however mortgage rates are determined by the bank of England base interest rates which have seen a steady increase over the last few months with rumours that the Bank of England will continue to increase the base rate to combat rising inflation costs. This will impact mortgage rates.



    Currently there is no plan for a complete removal of stamp duty on property transactions. 



    With 45 years of experience, we know exactly how to sell your property. We start things off with a FREE, no obligation, property appraisal advising you of various marketing strategies catering to your personal situation. You can rest assured your property is in safe hands from instruction through to completion, our highly experience sales team will guide you through the entire sales process, all you have to do is leave everything to us!


    Call today on 0113 237 0000 or email satty@parklaneproperties.com for more information.

  • We understand you’re still settling into your Parklane property, but now’s the time to get ahead of the game and start thinking about if you want to renew. Whether you’re a student or professional, staying in Leeds or leaving, we will soon be advertising our properties again for 2023/24- and we wanted to give you first dibs. We know you don’t want to do the house hunt but we don’t want you to miss the great benefits that come with living with us. You’re not alone in all this hassle, leave it to us, and we’ll handle the rest. 


    Keep reading to know why you should stay with us:


    • Scrap the sign-up process- renewals are straight forward, all you have to do is let us know you want to renew and we’ll transfer all your data over, even your deposit!
    • No strangers in the house- say goodbye to viewings which interrupt your daytime naps, your house will be yours for next year as soon as you’ve told us you want to renew.
    • No need to move out in the Summer- sit back knowing your stuff can stay put all summer… and the best part? You don’t need to frantically clean the house!
    • It’s usually much easier to stay put with the same agency- we’d like to think our team are familiar faces to you now, so save the hassle of getting to know another agency.
    • Something missing? If you feel your sofas could do with being replaced, maybe your dining room table is getting wobbly, or your bedroom could do with a repaint- we’ll do our best to make your pad a dream to live in for another year.

    Maybe you’re looking for somewhere else? With our properties in all the students hotspots, you’ll never run out of options. So whether you’re in for a cosy night chilling on your sofa or a night in one of the city’s coolest bars, you’ll just find the place.

    • We’ll not charge a penny for admin fees, which means zero stress and your savings are safe. Now you can focus on the right things like cool house accessories, fresh new bedding, or splash out on a fancy lunch
    • The best bit? You’re completely safe with us and so is your money. We’re Unipol Approved, award winning and work with My Deposits Protection. 
    • Whether you need a one-bed flat right in the heart of the city or a nine-bed house in the suburbs, you’re in for a treat! Choose whatever your heart wants from a huge selection of over 500+ properties



    • Sort your finances and group size for the next year. Who do you wish to live with, a friend, your partner, or live by yourself? All this matters if you’re able to renew
    • Get in touch with our Property Consultants to grab your favourite deal. The team will help advise on the area you want to live in, and they’ll be able to show you what options there are whether you’re a student or professional 
    • Sit back, get your feet up and relax… you’re all sorted up until 2024 
  • There's no doubt your lunch hour is the best part of the working day, let's be honest! Leeds city centre is a haven for foodies looking for a quick bite and will leave you feeling spoilt for choice. Whether you are in the mood for pizza, Japanese, or Indian curry - there’s something for everyone.

    We have tracked down some of the best lunch spots in Leeds for you that won’t stretch your budget and you’ll be back to the office in time for that afternoon meeting!


    22 Grand Arcade, Leeds LS1 6PG

    With a fun and lively vibe - Zaap Thai is a perfect place to grab a meal after-work and especially during lunch breaks. The authentic decor and creative colour schemes along with their open plan kitchen creates a bustling Bangkok food market feel- right in the centre of Leeds!

    If you’re at Zaap Thai, and not having Beef Pad Thai and Pad Kee Mao, you’re missing out. Their Chicken Pad Thai and Thai Green Curry are a must try too.


    6 Mill Hill, Leeds LS1 5DQ

    Working in Leeds and not visiting Bundobust is basically a crime! Tucked away on a side street, Bundobust offers delicious original Indian street food along with craft beer. It’s one of the more low-key places to eat in Leeds but the food is outstanding – crispy okra fries, delicately-spiced paneer curry and the ever-popular tarka dhal lentil curry are favourites. Indian-oriented decor with long benches, old doors panelling the walls, and seat cushions made from hemp rice sacks makes the overall vibe of this place very comforting.


    3, Sovereign Square, 3 Sovereign Square, Sovereign St, Leeds LS1 4BA

    Little Bao Boy is an independent eatery located right in the heart of Sovereign Square. Whether you’re a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan - this place caters for every kind of foodie. If you love traditional Asian food with a well-blended touch of spice and a western contemporary twist, Little Bao Boy is your go-to place. Whether you’ve popped down for a mid-week working lunch or a late-night snack, their small team is always ready to serve you with the best of everything. Their Panko Aubergine, made from a vegan buttermilk mix with sesame crumbs, sriracha sauce, iceberg lettuce and spring onion is the real game changer for your taste buds. Traditional Chinese food such as Congi, and soup noodles are a must to try. But if you want to explore the real taste of Asian cuisine, you must try their soft, fluffy bao buns filled with all kinds of deliciousness!


    27 Albion St, Leeds LS1 5ER

    Trinity Kitchen is the hub for authentic street food in Leeds. This place is bursting with lively, colourful, and delicious street food restaurants and pop-up carts. Trinity Kitchen rotates six street food vans every eight weeks and offers visitors the chance to experience various flavours and cuisines under one roof. From Italian, German, Portuguese grilled chicken, creative cocktails, delicious coffee, it's a hub of delicious eateries where you simply won't run out of options.


    3 Sheaf St, Leeds LS10 1HD

    A hidden gem in the Southbank of Leeds - Sheaf Street Cantina is the perfect place to dance, drink and relax. Enjoy live DJ sets, a variety of events, delicious fresh food, and much more. Their vegan milkshakes and desserts are a treat for everyone. Not only this, Cantina has put its own spin on classics like mac n cheese so that even meat-eaters will feel right at home in this vegan restaurant. Sheaf Street also hosts regular craft fairs and workshops, so it’s definitely one to visit on the weekend too!

  • If you’re studying at uni this year, you’ve probably already moved into your university accommodation (hopefully with Parklane Properties)! Although the thought of being an organised student feels like moving a mountain, we know a little effort can save you a lot of your time and energy- especially when it comes to your desk! Having a tidy and organised desk will make studying and working much more bearable and inviting. Not only this, it can boost your spirits especially when you plan on working on your assignments or prepping up for exams for long hours.

    We’ve put together a guide for must-have desk accessories that will help you stay organised throughout the semester.


    Get yourself a desk lamp 

    Personally, we think desk lamps are a must have. Not only do they look great in the corner of your desk, but they are also essential for those long hours of study sessions- especially in the endless winter nights. Lamps are also favoured over ceiling lights as they create a softer glow that doesn't strain your eyes, and are a cheap way to enhance your student accommodation. 


    A snuggly blanket for those chilly nights

    It’s no surprise that energy bills in the UK are set to sore, and while we do recommend you put your heating on from time to time to avoid damp and mould, a cosy blanket wrapped around you also works wonders! Those long study nights into the early hours can get chilly, so get cosy and snuggle under a thick blanket (you can even get heated ones if you’re fancy), and you’ll find yourself feeling more comfortable with your studies.


    A display monitor- your neck will thank you!

    Although you may feel comfortable working from just your laptop at home, leaning forward and looking slightly down can affect your neck and cause long term issues. A display monitor is slightly elevated and sits at eye level, meaning your neck and back can be straight while doing your studying!

    Connect your laptop with the monitor through an HDMI cable, and you’ll also have an additional screen to use. Having a display monitor not only relieves a lot of strain on eyes and neck but it’s also key to making you a pro at multitasking. 


    Organise your life with a desk organiser

    Your student accommodation desk is your ultimate workstation, and if it’s messy and cluttered, you’re most likely going to be distracted. If this sounds like you, we suggest desk organisers in the form of pen holders, folders and draw trays! With Parklane Properties, each desk comes with a set of at least three drawers, so maximise all this hidden space and declutter your workspace. 


    Essential oil diffuser 

    It’s not easy being a student, you’re fully loaded with responsibilities to manage like assignments, socialising with your new friends and general adult things. Using essential oils for studying is a natural method to relieve gloominess, anxiety and stress. Rosemary, lavender, and basil essential oils can help you focus and boost your cognitive abilities. It’s a must have on your desk. 


    Keep that snack drawer full!

    When you’re studying into the early hours of the night, you’re bound to get those oh so familiar hunger pangs. So we suggest keeping a desk drawer full of your fav snacks to keep you going. So whether you feel like munching on a healthy snack bar, crisps, or something a bit naughtier like sweets and chocolate, your drawer is definitely going to keep you going long into the early hours. It might even save you from ordering a pizza or burger when hunger strikes! 


    A phone or iPad stand 

    You deserve to binge watch your fav season after a 6 hours long study session. So to freshen up in between, there’s no better way than watching something you love. What’s Netflix and chill for after all? Get yourself a phone stand and grab a snack so you can catch up with your fav shows while also cracking on with course work or revising. 


    Noise cancelling headphones

    Whether you have noisy roommates, online classes or you just enjoy listening to music, headphones are a desk essential that you must have. If you’re not in the mood to talk to anyone, they are a great way to escape from the world for a little while. Plug-in, volume up and off you go. 


    Making your desk work for you 

    Don’t treat your desk like a ball and chain, otherwise you’ll never want to sit down and work! Make sure it’s an enjoyable environment to be in, by having a few of your fav things around you without being a distraction.

    • We recommend having handy snacks, family photos or even some cute post-it notes from friends stuck on your wall!

    • Tidy up every time you’re done using your desk for the day (keeping it a tidy and clean environment will make it more inviting to sit down next time)

    • Have a bedroom shuffle around (you don’t need to keep your bedroom the same layout as when you first moved in. We always recommend your desk be near a window as it can help you focus)


    Revision/work from home tips 

    Whether you’re a student or professional, you will use your desk at some point during your tenancy. Here are a few tips for successful revision/ WFH;

    • Take regular breaks (being stuck in one place for hours will never bring out your most productive side. Take regular breaks, go out for walks or have a coffee with friends before going back to it!)

    • Eat lunch/ dinner away from your desk. (Although it may seem easier to just sit and eat at your desk, it’s more beneficial to eat elsewhere to keep the desk space as clean and productive as possible!)

    • Only revise/ WFH at your desk, not your bed. Keep work and relaxation separate, or the lines get blurred and you’ll be less productive!

    We understand in your first month of uni you are flooded with info, timetables and new faces- so taking steps to making your living space as homely and cosy as possible will help take the pressure off. Before you know it you will be living your best uni life!

  • If you’re a young professional looking for new prospects in Leeds, chances are there’s something here for you. Leeds is home to phenomenal music, arts, amazing shopping, endless job prospects, and not to forget, a vibe that is unmatched by any city. If you haven’t rented in Leeds before or you just need a change of scenery, here’s a guide for young professionals navigating this special city. 


