Why house shares are becoming more popular for students and professionals in Leeds

In recent years, Leeds has seen a shift in how students (and professionals) live after moving out of halls of residents in their first year of university. This change can be due to many factors, including rising living costs, a desire to live amongst others and not on your own, and the convenience of shared living spaces. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why house shares are becoming more popular and how they can benefit those who choose to live in them.


One of the primary reasons why house shares are becoming more popular is due to the rising cost of living. With rent, utilities and just the general cost of items on the, it has become more challenging for individuals to afford a place of their own. By sharing living spaces, individuals can split the cost of rent and utilities, which can make living expenses more manageable. House shares are usually all inclusive, so you can rest assured knowing your bills are taken care of by your letting agent. 


Another reason why house shares are becoming more popular is the desire to live with others, but still have your own space. Many people, particularly those who are new to a city or have just started a job or university course, crave companionship and a sense of community. By living in a shared house, individuals can form friendships with likeminded people, which can help them feel more connected and less isolated. Despite this, if you do need your alone time, you can retreat to your private bedroom. 


In addition to saving on rent and utilities and living with others, house shares offer several other benefits for both students and professionals. For example, shared living spaces can be more convenient than living alone. In a house share, individuals can split the responsibilities of household chores, such as cleaning and cooking. This can help to save time and reduce stress, as individuals do not have to manage all of these tasks on their own. It can make the more mundane routines of life less challenging, leaving more time for work, studying, or hanging with friends and family!


All Parklane Properties house shares come fully furnished and equipped with all the necessary amenities, which can be convenient for people who are new to a city or country and may not have their own furniture or appliances. We have a range of house shares available for undergraduates, postgraduates and professionals in all the hotspots in Leeds, so you can be confident you’re living amongst like-minded people, and in a location that suites your lifestyle best. Each house share comes refurbed to a high standard, and offers a competitive all inclusive package, allowing you to focus on what matters. 


Are you a student of professional thinking of living in a house share for 2023/24? Get in touch with us today on 0113 230 4949 or email ls6@parklaneproperties.com, and one of our experienced negotiators will be able to help. See you there!

Published on: 24 Mar 2023