    Think about the location 


    Before you think about renting a property, the first thing in your mind should be the location. Think about which location is best for you, or how close to work you can afford to be. Do you wish to rent in a mini community like Leeds Dock or Granary Wharf or do you long to be in the heart of the city with shops, restaurants and parks directly on your doorstep? Leeds has great transport links with motorways, Park and Ride and trains leading to any destination you can think of. One thing is for sure, Parklane Properties have over 45 years experience in the industry, and we know Leeds.


    Make sure you leave enough for bills 


    While you may have seen your dream property in an incredible location, you need to consider your finances, and if you can realistically afford it. You have to consider your outgoings against your income, as the last thing you want is to be scraping pennies together each month for the sake of living in a nice apartment. Always choose the property that you can comfortably afford and remember, sometimes you have to compromise on a few things. 


    Read your contract  


    We know that reading EVERY page of your contract can be quite boring, but it’s really important. Make sure you read and understand everything that’s included in your contract before renting in Leeds, and if you have any questions we’re here to help. No question is too silly and remember, it has all been asked before. Your contract is full of info about who’s responsible for what, it also defines how you should be living in the flat and what are the do’s and don'ts. There’s also information about whether you can bring your pet in with you or not because not every rental place in Leeds is pet friendly. This is your chance to negate anything you’re unsure or unhappy with in your contract.


    Who do you want to live with 


    A big decision you will need to make early on in your house hunt is who you want to live with. You can fly solo in a 1 bedroom apartment, or live with a few friends in a bigger house on the outskirts of Leeds. Usually, if you do live with other people the outgoings are slightly cheaper, as you are sharing things like utilities and broadband. At Parklane Properties we have something for everyone.


    Make time for hobbies on the weekend 


    Young professionals can often put 100% into kicking off their career, and this can result in them feeling burnt out after a period of time. Because of this, when considering renting in Leeds, it’s always worth knowing what fun activities are on your doorstep. Leeds is bursting with restaurants and cafes of every street corner, and the city boasts endless days outs suitable for all. In the centre, it goes without saying there are hundreds of shops, bars, eateries, clubs and events happening every night. Some of our favourites include The Royal Armouries Museum, Headrow House, The Tetley and the Lamb and Flag pub. However there are also great places to visit outside of the city too, such as Cow and Calf, Otley, Haworth and Yorkshire Sculpture Park. 


    What do you want?


    When you’re a young professional renting in Leeds, it’s easy to jump for the first great property you see, but you should think twice about what exactly you are looking for. Do you need parking? Do you want an outdoor space for those sunny summer mornings? Do you want to be in a quieter part of town? Make a list of what you want from your new place and figure out what’s negotiable and what’s not. If you're looking for your perfect rental property in Leeds, have a browse of the properties we have on Parklane Properties, and we can do the rest!

  • Summer is officially here and you’re probably having long evenings with friends in the park and exploring your new city, Leeds. Despite all the fun you’ll be having, it may be good to start thinking about university, and how you can prep. From sorting out your student bank account to packing essential stuff for your first day at uni, we’ve got you covered.

    Sort a student bank account

    While this may not be the most exciting thing to do, it’s one of the things you need to do before you start your new adventure. First thing’s first, you need to set up a student bank account to keep your finances in order. Many of the renowned banks offer these with added incentives - such as discounted dining out (for example, a free, four-year Tastecard) or a subscription to an online reading library - but what you should really be looking for is the bank with the best 0% interest overdraft facilities. Banks typically make daily charges if you exceed your arranged overdraft, so always read the small print and make sure you use the overdraft facility only when you need it the most otherwise, let’s just say it’s prohibited.

    Buy fun essentials

    Packing all the important stuff is just one thing, the real game changer is the exciting stuff that jazzes up your new student accommodation in Leeds. If you have a thing for sparkles and warm lights, you can add fairy lights- the perfect accessory to make your student room more inviting after a long day at uni. Feel free to bring speakers if you love a good party, and have your favourite songs on repeat. Your room may become a spot to get some rest bite from the daily hustle and bustle of uni life, so it’s always a good idea to invite some friends over for an essential de-brief, or to even play a drinking game or two. These can be great ice-breakers, especially when you’re trying to make friends. You may also want to have spare mugs and some sweet treats at the ready.

    Get clued up with all the discounts you can get

    There are a heap of student discounts ready to be snaffled, from free pizza to heavily reduced train fares, you have the chance to maximise your time as a student. Most high street and online fashion brands offer discount of up to 30% for students, however you may need to register for a student discount account such as UNIDAYS or Student Beans. It is also super handy to take out a 16-25 Railcard to get cheap train fares, meaning more fun days out with your pals!

    Start thinking about what you can or can’t cook

    You may think that students live off ready to eat noodles and baked beans, and well, you’re not far off! But, you could definitely experiment with some easy to make dishes that can save both your health and time. Once you have a little grasp on kitchen essentials and a few ingredients, cooking will become second nature. For example, avocados and mushrooms on a toast take less than 5 minutes and is also super healthy. Salads, pastas and simple curries are all things you can batch cook and will last you multiple meals. Remember, Tupperware and the freezer is your best friend! Just make sure your kitchen is fully stocked with the essentials that you require on a daily basis for surviving those hunger pangs.

    Preparing for your first few weeks at university can be really daunting and specifically, very stressful. You may be worried about making new friends, adjusting to a life away from home, and the danger of running out of money. While all of this may sound scary, remember, you are not alone. If you implement just a few of these simple tips, you’re bound to settle in no time!

  • As one of the leading accommodation providers, we understand the needs of our landlords and offer everything from comprehensive property management solutions to a simple ‘tenant find’ service. We are a dedicated team of highly professional marketers who have their hands fully covered in the property market. From providing results-driven solutions to delivering a standard of service and insight that is highly boosted in the market - we have sold and let properties within days of instruction and can do the same for you. 


    Welcome to Parklane Properties - the home of urban living


    Right in the heart of Leeds, Parklane Properties is one of the longest standing sales and letting agencies, with properties spanning from the city centre to North Leeds. With experience of over 45 years- our work reflects an ever growing portfolio valued at over £150million. We aim to get you maximum rent on your property along with comprehensive property management from a team of experts. You can just sit back, relax, and let us handle the rest. 


    The rental market 


    Investing in a rental property can be a reliable medium to long-term investment strategy. In a cycling housing market, choosing the right property is essential- our team of experts and professionals can advise you on this as necessary. 


    Location and target market


    First time investors must do their homework regarding the potential of a property and its target market. Professional tenants seek out low maintenance properties with good transport links and easy access to local amenities. Students are typically looking for well-maintained houses and spacious flats within an easy range of their university campuses that they can also co-rent with their friends. 


    Aesthetics are a priority

    The way your property presents itself is an aspect you shouldn't overlook, especially if you are considering renting a property. Aesthetics not only look great for potential renters, but also facilitates in achieving the desired rent from a tenant. The more desirable your decor and furnishing are, the more interest you are likely to achieve (and with skyrocketing values). However, try to remain neutral in your decision making and always ensure quality over quantity. 


    Presenting your property 

    While you are renting out your residential property, the demand for furnished and unfurnished go parallel. However, This will typically be dictated by your target market. The industry standard in the professional and student markets is furnished, although demand still exists at a reasonable level for unfurnished accommodation. Larger families' houses are typically unfurnished due to these tenants most likely being homeowners before, and therefore more likely to own furniture. 


    Choosing the service that is right for you


    Providing property management and let services is what we do - Parklane Properties has a plethora of services to help you with what you require. All you have to do is pick what best suits you. 


    Full management 

    • Free valuation of property.
    • Arrange or check inventory, produce property condition reports and photograph the property prior to tenancy start date.
    • Handle all tenant-related payments and forward balance (less appropriate fees and charges) to your nominated bank account monthly.
    • Provide rental statements detailing any expenses along with expenditure invoices.
    • Carry out routine visits to ensure property is being maintained correctly by tenants.
    • 24 hour emergency maintenance helpline provider to tenants.
    • Handle maintenance issues, consult with you regarding proposed costs and instruct remedial works.
    • Arrange professional cleaning, repairs and update to inventory at end of tenancy (our inspectors will report back to you on the property’s condition, detailing photographs where necessary).

    Finding a tenant or ‘let only’

    • Market the property on our website, social media, Rightmove and Zoopla.
    • Conduct viewings and identify appropriate tenant before conducting full references including credit check, previous landlord and employer.
    • Draw up legal documents and ensure accuracy throughout process.
    • Receive cleared funds from tenant for deposit and first month’s rent before deducting our fee and forwarding balance to landlord.
    • Provide landlord contact details and contract to tenant and arrange key release (landlord takes responsibility for ongoing rent collection and management of property.


    Pre-let services 

    • Fire and furnishing checks
    • Professional cleaning
    • Portable appliance testing
    • Electrical safety reports
    • Gas safety certificate
    • Energy performance certificate (EPC) 


    Finding the right tenant 


    Marketing your property 


    Finding a perfect fit for your property is not a problem for us. Not only are we dominant in the estate agent sector in Leeds, we also have a high rate of turnovers through our website. With over 11,000 monthly visits on our website, we have a list of tenants ready and waiting for properties to come on the market. The in-house team of marketing professionals at Parklane Properties will help to get your property a broad reach in the market by advertising it on Zoopla and Rightmove. They will help and guide you on how to make your property attractive and eye-catching for potential tenants. 


    Eligibility criteria & references 


    References are required for each and every applicant for security purposes, and these typically include a previous landlord reference and one from the tenant’s bank or their current employer- if applicable. We also request the equivalent of five weeks rent from the tenant in the form of a deposit, to cover any expenses required for repairs or cleaning once the property has been vacated. Guarantors are also sought where incomes do not adequately cover the proposed rent and rent is usually paid by the tenant monthly or quarterly in advance. 


    Established in 1977, we are the leading property experts in Leeds. We quickly became renowned for our vibrant, innovative, and forward-thinking ethos, and our first-rate customer service. Not only do we have access to millions of potential buyers but we’ve also earned a coveted reputation for being able to sell properties in less than six weeks. Parklane Properties is also the ultimate agency for finding potential tenants, managing, and maintaining your property as we are an award-winning sales and lettings agency. We assure maximum rental income and minimum effort on your end, so enquire today by calling 0113 237 0000. 

  • It’s no secret that moving out of your student house in Leeds can be stressful, you’re starting to pack and have a wardrobe of questionable clubbing outfits you don’t need anymore, an alarming amount of tinned beans and spaghetti hoops in the back of the cupboard, and your uni course books which have been demoted to a makeshift bedside table. When moving out the first option you may think of is to throw all this away, however we have put together a list of alternatives which help the environment, your pocket and other people. Keep reading to find out how easy it is to donate, sell and recycle.

    Donate instead of throw

    Our planet is already in a state of chaos due to waste and pollution, and each year in Leeds there are hundreds of tonnes of unwanted items that are sold or donated to combat this- so why not join in?

    Not only will your unwanted items be perfect for someone else, you are also protecting your environment by giving raw materials a new life and protecting useful items from going to landfills. Make sure that the items you are donating, whether they are clothes, shoes, pans, crockery, or furniture, can be reused and are in an acceptable state. All electrical items must be rust-free and clean, and items such as sofas, chairs, and beds must have a fire safety label attached.

    Get rid of things at your local recycling centre

    In Leeds, your nearest recycling centre is Evanston Avenue, Kirkstall, LS4 2HR or Meanwood Road, LS7 2LP. You can take about anything to these local recycling centres, and they accept even the smallest of things like books, and Cd’s. Alternatively, you can take items to Revive Leeds who are open every day. Not only will your generous donations be appreciated by someone in need, you are also helping organisations raising funds for local charities who provide training, employment and apprenticeship opportunities to people in Leeds.

    Donating food helps create a healthy community

    In our student life, there can be things we take for granted. One of those things is the meals we have each morning, afternoon, and evening. When moving out the first thing that may come to mind when you open your food cupboards is to throw it all away, right? Wrong! There are so many people in Leeds who could seriously benefit from any unwanted food and there are charities that gladly accept donations. If you are donating food, make sure it’s only unopened and non-perishable food, like tins and bags of rice/ pasta etc. a popular food back in Rainbow Junktion, Regent Terrace, LS6 1NP.

    Sell your unwanted stuff

    When moving out, you may realise there are things that you love but no longer need, for example; clothes that don’t fit, uni course books or furniture you brought along to uni. We know selling can sometimes be tedious, but there are now dedicated apps you can download on your phone such as Depop and Vinted- which makes selling super easy! You can also buy and sell your unwanted stuff without the environmental impact of delivery and postage exclusively to other students using the Hazaar app.

    Save energy and carry on

    Energy saved is energy generated. Whether you are a student or professional, there are many benefits to improving your home’s energy efficiency. This includes lowering your bills, taking control of your energy usage, and knowing that you’re doing your part for the environment. It's evitable for tenants to think that they are helpless when it comes to energy-saving in their rented apartments, because they can’t make any big changes to the property. However, there are some simple measures that you can take to lower your energy bills, regardless of whether you own the property or not. For example:

    - Installing devices such as thermostat and smart metre into your homes could provide you with an increased level of control over your energy usage

    - You could save a ton of energy just by doing this very simple step- always switch off the lights as you leave the room. This will save you around £20 a year on your annual energy bills

    - By switching to energy-efficient LED light bulbs, you can save around £40 per year on your energy bills

    - Steps such as using energy-efficient cooking appliances and switching off the heat just a few minutes before your meal is cooked could help to reduce the amount of energy that is consumed in your kitchen

    If you follow these simple steps when moving out, you will be helping reduce your environmental impact, helping people in need, and also making your move out process a whole lot easier! Parklane Properties has over 45 year experience in the property industry, and we have your back when it comes to tips and tricks during your time with us.

  •  Uni is all about gaining independence, making friends, and having fun in your student accommodation in Leeds! From pulling all-nighters to having copious amounts of coffee, smashing out exams, and everyday hang-outs with your best mates makes up for the best days of your uni life. If you are a Leeds University student, brace yourself for the time of your life. Whilst it can all be frazzling at times, uni is pretty unreal too. Keep reading to find out what your days at uni are probably going to look like: 


    Let's be honest, you’re probably going to sleep through the jarring sound of your alarm clock A LOT. Instead of rushing through showering, inhaling, brekkie, packing your bags and forgetting either your headphones or charger, we suggest setting your alarm for earlier than you actually need to get up, so there’s a better chance of getting up. Also, if you’re the organised type, you may want to scribble down a little to-do list to make your life easier. So before hitting the road to uni, throw on some comfy clothes and prep yourself for the long day ahead. 


    In Leeds there are so many local cafes that do incredible breakfasts, we can pretty much guarantee there’s one very close to your Parklane Properties house! For a hearty breakfast, there’s LS6 Café in Hyde Park, where you can munch on delicious burrito, which is crammed full of hash browns, beans, jalapeño salsa and cheese, as well as veggie. Pro tip? Don’t miss their drinks menu! There is also the sandwich shop Slips in Burley and The Rabbit Hole in Headingley- where you can stuff your boots with mouth watering smoothies and a flat white which will leave you buzzing for hours! There’s a lovely urban coffee house - Opposite Café just a stone's throw away from uni. Serving yummy homemade cakes, and scrumptious soups and stews - perfect for a lunch out after a long morning at uni. Or, if you happen to just have an afternoon lecture planned for the day and fancy advancing your chef skills, we recommend you save some money and make breakfast. Our favourite is avocado on toast with sauteed mushrooms!


    Whether you’re based at The University of Leeds, Leeds Arts Uni or Trinity… we don’t doubt you’ll have some jam packed, fun filled days with your new uni friends. Parklane Properties have houses in the best locations, so you’ll be sure to have a nice stroll from A to B. Leeds also has great bus routes, meaning if you do run late you can hop on a bus and be outside your uni in minutes!

    Take your learning outside by grabbing some lunch, an iced coffee and have a study picnic in one of the many parks around the universities. Woodhouse Moor is our fav.


    You’re never far away from a Sainsburys Local or TESCO Express in Leeds, so if you leave uni and forget about dinner, you can swing by and grab exactly what you need. We recommend creating a food plan and doing the dreaded big food shop on a Sunday, so if you do end up having back to back lectures you know your house is fully stocked with all the good stuff! Top tip: if you go shopping on a Sunday before close, you’re sure to get the best deals with reduced stock!


    Every Parklane property comes with a spacious desk and comfy chair in every bedroom, as we know how important a cosy study space is for students. There may be a day that you don’t fancy going into uni, so stay in those pyjamas and get comfy at your desk knowing all your studying can be done right where you are. If you do study at home, it’s a great chance to try and have a day of not spending any money! (Although we know that Duke's Donuts in Hyde Park and the city centre are hard to resist…)


    In the summer months the evenings are long meaning you have plenty of time to chill out after a full day at uni. So grab some friends and explore some of the many restaurants and bars Leeds has to offer! There’s also so much fun to be had at Cardigan Fields in Kirkstall, where you can go bowling, watch something at the cinema, or satisfy your inner kid with Laser Zone

    We’ve only scratched the surface on how amazing your days can be when studying in Leeds, so make sure you don’t miss out and book your Parklane property today! We have properties in all the hotspots, and we know Leeds.

  • Do you feel like no matter how smartly and diligently you try, it’s difficult to find ways to save money? Something always comes up- the car needs its MOT, the fridge needs fixing or the garden needs a new fence, and just like that, saving money seems to be impossible. Fortunately, we are here to share some money saving tips that you can try around your house. 


    Insulation reduces the exchange of heat through a surface. In a well-insulated home, less warm air escapes from the house during the winter, and less cool air escapes during the summer, reducing the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling. By installing insulation and sealing air leaks, homeowners can save a national average of 11% on total home energy bills and around 15% on heating and cooling expenses alone. Insulation also plays a major role in making your home climate more comfortable by significantly reducing carbon prints!.



    LED bulbs are more energy efficient. Therefore, whenever you have to replace your bulbs make sure you do so with LED.This switch could save you £9 a year per LED bulb so it’s worth doing. It’s also good practice to turn off lights when you leave a room, and also switch electrical goods off around the house. By practising these energy saving tips, you should notice a difference in the long run. 


    Making secondhand purchases is naturally eco-friendly: You're giving new life to something destined for landfill — and likely saving some money and supporting a good cause too. You don’t need to go to Barker & Stonehouse or Wayfair, instead you can get yourself down to your local charity shop or furniture outlet to nab a bargain!. Buying items made with recycled materials or second-hand items reduces your overall carbon footprint. It’s great for your wallet and the environment!


    Are you tired of constantly buying herbs from the supermarket? Why not grow your own! For less than the price of a jar of dried herbs, you can plant fresh herbs. Taking the time to plant a herb garden is very satisfying and easy, and if you don’t have enough space in your garden, you can simply use small pots and put them in your balcony! By starting a herb garden, you can add beauty to your garden, flavour to your kitchen, and savings back to your pocket!


    It’s no secret that using tumble dryers can be very expensive, therefore we recommend trying to naturally dry your clothes where you can. It’s always best to hang washing outside where you can, however you can also use clothes horses indoors in case the weather isn't cooperating! 


    You can help the environment and save a few pounds by making your own household cleaners. For instance, instead of using store-bought glass cleaner, mix two cups of water with a 1/2 cup of vinegar to create your own. Another easy formula for all-purpose cleaning is mixing 4 tablespoons of baking soda with one quart of warm water. 


    When you do it yourself, the price of a labourer is removed. DIY allows you to choose the cost of everything for your renovation. Buy a tool kit, drill and paintbrushes, and save yourself countless handyman and decorator charges that build up over the years.


    While they may seem boring, financial plans are a great way of preparing for the unexpected, and saving along the way. Establish goals for spending money on a monthly basis, plan for the future, plan for the unexpected, monitor your finances on a regular basis, and save as much as you can.


    When it comes to saving money, small changes can add up quickly. Adjusting a few daily habits, cutting monthly spends on non essentials and leveraging tools that automate savings can collectively make a big impact. The truth is, there are many ways to save money. Find the ways that work for you, and slowly start incorporating the strategies into your life. Saving can be fun! 


  • Selling your house can be stressful, so it’s crucial to know the full potential of your property. By making the best impression for each viewing it will help shorten the process. Follow these simple tips and tricks for getting house viewing ready! 


    Curb appeal


    First impressions count, and often set the tone for the rest of the viewing. As soon as a potential buyer pulls up, they are looking at how the house presents itself, so make sure it’s looking its best. We recommend any external elements such as garden gates, plant pots, your front door and garden hedges are presented looking their best. These little changes will enhance the experience of the viewing, and can often help eliminate any negative opinions they may have of the inside too. 


    A new paint job


    This may come as a surprise, but guests in your house can notice things that you have become blind to, especially when they’re considering buying your house! A fresh lick of paint here or there can make the world of difference. Paint colour is a personal choice, but remember that warm white walls can brighten and make a room look bigger, and feature walls can attract interest. Hallways often get scuffed over time, so don’t forget to top the paintwork there too! 


    Light it up!


    Although you want guests to be able to see your house properly, overhead lighting can be harsh and clinical. Warm lamps and fairy lights are a perfect way to make your house cosy and inviting- exactly what buyers want! Don’t forget to crack a window open here or there and maybe buy a few plug in air fresheners to eliminate any pet or cooking smells that can put people off. 


    Decorate with décor 


    No one wants to step into an empty house with no character or personality, so it’s always a great idea to add some décor to help sell the dream and add a finishing touch! Why not add some fresh flowers to your dining room table? Pop a nice plant in your living room? Hang a few colourful prints on the walls? 


    These changes may seem small, but it is proven they can have a big impact when selling your property. If you’re thinking of selling your home or have any questions, head down to our city centre branch today to arrange a free, no obligation valuation! 

  • The average asking price of a house breaks record levels for the fourth consecutive month. 

    The average price tag for a home in May was £367,501, up from £360,101 in April according to Rightmove.

    It is reported that the property market has not witnessed such frenzied activity in the 20 years of tracking property values. The average asking prices have soared by £55,551 in the past two years, compared with a £6,218 increase in the two years before the coronavirus pandemic.

    Tim Bannister, Rightmove’s director of property science stated: "What the data is showing us right now is that those who have the ability to do so are prioritising their home and moving, and the imbalance between supply and demand is supporting rising prices.”

    "Though demand is softening from the heady levels we saw this time last year, the number of buyers inquiring is still significantly higher than during the last 'normal' market of 2019, while the number of homes for them to choose from remains more constrained.”

    "We anticipate that the effects of the increased cost of living and rising interest rates will filter through to the market later in the year, and a combination of more supply of homes and people weighing up what they can afford will help to moderate the market."


    The figures also exhibit:

    The number of properties available to buy was 55% down.

    The number of buyers connected with the estate agents is believed to be 14% down on the stamp-duty fuelled market this time last year but still 31% up as compared with the pre-pandemic year 2019.

    The stats show a rise of 12% in agreed sales in the year to date as compared to 2019 but show a downward spiral of 17% in comparison with the same period last year.


    Parklane Properties - the best marketplace for selling your property

    As evidence shows, the average price tag on homes is soaring high every day, and it can be a difficult decision to choose the right estate agency to trust. Parklane Properties – one of the leading, and award-winning property experts in Leeds, is the hub for property specialists who are on hand to help you make the best choice for your property let or sale.


    Why choose Parklane Properties?

    Established in 1977, we are the leading property experts in Leeds. We quickly became renowned for our vibrant, innovative, and forward-thinking ethos, and our first-class customer service.

    We have over 45 years of experience, so we know exactly what it takes to sell your property. We start things off with a no-obligation valuation and a property appraisal completely free of charge and then let you know the options available including how to price and market your property. After that, you can rest assured knowing your property is in safe hands.


    Locations We cover

    Parklane Properties cover a huge range of locations in Leeds. Whether you're a professional looking for a shiny new apartment in the city, a family looking to retreat in the leafy suburbs, or if you have a property ready to sell - Parklane Properties should be your first port of call when contacting estate agents in Leeds.


    I’m Interested!

    Book a free valuation here: https://valuation.parklaneproperties.com/home/1083 Or give our office a call on 0113 237 0000 and let us do the rest!

  • Here you are, finally stepping into your new life at uni. It can be hard to comprehend the fact that you’ve just signed up for another three years of study, but take a deep breath because the real joys of life have just begun. Cherish the beginning of an epic journey that’s sure to be filled with mates, joy, laughter, studying late into the night and most importantly, self-discovery.

    Keep reading to find out our top tips for your first week at uni! 



    Freshers week is all about activities, clubs, and joining societies- not to mention free stuff! Freshers week includes everything from pub quizzes to nights out, which is the perfect opportunity to get to know like-minded people. There’s also a whole host of advice and support services on hand to answer any queries you may have about starting this next phase of your life.



    Make the most of your first few weeks in your new city by getting out and exploring. It’s your chance to discover where all the best food spots are, the nicest parks, shops and your go-to late night takeaways! You could also take a trip to your uni and walk around the campus, and rock up to your next class feeling refreshed and prepared.You are a newbie in the town. 

    We also recommend getting familiar with the local transport for those inevitable mornings when you sleep in and are running late to uni!  


    There’s no better time to meet people who are going through the same transitional phase as you than your first few weeks at uni. Gear up your inner confidence and start a friendly conversation with those around you, whether it be people on your course, down the pub or your new housemates. You never know who will end up being a friend for life!



    Your living space should be your go-to place after a long day. Fill it with stuff that reminds you of home. Decorate your room with photo frames of your friends and family, fill your fridge with your favourite comfort food, and create a separate work and living space.  



    We know it’s boring… but sorting out your finances early on is key to a great experience at uni. The last thing you want is to blow your cash all in one week! You can start by making a budget with your funds- and stick to it! When you do end up going out with your new mates, make sure that you set a limit. A tip is to leave your card at home and only take a certain amount of cash! 

    Money management can take time and effort, but trust us- future will thank you later! 



    When you are running around on campus it is easy to forget to eat and stay hydrated, so to combat this we suggest creating a list of go to, easy meals you can rely on after a long day. It may seem boring and not what you’ve come to uni for, but planning meals and doing a weekly foodshop can save money and take the pressure off you day to day.


    As a student living away from home, it’s crucial to register at both a local GP and dentist, and make yourself familiar with where you would need to go incase of a medical emergency. This new chapter in your life can be very daunting and you may experience bouts of loneliness, but your uni will have a dedicated mental health team who will be able to give you support whenever you need it. So don't be afraid to ask for help! 

  • It’s no secret that house hunting can be stressful, and when you do find THE house there’s nothing more annoying than if there’s one thing you wish you could change…


    Maybe the carpets in one of the bedrooms are tired? 

    Maybe you feel the mattress could do with being replaced? 

    Or maybe you think the living room needs a fresh lick of paint! 


    Here at Parklane Properties we are proud to put our tenants first, and because of this we seek to make sure our tenants are 100% happy with their property when they sign for it. 


    So don’t be shy… and speak to your lettings negotiator today to see what we could do to help you secure that deal and bag your 22/23 property! 

  • House shares are a great way to meet new people outside of your university course, and often the people you live with in a house share become your friends for life! What’s not to love? Well Parklane Properties have just opened up flat 1, 21 St Johns Terrace as a new undergraduate house share for the 1st of July 2022, perfect for students looking for accommodation in Leeds. For just £125.99 per person per week you can live alongside 8 other likeminded people with shared amenities such as a garden, TV, double bedroom, dishwasher and x3 bathrooms. We’ve also put together a few other reasons why a house share could be your perfect 2023 pad!


    You could save 


    Prices are continuing to skyrocket these days, and it doesn’t look like things are slowing down. Full time students are also known to have a hard time with finances, trying to get good grades while also needing to earn extra money through a job. These factors mean that a house share can be a great option if you are wanting to cut the costs, as bills are included in the price.


    One big family 


    When you live in a house share, the people you live with may be complete strangers at first, however this will soon change- and quite often these people can become your closest friends. Living in the same house can mimic a family unit, and you will soon know everything about these people, warts and all! There are also endless activities you and your flatmates can get up to while living together, including cooking together and hosting movie nights.


    Flexible living


    Moving to a new city can be daunting, however a house share is a pathway to a more independent way of life without the deep dive of living on your own. You may also learn a few different life skills from the people you live with. House shares can also give you a taste of independence after moving out of your family home, but there is usually always someone around the house to chat to so you don’t feel on your own! 

    Click here to enquire about flat 1, 21 St Johns Terrace today! 

  • We know when you first move away from home and live with your friends your first priority isn’t thinking about saving money, but follow these 10 simple tips and you’ll be sure to notice a difference in your finances… without ruining the fun of uni life too much! 


    Home insurance

    -       Check if you’re covered by your parents’ home insurance. Not only does this mean you won’t need to take out your own contents insurance when in your student house, it will give you peace of mind if you do happen to damage any of your belongings. Remember that your belongings are your responsibility! 


    Food shop in the evenings 

    -       If you do your weekly food shop in the evenings then you will nab all the reduced food AND it’ll be quieter! Top tip: Don’t shop when you’re hungry as you are guaranteed to buy more! 


    Cook at home

    -       If you live with your mates, try and make cooking at home fun! Make it a competition, even create your own Come Dine with Me Episode and have a prize at the end! Anything to ensure you are using the food you have in your house and are minimising the amount of times you eat out. A great tip is to bulk cook and freeze to ensure you always have a quick and easy meal to hand so you’re not temped to order a takeaway…


    You may not need a TV license

    -       A lot of students don’t realise that if you only stream online through the likes of Netflix or Amazon Prime, you do not need to pay the hefty license charge! However, if you do watch live TV through ariel or cable, then you will be liable. 


    Loyalty cards are your friend

    -       Sign up to loyalty cards/ mailing lists and you’ll be surprised how many offers and discounts you could get. Companies want your details so they can keep in touch and inevitably try and sell you products. So while it may be a pain to receive constant emails, there is usually always something in it for you! Top tip: Get loyalty cards at your regular big supermarkets and you will earn points which turn into free stuff!


    Switch it off!

    -       Wherever you can, try and use less electricity. This can be anything from switching to energy saving bulbs, adding clothing layers in winter and turn things off when you aren’t using them. It doesn’t sound like much but you will eventually notice a difference in your pocket! 


    Sell it!

    -       Still got stuff from your teenage years at your parents’ house? Sell it! There are always charities who welcome donations if you feel some items aren’t in a sellable condition either. 



    -       Use freecycle to kit out your student house. Freecycle is a website where you can get free items that people don’t want anymore. This can be anything from glassware to furniture and will be a saviour when it comes to kitting out your new student house. 


    Get your walking shoes on


    -       A lot of student houses are for students for a reason… they’re in the right location! As tempting as an uber may sound if it’s a grey miserable morning, think of the money you would save in a week if you walked to uni!


    Used academic books

    -       For your uni course you may need to buy academic books that aren’t in the library to help you study. There are plenty of online sites that sell second hand books which will save you a ton of money. You can also add yourself to your course Facebook groups and previous students may be able to sell you their old books too! 


  • Self-care is always the first thing to go out the window when you’re away from home, and run off your feet with exams and deadlines. If you feel like you’ve been sacrificing your wellbeing lately, check out these top tips for putting your health first, in the middle of university madness:

    1. Plan your week

    Keeping on top of your diary can stop you from becoming overwhelmed when you’re juggling lectures, coursework, life and maybe even a part-time job. A calendar or a list will help bring order to your everyday life and help you to use your time effectively. While you’re planning the week ahead make sure to be realistic about what you can achieve every day. Scheduling too much is bound to leave you feeling burnt out or deflated. And make sure to plan in some downtime too – striking a balance between work and play is essential for your wellbeing.

    2. Make time for proper meals

    There’s no end of benefits to eating a balanced and healthy diet. Eating well can up your energy levels, boost your mood, improve your memory and concentration…the list goes on! So when you’re writing your weekly plan, add in regular meal times. And before you start to worry about the time and expense of eating well, here are some handy healthy eating hacks:
    • Fresh fruit and veg is often cheaper at the local market.
    • Try Aldi’s Super Six for cut-price fresh ingredients.
    • Work out when reduction time is at your local supermarket.
    • Cook in batches and freeze portions so you can simply defrost and re-heat for the rest of the week.
    • Try BBC Good Food for quick and healthy recipes.
    • Plan your meals so you don’t over buy and waste money.
    • If you’re finding that fresh veg goes bad too quickly, try frozen, it’s no less nutritious.

    3. Do something fun every day

    Don’t feel guilty for taking time out. It’s so important to factor in time to switch off from the pressures and stresses of university. Even as little as ten minutes could make a difference to the way you feel but MindWell recommend at least 30 minutes a day. You could watch your favourite film, listen to music, read a book, do something creative like drawing, explore somewhere different or even learn something new. The main aim is have some ‘me time’ where you’re only thinking about pleasing yourself.

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    4. Don’t leave coursework until the last minute

    Be warned: procrastination is not your friend. The longer you put that important piece of coursework off for, the harder it’ll become to start. Next time you get an assignment break it down into manageable tasks and plot out a time line of when each task needs to be completed by so that you hit the deadline on time. This approach will minimise the chance of you feeling stressed or anxious, promise!

    5. Stay social

    Even when you’re busy, make time to call family and hang out with friends from uni. If you’re in first year you could even keep in touch with friends from home too. Spending time with other people will give you a chance to chat through any problems and distract you from any worries. Being social will also help you to relax and feel less alone. Bear in mind, we’re social creatures, us humans!

    6. Get into good sleeping habits

    The quality of your sleep has a huge impact on your mental and physical wellbeing. And did you know that adults should get seven to nine hours sleep every night? It’s a bit of a vicious circle: everything you do in the day affects how well you’ll sleep that night, and the better you sleep, the more energy you’ll have in the day. Getting into a regular sleeping pattern is one of the best things you can do to look after yourself. Of course it’s ok to have the odd late night but try your best to go to bed and wake up at a similar time every day, even at the weekends.

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    7. Exercise regularly

    If you’ve not really exercised since the days of compulsory PE at school, it could be worth changing your ways. NHS guidelines recommend that adults get two and a half hours of moderate aerobic exercise each week, along with strengthening exercises twice a week. Regular exercise is great for your physical health and fitness, and it can drastically reduce your chances of getting diseases like cancer and dementia too. On top of that, it’s been proven that an active lifestyle improves self-esteem, triggers positive feelings and helps to ease feelings of anxiety, stress and low mood.

    8. Cut down on screen time

    Before you break out in a cold sweat, hear us out on this one because your laptop, phone and TV could be sabotaging your wellbeing. We know some screen time is unavoidable but why not try to stay away from technology for two hours before bed? It’s a fact that blue light affects your body clock so you’ll probably sleep better as a result. Breaking free from screens will also help you to become more present in the day-to-day and stop you from comparing yourself to the people you follow on social media (don’t worry, we all do it!).

    9. Get outdoors

    When so much for your day is spent sat in lecture theatres or at your desk working, it’s easy for a whole day to pass by without spending much time outside. But natural daylight, fresh air and green spaces are essential to your self-care routine. Going for a walk, sitting in the park or growing some plants (if you’re feeling ambitious!) can help to:
    • Fight mental fatigue.
    • Get your creative juices flowing.
    • Improve your focus.
    • Reduce stress.
    • Improve your short term memory.
    Self-care checklist for students Your environment can make a difference to your wellbeing too. If you’re looking for student housing in Leeds, check out our properties, here.
  • You’ve waved goodbye to first year, student halls and living with strangers (who was that guy who only ever left his room between 3am and 4am?). And now it’s time to move into a proper house with your besties. But what do you do when you move into your first student house? How does it all work off campus? With move in day coming up fast we’ve covered off everything you need to know about moving in with us, check it out:

    Packing smart

    Before you start packing think about what’s included in your house and your room so you don’t end up packing unnecessary stuff. It might be a while since you saw your new place so give us a call if you’re struggling to remember what’s already there. It’s also worth checking in with your new housemates and co-ordinating what you’re all going to bring to use in the communal areas like the kitchen. If everyone brings 10 pans you’re going to end up with no storage space left in your cupboards for important things like food (a nightmare that isn’t even worth thinking about if you ask us!). Oh, and remember to leave the cat at home…

    Cat Bag GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

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    Keeping on top of the paperwork

    Even though it’s a bit boring, you need to make sure you and your housemates have paid any money that’s due, returned your paperwork and set up your direct debit, before you collect your keys.

    Collecting your keys

    You’ll be able to grab your new keys from our Headingley office from 2pm on the first day of your tenancy. We can give all the sets of keys to one housemate or you can all collect them individually – it’s up to you. Moving in day is super busy for us so there might be a bit of a wait to for your keys. If you can hold out, come along later in the day or you could even collect them later in the week.

    Completing the inventory

    Sorry but there’s more adulting to do yet. This one shouldn’t take long though – promise! You should use your inventory to check over everything in the house and its condition. Please fill this out and get this back to us within the first two weeks of moving in. We use the inventory when you move out to check that nothing’s broken or damaged so it’s really important that you fill this out together with your housemates.

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    Sorting the bills

    If you’ve not gone all-inclusive then you’ll need to get your bills set up and sorted asap. The sooner you do this the better, there’s nothing worse than scary letters from energy suppliers. On move in day make sure to snap a picture of your meters before you start using any energy. You can find out who supplies your electricity, here, and who supplies your gas, here. Then all you have to do is contact them with your address, tenancy start date and meter reading to hand. You’ll need to get in touch with Yorkshire Water to sort your water bill out too. Oh, and you’ll probably want to choose a broadband supplier because a house isn’t a home without Wi-Fi of course!!! It’s worth setting up a shared account with your housemates to pay the bills out of so that everyone can see when the bills go out and what they cost. And if you’re really savvy you could use a comparison site to find the cheapest energy deal for your house. It’s going to feel a bit like this at first…

    Show Me The Money GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

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    But there’s some good news…full-time students don’t pay council tax! All you need to do is let the council know who’s living at your place and that you’re all full-time students, and you won't need to pay a penny. You can sort that out, here.

    And that’s it!

    See, moving in isn’t as bad as it sounds. You can chill out and make yourself at home now. This guy can give you some tips…

    Puppy Chilling GIF by evite - Find & Share on GIPHY

    GIFs from Evite's DIY, recipe or original series videos. Also, from our Facebook live show, Evite IRL and invitation designs.

    Our opening hours on 2019 move in days

    Here’s when our Headingley office will be open over the move in period: Saturday 29th June, 10am – 5pm Sunday 30th June, 9am – 5pm Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd July, 9am – 5.30pm Monday 29th July – Friday 2nd August, 9am – 5.30pm Thursday 29th & Friday 30th August, 9am – 5.30pm Saturday 31st August, 9am – 5pm Sunday 1st September, 9am – 5pm Monday 2nd September, 9am – 5.30pm Good luck with it all – you’ve got this! We’re here to help if you need us so keep in touch.
  • You’ve survived exam season (hurray!) and now all you need to do is get moved out of your place before you can head home for the summer. Sound a bit too much like hard work? Well, what if we told you that moving out is a lot simpler than it sounds? Here’s how to leave your student accommodation with minimal hassle:

    Start packing as soon as you can

    First you’ll need to work out which of your things you want to keep and which you’re ready to part ways with. It’s best to start this at least a week or two before moving out – you’ll be amazed at all the stuff that’s built up in your room over the past year! If you’re struggling to sort it all out, take a leaf out of Marie Kondo’s book (please tell us you’ve seen her series on Netflix!). Does that worse for wear pub golf fancy dress really spark joy for you?

    Happy Marie Kondo GIF by NETFLIX - Find & Share on GIPHY

    See What's Next in entertainment and Netflix original series, movies, TV, docs, and comedies. You can stream Netflix anytime, anywhere, on any device.
    Why not do Mother Nature a favour and donate your unwanted things to the charity shop or your university’s recycling scheme? Leeds Beckett are all about give, don’t throw and the University of Leeds are hoping to leave Leeds tidy so check them out – there’s sure to be a handy drop off point in your area. Next you’re going to need something to put all your stuff in. It’s always worth asking in shops if they have any spare cardboard boxes from their deliveries. And if you don’t have any luck then we’d recommend a quick Google, there’s loads of reasonably priced options online.

    Organise a clean-up with your housemates

    Sorryyyy, you’re going to need to do some serious adulting now! You'll need to leave the place nice and clean if you'd rather avoid a charge. Gather your housemates, get the tunes on and get down to business. Look, we’re making it easy for you with a handy checklist:
    • Empty, clean and defrost the fridge/freezer (we’d recommend leaving some old towels down to soak up any excess water!).
    • Clean the cooker, hob and microwave (inside and out please!).
    • Clean out the washing machine drawer.
    • Wipe over the cupboards, skirting boards, windows and frames.
    • Clean all of the floors and vacuum any carpets (be sure to replace the bag afterwards).
    • Clean up the bathroom and pay extra attention to those plugholes.
    • Replace the smoke alarm batteries.
    • Replace any light bulbs that have stopped working.
    • If you’ve moved any furniture pop it back in its original place.
    • Tidy up and weed the garden if you have one.
    • Bag up and throw out any rubbish, and leave the wheelie bins out ready for the next collection.
    Don’t fancy a nightmare day scrubbing away? Why not tackle a few jobs each day over the last week of your tenancy?

    Sort the bills before you leave

    The very last thing you need to do before leaving the property, if you didn’t opt all-inc, is take your final meter readings and submit them to your energy suppliers. It’s worth taking pictures of your meters with your phone so there’s less chance of losing those all-important numbers. You can usually let your suppliers know that you’re leaving 14 days before moving out and they can advise you how to go about closing down your accounts. Even though you don’t pay council tax as a full time student, you’ll still need to let the council know that you’re moving too.

    Move out in three simple steps

    Well done, you’ve pushed past the hardest parts of moving already and now there’s just three steps to follow:
    1. Fill in our student check out form to let us know what day you’ll be leaving and your account details for your deposit return. You can find the form here.
    2. Move your things out and lock the place up (windows and all!). You’re best to do this by 11.30am.
    3. Return your keys, in an envelope with your name on it, to our Headingley office by 12pm latest on the last day of your tenancy.

    Keep in touch with us

    Our Headingley office hours on the 2019 move out days are: Saturday 29th June, 10am – 5pm Sunday 30th June, 9am – 5pm Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd July, 9am – 5.30pm Monday 29th July - Friday 2nd August, 9am – 5.30pm Thursday 29th & Friday 30th August, 9am – 5.30pm Saturday 31st August, 9am – 5pm Sunday 1st September, 9am – 5pm Monday 2nd September, 9am – 5.30pm Not sure when your contract ends or got any other questions about moving out? Contact us!
  • You know the saying, you never get a second chance to make a first impression? Well it couldn’t be truer when it comes to selling your home. Properly preparing for marketing photography is absolutely essential to attracting potential buyers. The more striking your home looks in pictures, the more likely you are to sell quickly and receive the highest offer possible. Make your home’s listing stand out from the rest with our room by room guide, full of tips and tricks to make your house look its absolute best.

    Nail the basics

    • Let in the light – more is more when it comes to light, the aim is to make your home look bright and breezy. Make sure that your photographs are taken during daylight hours, open all of your curtains and blinds, and turn on all of the lights.
    • Open internal doors – if your lounge has doors through to a dining area then throw them open. It’ll give potential buyers a better understanding of the layout of your home. Obviously this doesn’t apply to cupboards, keep those doors closed to hide the clutter!
    • Clean up – things like dust and finger marks really show up in photographs so be sure to give the whole house a thorough clean before your photos are taken.
    • Hide personal items – potential buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in your home so it’s best to take down family photos, and distracting ornaments and art.
    • Pets – clear away food bowls and toys, and make sure that there’s no hair or fluff on your soft furnishings. We know you love your pet but their presence can be off-putting to potential buyers.


    • Hide the bin – it’s one of those things that always gets missed but the room will look so much cleaner and tidier without it.
    • Style the room – attention to detail makes all the different when it comes to photography. We recommend having a quick look on Pinterest to get some inspiration. A bowl of fresh fruit or a stylish coffee machine on the worktop always works a treat.
    • Tidy the work tops – all that stuff on the side needs to go – rubber gloves, chopping boards, kitchen roll, knives, spices, the lot. Aim to put everything away except for one or two nice appliances, like your toaster or coffee machine.
    • Do the washing up – it goes without saying that a sink full of washing up isn’t going to sell your kitchen but you’d be surprised how often this is missed.


    • De-clutter – tidy away everything that you possibly can, especially things like stacks of DVDs, toys and magazines. If you have a fireplace, make sure to clear the mantelpiece too.
    • Spruce up the soft furnishings – if your sofa or arm chairs are looking a bit tired consider buying (or borrowing!) some new cushions or a throw to give them a new lease of life. Make sure to plump the cushions just before the photographs are taken too.
    • Re-think the layout – think about the angle your photographs will be taken from (it’s most probably going to be the doorway) and re-arrange the furniture to look best from that view point. You’re aiming to make the room look as spacious as possible.
    • Turn the TV off – there’s nothing more distracting than being able to see what was on TV at the time you had your photographs taken.

    Dining area

    • Set the table – this space is going to look so much more inviting in a picture if you’ve got the dining table set. Use your best glasses and plates, and think about adding a centre piece like a vase of flowers.


    • Tidy up – clear your bedside table of clutter, hide beauty products, make sure all clothes are in the wardrobe. If you use the space underneath your bed for storage then make sure everything is completely hidden. A tidy room gives the impression of more space.
    • Make the bed with your best sheets – think about how you’d find the bed in a hotel room and make yours up like that, using the best linen you have that compliments the décor.


    • Put the toilet lid down – trust us, it looks much better like this!
    • Clear the surfaces – again, de-cluttering is key. Hide your tooth brush, soaps, shampoos etc to make the room look as luxurious as possible.
    • Replace the towels – fluffy and fresh towels are all you need to style a bathroom for photography.
    • Put a new toilet roll out – it’s the tiny details that count remember.

    Don’t forget the outside!

    • Clean the windows – windows are a focal point on the outside of your house so ensure that they’re sparkling. Have them cleaned no more than a few days before your photos are taken.
    • Hide the bins – unless you have a bin shelter, it’s best to out your wheelie bins out of sight to keep your external shots looking tidy.
    • Cut the grass – we’d recommend trimming the grass the day before your photographs are taken. Don’t leave the cut grass on the lawn and make sure to trim around the edges too.
    • Plant some flowers – a few pots by the front door and a pop of colour in the borders will brighten your outdoor areas and make them look as eye-catching as possible.
    • Move the cars – it’s best not to block the view of your house with cars and if you’ve got a drive, it’ll look bigger without vehicles.
    Now that you’ve made your home look clean, tidy and beautifully styled, leave us to do the rest. If you list with us before 30th June 2019 we’ll upgrade you to our premium marketing package, including professional photography and a video tour of your home, completely free of charge.
  • We’ve all been there. You can run, hide, nap and stress eat as much as you like but exams are coming. These memes are bang on when it comes to the many phases of revision stress that you’ll go through in the coming weeks…one for the procrastination pile we think. It all starts with good intentions...

    @greatbritish.memes is a must follow for the funniest British memes ????

    14.3k Likes, 711 Comments - Student Problems (@studentproblems) on Instagram: "@greatbritish.memes is a must follow for the funniest British memes ????"
    Wellbeing is also a top priority at this point...   Then things start to slide...

    @girlsthinkimfunny is my favorite account on Instagram ????

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      And you realise you had one of those tutors...

    @animalsmeettheinternet theinternet has the best compilation of animal content on IG ????

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    Might as well just take a long hot bath...

    @girlsthinkimfunny is my favorite account on Instagram????

    24.5k Likes, 757 Comments - Student Problems (@studentproblems) on Instagram: "@girlsthinkimfunny is my favorite account on Instagram????"
    Then it's down hill from there...

    Follow @WhySoAccurate for the most relatable memes on Instagram ????

    65.8k Likes, 841 Comments - Student Problems (@studentproblems) on Instagram: "Follow @WhySoAccurate for the most relatable memes on Instagram ????"


    1,297 Likes, 25 Comments - The Uni Bubble (@theunibubble) on Instagram: "Mood"
      Relatable, right? Well there’s one thing that doesn’t need to be as stressful as exams… If you still haven’t sorted your squad’s next place, have a look at our student houses, here. We’ve got your next move covered.
  • We know that house hunting can be a drag when all you want to do in your spare moments (aside studying hard obvs) is hang out with your crew. Well, we’re all about making life easier for you so get your gang of five sorted for the next academic year with our best (and still available for 2019/20) five bed properties:  

    22 Knowle Terrace, Headingley

    This house is super spacious for five and perfect for gangs on the go; you’re only a short walk from Burley Park station, and there’s plenty of buses heading towards town and the unis too. Live music and a great pint are only ever 15 minutes away at the Brudenell Social Club. And the best donuts in the world (if you ask us) are just down the hill at Temple…come exam time you’ll thank us for this vital information.

    The deets:

    • Five double bedrooms • Two bathrooms • Fully fitted, open plan kitchen and living space • Large TV (hello Netflix binging) • Half price summer rent Get it while it’s hot for £76.99 per person, per week. Find out more, here.  

    11 Talbot Avenue, Headingley

    Insider tip: traditional stone baked pizzas are literally two minutes away (at El Faro), from this light and open plan house. And if you’re not planning on living off pizza next year, there’s always the Co-op just a nine minute walk away. For summer days there’s Burley Park right nearby and for cocktail o’clock you’re not too far from the hidden gem of Hyde Park, East Village.

    The deets:

    • Five double bedrooms • Two bathrooms (thank goodness for no more shower queues!) • Open plan living space and kitchen • Well located for Leeds Trinity University At just £73.99 per person, per week, this one’s a steal. Find out more, here.  

    10 Talbot Mount, Headingley

    There’s no need to draw straws over the box room with this five bed house because every bedroom is the same size (absolute game-changer!). If you’re feeling lazy you can zip into town on the train from Burley Park station, which is only eight minutes away. Man V Roast’s Leeds-famous roasts for under a fiver are just ten minutes down the road. And the cutest independent cinema in town, the historic Hyde Park Picture House isn’t far either.

    The deets:

    • Five equally sized double bedrooms • Two bathrooms • Spacious living room with plasma TV • Kitchen with separate fridge/freezers (enough room for everyone’s food – get in) • No summer rent Bag this pad for £89.99 per person, per week. Find out more, here.  

    57 Beechwood Mount, Burley

    Right in the heart of the student-central, this house has been recently refurbished. You’re a half hour walk to both of the major unis or just a quick bus ride away here. Burley favourite, El Faro, is right on your doorstep serving up delicious stone baked pizzas. The park is down the road and you’ll have the perfect excuse to join the ever-entertaining Cat of Burley Facebook group (trust us on this one, you’ll love it).

    The deets:

    • Five large double bedrooms with TVs. • Two bathrooms (one has a jacuzzi, just saying) • Large open plan kitchen • Big lounge with flat screen TV • Recently refurbished All that for £79.99 per person, per week? Yes, you’d better believe it! Find out more, here. Seen the perfect pad for your squad? Give us a call on 0113 230 4949 to book a viewing or pop by our Headingley office.
  • To find your perfect student pad, you need a bunch of property experts to help you along the way. Luckily for you, here at Parklane we’ve got the best of the bunch! As these lot are your first port of call for all things pad-related, we thought it was only right that we introduced them to you properly. This way, you’ll know them a little bit better, recognise them whenever you pop into our Headingley office, and maybe even uncover a secret or two! So, without further ado, meet the Parklane student lettings team…  

    James McGrath – Assistant Lettings Manager

    Tell us a fun fact about yourself. I’ve spent four years working and traveling the world. What’s your favourite place in Leeds that you’d always recommend? The Live at Leeds festival. I go every year and it’s always a great day out! What’s the best thing about working at Parklane? Meeting a wide variety of people from all backgrounds. Confession time! As a housemate, what’s the cheekiest thing you’ve done? I turned the power off halfway through a championship manager season to try and get my housemates to go out. Needless to say, it didn’t work.  

    Chantelle Darkings – Property Consultant

    Tell us a fun fact about yourself. I hosted a charity event in Liverpool and raised just under £1000 What’s your favourite place in Leeds that you’d always recommend? Zaap Thai. It feels like you’re eating in a Thai market place rather than a restaurant, and the food and décor are both great. What’s the best thing about working at Parklane? Variety. Each day is very different to the next. Confession time! As a housemate, what’s the cheekiest thing you’ve done? I drank my housemate’s vodka and topped it up with water!  

    Conor Buckley – Property Consultant

    Tell us a fun fact about yourself. I’m an Aston Villa fan through and through! What’s your favourite place in Leeds that you’d always recommend? Water Lane Boathouse on The Calls. It’s a great place to go when the sun is shining. What’s the best thing about working at Parklane? Providing a great service and making sure all our tenants are happy! Confession time! As a housemate, what’s the cheekiest thing you’ve done? I ate my housemate’s oven meal and told him that I’d thrown it in the bin as I thought it was out of date – oops!  

    Adele Biggs – Property Consultant

    Tell us a fun fact about yourself. I have a dog called Otis. What’s your favourite place in Leeds that you’d always recommend? Belgrave Music Hall. They have the best pizza! What’s the best thing about working at Parklane? Conor's coffee. Confession time! As a housemate, what’s the cheekiest thing you’ve done? I once managed to go a whole year without taking the bins out.  

    Luke Beetham – Lettings Negotiator

    Tell us a fun fact about yourself. I climbed an active volcano in the pacific ring of fire in Indonesia! What’s your favourite place in Leeds that you’d always recommend? Angelica’s Bar & Restaurant. It’s a great little rooftop bar to relax at during summer. What’s the best thing about working at Parklane? Meeting lots of different students from many different countries on a daily basis Confession time! As a housemate, what’s the cheekiest thing you’ve done? I kept hiding my housemate’s shoes for over 2 months before he realised it was me.   So, there you have it! Our Parklane Student Lettings team. If you have any burning housing questions, need expert advice, or want some help in finding your perfect student home – these are your guys! Give them a bell on 0113 230 4949, or come into the office and they’ll be ready and waiting to help you.
  • So you missed out on all the big student houses in the January rush and now your squad is having to split up into separate houses next year. Nightmare! Well, we might just have the perfect solution to this stress-inducing situation. Pick pads that are right next door! Here are the top Parklane properties, with availability from July, where you can live right on your best mates’ doorstep (crisis averted!):  

    5 Knowle Road and 18 Knowle Road, Burley

    These two beauties are on opposite sides of the same street, in the bustling student neighbourhood that is Burley. Just think, it could be a boy house Vs girl house situation across the street (let the fun and games begin!). You’re six minutes from Burley Park station, within walking distance of all the universities, and most importantly, stonebaked pizza hangover cures are only two minutes away at El Faro pizza. And for when the sun shines, the park is just a few streets away (trust us, it’s quieter than Woodhouse Moor so you’ll always get a good spot).  

    Number 5 – the deets:

    Six bedrooms – all with fitted furniture and double beds so you can sleep in a star shape every night. • Two bathrooms – because no one wants to fight before a 9am. • Large kitchen – plenty of cupboard space, a six hob, range-style oven, big fridge freezer, washing machine and dishwasher (no excuse to ignore the washing up!). • Large living room – with a TV ready and waiting for exam season procrastination. • Recently refurbished • Gas central heating • Double glazing throughout • Off street parking available – get in! Snap it up for £84.99 per person, per week. Find out more, here.  

    Number 18 – the deets:

    Six bedrooms – with stylish, fully-fitted furniture. • Two bathrooms – tiled from floor to ceiling so they’ll be really easy to keep clean. • Large kitchen/diner – with two fridge freezers, a six hob, range-style oven, washing machine and dishwasher that most students can only dream of. • Large living room – complete with plasma screen TV (the perfect distraction from uni work). • Central heating • Double glazing throughout • Alarm Bag this pad for £89.99 per person, per week. Find out more, here.  

    33 Bentley Lane and 37 Bentley Lane, Far Headingley

    Got a gang of eight? These four bed houses are just two doors apart on the same street so you’ll be able to hang out altogether any time. And the best bit about this location? You’ve got both Headingley and Meanwood within your reach…oh and you’re within walking distance of the universities! Now don’t tell everyone but, if you’re feeling fancy, you’re four minutes from the UK’s best sushi restaurant (and Meanwood’s best kept secret) HanaMatsuri. You’ve got bars galore in both neighbourhoods and Aldi’s super six is only ever eight minutes away.  

    Number 33 – the deets:

    Four bedrooms – all with double beds and en-suite bathrooms (wave goodbye to queuing for the communal shower!) • Recently redecorated throughout. • Fitted kitchen – with fridge, freezer, stainless steel oven and *drum roll* washer/dryer (winter washing situation sorted!). • Open plan lounge – with French doors and balconies, clearly making this the ultimate chill space. • Ground floor cloakroom – with an extra toilet to save guests traipsing to your room. • Garage • Garden – hello summer BBQs! • Central heating • Double glazing throughout • Alarm It’s all yours for £99.99 per person, per week. Find out more, here.  

    Number 37 – the deets:

    Four bedrooms – complete with double bed, wardrobe and bedside table. • Two bathrooms – what more could you want? • Fitted kitchen – with a washer/dryer (winter life saver!), fridge, freezer and stylish stainless steel oven. • Open plan lounge – with French doors and balconies for the perfect summer situation. • Ground floor cloakroom – including a toilet for guests (how convenient!). • Garage • Garden – hello summer BBQs! • Central heating • Double glazing throughout • Alarm This great gaff is £94.99 per person, per week. Find out more, here.   They’re going to go fast now we’ve let the cat out of the bag guys. If you want to get in on this squad-saving situation, give us a call on 0113 230 4949 to book a viewing (or two!).
  • It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to detox and start 2019 as we plan to go on! Christmas is definitely the season to indulge, (come on, it’s Christmas!) but January is the best time to get on the straight and narrow. Last year, the third most popular new year’s resolution in the UK was to eat healthier, with 32% of people choosing it as their goal. We’re jumping (or, more appropriately, heaving ourselves after all those mince pies) onto the bandwagon and here’s why you should too!  

    It keeps you healthy

    Obviously eating well has tons of fantastic health benefits! Your skin, your bones, your heart… everything is kept in better nick when you eat healthier. ‘Superfoods’, such as nuts & seeds, contain nutrients that can even up your brainpower – just what all students need! There’s scientific links to superfoods improving your alertness, mood, and your memory, so eating healthier will improve your uni life and keep you on track during exam season.  

    You’ll have more energy

    You know that feeling after you’ve eaten a massive pizza and you feel all sluggish and bloated, and just want to curl up with Netflix? Healthy foods do the opposite for you. There’s nothing wrong with ordering yourself a takeaway now and then, but to really feel more energised and fresher, healthier foods are the way forward. Take a smoothie with you to uni for that 9am lecture, and it’ll definitely get you feeling more awake and ready for action.  

    It’s cheaper

    Eating healthier can actually be better for your wallet. Microwave meals can cost a lot, but they won’t fill you up and don’t have any high nutritional value, so why bother? Pop down to Leeds Market instead!  There’s loads of meat, fish, and fruit and veg stalls where you grab some great food and healthy snacks for a good price. With a range of ingredients like these, you can bulk-cook meals too which is perfect when you’re a student. Make a big, tasty dish in one go (a vegetable stew is a simple, winter-appropriate example) and freeze whatever you don’t eat in Tupperware portions for you to have at other times!  

    You’ll broaden your horizons

    It’s easy to get stuck in a routine with food, and that’s when bad habits can creep in. Rather than grabbing something quick, easy and less healthy, push and challenge yourself to try something different. The internet is bursting with awesome recipe ideas – and they’re just at the other end of a Google search! You can even search for foodie hashtags on Instagram and see if you can get some cooking inspiration from there. You won’t be short of ideas, that’s for sure. Flex your skills and try and cook something you’ve never had before – you can try and pull your flatmates on board and cook together!  

    You can show off a little… or a lot!

    How good is it when you send your Mum a snap of a culinary masterpiece that you’ve made with your own bare hands and she goes on to tell you how proud she is?! Very, is the answer. If you whip up a hot-looking, healthy dish, not only will you rake in all the nutritional benefits, you’ll also give your friends, flatmates, and all of your Instagram followers major food envy!   There are countless benefits of eating better that stretch far beyond the ones we’ve mentioned, so make 2019 your year and up your healthy eating game! If you decide to try your hand at cooking up a nutritional storm, we’d love to see! Tag us in your posts @parklanels1  
  • Christmas is just around the corner – yay! Chances are you’re not going to be in your student house for Christmas Day itself, but that doesn’t mean you and your housemates can’t get yourself intothe festive spirit before going home for the hols! Here are some great, little zero-hassle things you and your mates can do (on a budget of course!) to get yourselves Christmas-ready and really make the most of the build-up to the big day.  

    DIY decorations

    One of the best ways to gear yourself up for Christmas in your student house is to put up some decorations! If you’re feeling creative, why not make your own? Grab some white paper and some scissors and make your own snowflakes to stick up around the place. If you want to be quirky, you could even use those annoying, unwanted pizza leaflets instead,for a bit if a twist on your traditional snowflake! You can also buy paperchain packs for next to nothing and construct them yourselves to hang up around the house. The possibilities are endless!

    Get your tree up

    You can easily get a mini Christmas tree for less than £5, so if you all contribute a little each, you can buy a house tree! It’s not officially Christmas until your tree is up, so to really get intothe festive mindset, this is a must! Decorating the tree is a really fun activity to do as a house, and once you’ve finished, you could even get some mince pies, a drop of mulled wine and do an official switch on!  

    Find some fairy lights

    Little twinkly lights can really make your house feel cosy and Christmassy, so get yourself a set of fairy lights. You can get battery-powered sets for a couple of quid and you can string them up in your room, and the communal areas of your house. You’ll definitely feel festive when you’re all cosied up on the sofa watching TV at night, and the fairly lights are twinkling away around you.

    Blast the tunes

    A bit of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ simply can’t be beaten! Elect someone as house DJ and when you’re sitting around on an evening catching up, get the festive tunes on. If you’re feeling brave, you can even do a spot of Christmas karaoke as part of pre-drinks! With Christmas music ringing through the hall, your pad will definitely feelCrimbo-ready.  

    Channel your inner chef

    The only thing better than Christmas dinner? Two Christmas dinners! Rally your housemates and have your very own early Christmas Day. Get everyone to put some money in the pot and make yourselves dinner with all the trimmings. You could even bake some Christmas biscuits for dessert... And then you can collapse onto the sofa in a food coma and watch Christmas movies! Bliss. Show us how you celebrated Christmas in your student house on social! Tag us in your Instagram posts: @parklanels1
  • 21 St. Anne’s Lane, Headingley LS4 2SE

    The Property

    Our top pick sales property for November is a beautifully presented two bed apartment situated in Headingley. The property is well-equipped and well-located, making it the perfect choice for first time buyers and investors alike. The apartment features a modern kitchen which includes a slim line dishwasher, washing machine and a dryer. There are two double bedrooms, one with fitted wardrobes, and a bathroom that comes with a separate bath and shower cubicle. The living room is bright and cosy, with stripped floor boards, and the rear of the flat also overlooks the garden which is shared by the other two ground floor apartments. It’s the perfect place to sunbathe and relax during the summer months! There is one off-street parking space available, and the apartment comes with a garage which can be used for storage purposes.

    The Location

    This great property is situated in a fantastic part of Leeds. It’s very close to central Headingley and the stadium, so there’s plenty of shops, bars and local hotspots nearby. The universities are a handy distance away, and this property is also in an ideal spot for commuting to Leeds City Centre, with Headingley train station being less that a 10-minute walk away, and local bus services running into Leeds frequently.   This lovely apartment is a freehold property and is currently on the market for £164,950. If you think it could be the perfect property for you and would like to discuss further details, don’t hesitate to drop us a line by calling on 0113 230 4949 or email ls1@parklaneproperties.com
  • When you live in a city as great as Leeds, the colder months are the perfect time to wrap up warm, get out and about, and experience all the fantastic after-dark events that only happen at this time of year! We’ve pulled together our top recommendations to give you some autumnal inspiration...  

    Halloween: 31st October

    Halloween in Leeds is always spook-tacular, and this year will be no different! It’s time to get dressed up, get your gore on and visit some of Leeds’ most popular haunts. To psyche yourself up for Halloween, it’s essential that you find time to watch some fangtastic seasonal movies. Well, you’re in luck because Kirkstall Abbey will be screening Hocus Pocus on the 26th, and IT on the 27th to get you in the mood. On the night of Halloween itself, there’s popular club nights at the likes of The Warehouse, Canal Mills and the O2 Academy. Tickets for events like these always sell out really fast, so if you’re planning to go to one, you need to get yourself a ticket ASAP! If you’re less into clubs, and more after a proper scare fest, join UK Ghost Nights in the infamous Leeds Library for a ghost tour to remember. You’ll be able to take part in a traditional Victorian seance and try to make contact with the dead. Spoooooky. You never know, you might even spot a ghost roaming around the historic library halls!  

    Leeds International Film Festival: 1st - 16th November

    Whether you’re a film buff, or just enjoy the occasional flick, the Leeds International Film Festival is one of the largest film events in the UK, and you won’t want to miss it. Every year, classic Leeds venues including Leeds Town Hall, The Hyde Park Picture House and Everyman Cinema present an awesome selection of new and classic films from all over the the world for you to enjoy. Grab yourself some popcorn, choose your movie, then just sit back and enjoy the show!  

    Bonfire Night: 5th November

    Remember, remember the 5th November. Seriously. There’s some top displays you need to check out. And best of all, they’re all free to attend! One of the most popular, is the bonfire display at Roundhay Park which kicks off at 7.30pm. There’s also big events happening at Middleton Park and Woodhouse Moor (both start at 7pm). Woodhouse Moor bonfire is particularly popular amongst students, and it’s in a great location because post-fireworks, you can walk a couple of minutes and enjoy some warm food and a cheeky beverage at one of the many pubs that surround the park. Top choices are Hyde Park Pub, The Library, LS6 Café and The Eldon. As the 5th itself is a Monday, it may not be an ideal day for you, but don’t worry – there’s plenty of other displays happening around Leeds over Bonfire weekend so be sure to have a look and see what else is going on near you.  

    Leeds Lights Switch On: 8th November

    Officially say hello to Christmas by coming along to this year's Leeds Lights Switch On. This popular annual event will be happening at Victoria Gardens and it’ll be a spectacular show. There’ll be live music, theatrical entertainment and of course, the big switch-on itself, followed by an amazing firework display. Entry is free, which is great, but that also means it’ll be extremely busy. Make sure you get there with plenty of time to spare so you can secure yourself a good spot!  

    The German Christmas Market: 9th November – 22nd December

    The German Christmas Market (a.k.a Christkindelmarkt) has been a standard sight at Millennium Square during the festive season for well over a decade, and is easily one of the most established Christmas markets in the UK. This is definitely a Leeds attraction that never get old - if anything, it simply gets better with age! At the market, you’ll find over 40 stalls offering a selection of food, trinkets, clothing and so much more! It’s a great place to pick up quirky presents for friends and family, and it’s the perfect spot to start your festive indulgence. Traditional German beer, Frankfurter sausages, crepes, churros, marshmallows…need we say more?! There’s plenty of cosy spots where you can snuggle up with a hot chocolate, and trust us when we say you’ll be guaranteed to get yourself some top Insta shots.   It’s fair to say that you’ll be spoilt for choice in Leeds this Autumn. Make the most of the season and try and get to as many of these great activities as you can, because before you know it, you’ll have a whole host of Christmas events to get to!
  • Freshers’ week has been and gone, and we hope you had an incredible time! As fun as freshers’ week is, the downside is it can be quite expensive – booze isn’t cheap after all! So, you may now find yourself with a significantly lighter wallet and the realisation that it’s time to tighten your belt. Don’t panic – that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun stuff! In fact, we’ve got some simple ways that will help you get your funds back to a better place in no time.

    Assess your spending

    The best way to start saving money is to have a think about how you spend currently spend it. Do you usually go to a pricy hairdresser? Do you do insist on buying branded food items? Do you tend to go a little spend-crazy whenever you visit Trinity? Figuring out how you spend your money will help you see where you can make cuts. In an ideal world, we’d buy what we want, but when you’re tight on cash you need to be a bit stricter and maybe explore alternatives.

    Start budgeting

    Creating a budget is a great way to keep track of your money and help you save faster. See how much money you have for the term and break it down into a weekly budget. You don’t have to budget to the nearest 10p, just give yourself an approximate figure to spend per week and stick to it. Saving money doesn’t mean you can’t have any treats – just make sure you budget for them.

    Head to the reduced section

    There’s a set time every night that shops and supermarkets move items to the reduced section – and finding out what time this happens at your local store will change your life! You’ll be amazed by just how cheap things are. You can buy items like fish or meat for next to nothing and just freeze them. Sandwiches and veg usually last a day or two after the expiry date as well, so buying from the reduced section will save you pounds.

    Know your discounts

    Some stores have huge signs advertising student discounts, but some offer it and barely say a word about it. For this reason, when you’re buying items in stores, or online, it’s important to check whether they offer a student discount. If they don’t, and you’re shopping online, Google search discount codes for that particular website and sometimes you’ll find codes that people have come across and uploaded for others to use. Something as small as this can lead to big savings!

    Think communal

    They say that more hands make light work, and it’s the same concept with money! If you’re living with housemates, sharing things out can mean you all pay less overall. Netflix? Get a house account and all contribute a pound a month. Dinner? Make a house meal together so you don’t have to buy all the ingredients yourself. Doing and buying things together as a house is a great way to save money – and it keeps you sociable, of course! Saving money as a student doesn’t need to be as hard as you might think. All these little tips are very easy to do, so try them out, and soon enough your post-freshers money struggles will be a distant memory!
  • Leeds has enjoyed business growth of 39% over the last 10 years and salaries are now very competitive which makes the city a very attractive location for young professionals. In fact, many are ditching the likes of London to move here to work instead. Leeds is a fantastic place to be when you’re new to the world of work - and we we’re going to tell you why…

    Job Opportunities

    In recent years, as Leeds has seen major growth in its business sector, it’s becoming an increasingly appealing market for companies to move into. This, of course, means that job opportunities in the city are on the up. As a young professional, you’ll no doubt want plenty of choice and variety when it comes to jobs, and Leeds can definitely offer you that.

    It’s Not Overwhelming

    Yes, Leeds is a city, but if you compare it to the likes of London or Manchester, it’s very different. If you’re relatively new on the career ladder or fresh out of uni, you may not feel ready to jump into manic city life, so Leeds could be a great choice for you. It has everything you could want in a city, but it still has a close, homely feel to it that other major cities often lack.

    There’s Always Something Going On

    Leeds is bursting with variety, and there’s always something going on no matter what day of the week it is. Whether it’s a pub quiz, an art class or a theatre production – every night there’s countless activities and events going on all over the city that you can get involved in. The International Beer Festival, West Indian Carnival and Leeds Light Night are just a few of the popular events you can find here. There’s never a dull moment!

    It’s A Social City

    There’s tons of bars and restaurants in the city centre which encourages a great social vibe in Leeds. Whether you’re catching up with friends, or off for a cheeky after-work drink, there’s plenty of great places for you to try. From hotspots like Outlaws Yacht Club, to the indie-style Belgrave Canteen & Music Hall, all the way down to the bustling bars on Call Lane. If you’re new to the city, there’s often group meet-up events that you can attend where you can meet new people and make friends, so you don’t need to worry about being alone here.

    It’s Well-Connected

    One of the best things about Leeds is that it’s super compact and that makes it well connected. You can live on the outskirts and still be in the city centre within 10 minutes. Bus and train services are very regular, and often direct, so you will easily make it into work wherever you decide to locate yourself.   Have we convinced you? If you’re interested in moving to Leeds, check out our range of top professional lets - they could be perfect for you!
  • Leeds is a great place for a night out. There’s so much variety in terms of bars and social hotspots, and it always feels vibrant and full of life. But, as with any city, it's best to be vigilant while you’re out and about on an evening. You can still go out, let your hair down, and have a great time, but you need to know what to watch out for in order to keep yourself safe.

    Watch your drinks

    Something that can often happen on a night out is drink spiking, and this is very dangerous for many obvious reasons. Make sure you never leave your drink unattended – if you need to use the bathroom, either finish it first, or leave it with a friend. Avoid having strangers buy you drinks, and when walking through crowded areas, always be sure to cover your drink. It only takes a split second for someone to tip an illicit substance into your drink so it’s something to always be aware of on a night out.

    Beware of pickpockets

    Designer handbags, purses, wallets, watches and iPhones are the kind of items we usually take out with us into town, which is fine, but just be sure to keep them safe and close by at all times. There are lot of thieves operating in popular Leeds hotspots, particularly Call Lane. Where possible, don’t have your valuables on obvious display and do regular checks throughout the night to make sure everything is secure and that you aren’t missing anything.

    Avoid deserted areas

    Leeds city centre is very compact with all the major nightlife areas well-connected to one another, but it's a lot quieter around the outskirts of town. Try to avoid any industrial areas, deserted spots or streets with poor lighting as attacks in such places are not unheard of. Never walk home alone and always avoid walking along the River Aire. Several people fall into the River Aire each year with most cases ending in tragedy, and if you’re walking alone in a quiet area, you could be a target for criminals.

    Take care with blind dates

    With the likes of dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, blind dates are very popular and it's not uncommon for us to meet up with strangers for a night out. Whilst most of these dates are harmless fun, it’s worth taking a few simple steps to help you stay safe. Never accept a lift on a date with a stranger and only agree to meet them in a well populated location. Make sure your phone is fully charged when you venture out, and tell your housemates where you’re going, who you’re with, and what time you expect to be back. If you find yourself in a worrying situation while on a date, be sure to alert a member of the bar staff or a bouncer. You can do this discretely thanks to the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign – just ask a member of staff for Angela and they’ll take that as a sign you need some assistance and will be able to remove you from the situation to ensure you’re kept safe.
  • Moving to a new city, and into a new home for university can sometimes be a little scary. But one of the first things you can do to help yourself settle in is to make your new accommodation feel homely! We’ve come up with some of the best ways to transform your new room from a blank canvas, into a cosy place that you’re more than happy to call home.  

    Photos of friends & family

    It’s the people in our lives that really make a place feel like home, so although you can’t physically bring your family and friends with you to university, you can bring pictures of them! If you have familiar faces around you in your room, you’ll feel more relaxed and it will definitely make your new accommodation feel more homely.

    Buy cosy items

    Don’t underestimate the power of a few good pillows and a cosy blanket – they work wonders! The word ‘home’ just sounds comfortable and cosy, so bring along a few items that not only brighten the place up, but also make you feel physically snug, and this will help create your homely vibe. As soon as you start to bring your own style to the room, it really will feel like yours.

    Light it up

    Lighting can completely transform a room, and set a good atmosphere. To make your room feel more homely, get your hands on some fairly lights, a mood lamp or some other form of soothing low-lighting. When you’re tucked up in bed at night with all your things around you and some good lighting, your room will feel like a home away from home.

    Bring your Creature Comforts

    We all have little personal items that mean a lot to us, so be sure to bring all your creature comforts with you. Your new room will never feel like yours until you properly put your stamp on it, and the best way to do this is to surround yourself with the items that mean the most to you. Despite the stereotypes, there’s nothing wrong with sleeping with your childhood teddy bear, ok?!

    Spend time with your housemates

    Making a place feel like a home is about more than just physical items, it’s about the vibe of the whole place. If you get on with your housemates and spend time with them, they’ll become your makeshift family and that will really make your accommodation homely! Right from the start, make the effort with them, hang out together and try to get to know them. Sure, you may not become best friends, but as long as you have a friendly atmosphere in your accommodation, you’ll feel much more settled.

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