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  • Christmas is just around the corner – yay! Chances are you’re not going to be in your student house for Christmas Day itself, but that doesn’t mean you and your housemates can’t get yourself intothe festive spirit before going home for the hols! Here are some great, little zero-hassle things you and your mates can do (on a budget of course!) to get yourselves Christmas-ready and really make the most of the build-up to the big day.  

    DIY decorations

    One of the best ways to gear yourself up for Christmas in your student house is to put up some decorations! If you’re feeling creative, why not make your own? Grab some white paper and some scissors and make your own snowflakes to stick up around the place. If you want to be quirky, you could even use those annoying, unwanted pizza leaflets instead,for a bit if a twist on your traditional snowflake! You can also buy paperchain packs for next to nothing and construct them yourselves to hang up around the house. The possibilities are endless!

    Get your tree up

    You can easily get a mini Christmas tree for less than £5, so if you all contribute a little each, you can buy a house tree! It’s not officially Christmas until your tree is up, so to really get intothe festive mindset, this is a must! Decorating the tree is a really fun activity to do as a house, and once you’ve finished, you could even get some mince pies, a drop of mulled wine and do an official switch on!  

    Find some fairy lights

    Little twinkly lights can really make your house feel cosy and Christmassy, so get yourself a set of fairy lights. You can get battery-powered sets for a couple of quid and you can string them up in your room, and the communal areas of your house. You’ll definitely feel festive when you’re all cosied up on the sofa watching TV at night, and the fairly lights are twinkling away around you.

    Blast the tunes

    A bit of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ simply can’t be beaten! Elect someone as house DJ and when you’re sitting around on an evening catching up, get the festive tunes on. If you’re feeling brave, you can even do a spot of Christmas karaoke as part of pre-drinks! With Christmas music ringing through the hall, your pad will definitely feelCrimbo-ready.  

    Channel your inner chef

    The only thing better than Christmas dinner? Two Christmas dinners! Rally your housemates and have your very own early Christmas Day. Get everyone to put some money in the pot and make yourselves dinner with all the trimmings. You could even bake some Christmas biscuits for dessert... And then you can collapse onto the sofa in a food coma and watch Christmas movies! Bliss. Show us how you celebrated Christmas in your student house on social! Tag us in your Instagram posts: @parklanels1
  • 21 St. Anne’s Lane, Headingley LS4 2SE

    The Property

    Our top pick sales property for November is a beautifully presented two bed apartment situated in Headingley. The property is well-equipped and well-located, making it the perfect choice for first time buyers and investors alike. The apartment features a modern kitchen which includes a slim line dishwasher, washing machine and a dryer. There are two double bedrooms, one with fitted wardrobes, and a bathroom that comes with a separate bath and shower cubicle. The living room is bright and cosy, with stripped floor boards, and the rear of the flat also overlooks the garden which is shared by the other two ground floor apartments. It’s the perfect place to sunbathe and relax during the summer months! There is one off-street parking space available, and the apartment comes with a garage which can be used for storage purposes.

    The Location

    This great property is situated in a fantastic part of Leeds. It’s very close to central Headingley and the stadium, so there’s plenty of shops, bars and local hotspots nearby. The universities are a handy distance away, and this property is also in an ideal spot for commuting to Leeds City Centre, with Headingley train station being less that a 10-minute walk away, and local bus services running into Leeds frequently.   This lovely apartment is a freehold property and is currently on the market for £164,950. If you think it could be the perfect property for you and would like to discuss further details, don’t hesitate to drop us a line by calling on 0113 230 4949 or email ls1@parklaneproperties.com
  • When you live in a city as great as Leeds, the colder months are the perfect time to wrap up warm, get out and about, and experience all the fantastic after-dark events that only happen at this time of year! We’ve pulled together our top recommendations to give you some autumnal inspiration...  

    Halloween: 31st October

    Halloween in Leeds is always spook-tacular, and this year will be no different! It’s time to get dressed up, get your gore on and visit some of Leeds’ most popular haunts. To psyche yourself up for Halloween, it’s essential that you find time to watch some fangtastic seasonal movies. Well, you’re in luck because Kirkstall Abbey will be screening Hocus Pocus on the 26th, and IT on the 27th to get you in the mood. On the night of Halloween itself, there’s popular club nights at the likes of The Warehouse, Canal Mills and the O2 Academy. Tickets for events like these always sell out really fast, so if you’re planning to go to one, you need to get yourself a ticket ASAP! If you’re less into clubs, and more after a proper scare fest, join UK Ghost Nights in the infamous Leeds Library for a ghost tour to remember. You’ll be able to take part in a traditional Victorian seance and try to make contact with the dead. Spoooooky. You never know, you might even spot a ghost roaming around the historic library halls!  

    Leeds International Film Festival: 1st - 16th November

    Whether you’re a film buff, or just enjoy the occasional flick, the Leeds International Film Festival is one of the largest film events in the UK, and you won’t want to miss it. Every year, classic Leeds venues including Leeds Town Hall, The Hyde Park Picture House and Everyman Cinema present an awesome selection of new and classic films from all over the the world for you to enjoy. Grab yourself some popcorn, choose your movie, then just sit back and enjoy the show!  

    Bonfire Night: 5th November

    Remember, remember the 5th November. Seriously. There’s some top displays you need to check out. And best of all, they’re all free to attend! One of the most popular, is the bonfire display at Roundhay Park which kicks off at 7.30pm. There’s also big events happening at Middleton Park and Woodhouse Moor (both start at 7pm). Woodhouse Moor bonfire is particularly popular amongst students, and it’s in a great location because post-fireworks, you can walk a couple of minutes and enjoy some warm food and a cheeky beverage at one of the many pubs that surround the park. Top choices are Hyde Park Pub, The Library, LS6 Café and The Eldon. As the 5th itself is a Monday, it may not be an ideal day for you, but don’t worry – there’s plenty of other displays happening around Leeds over Bonfire weekend so be sure to have a look and see what else is going on near you.  

    Leeds Lights Switch On: 8th November

    Officially say hello to Christmas by coming along to this year's Leeds Lights Switch On. This popular annual event will be happening at Victoria Gardens and it’ll be a spectacular show. There’ll be live music, theatrical entertainment and of course, the big switch-on itself, followed by an amazing firework display. Entry is free, which is great, but that also means it’ll be extremely busy. Make sure you get there with plenty of time to spare so you can secure yourself a good spot!  

    The German Christmas Market: 9th November – 22nd December

    The German Christmas Market (a.k.a Christkindelmarkt) has been a standard sight at Millennium Square during the festive season for well over a decade, and is easily one of the most established Christmas markets in the UK. This is definitely a Leeds attraction that never get old - if anything, it simply gets better with age! At the market, you’ll find over 40 stalls offering a selection of food, trinkets, clothing and so much more! It’s a great place to pick up quirky presents for friends and family, and it’s the perfect spot to start your festive indulgence. Traditional German beer, Frankfurter sausages, crepes, churros, marshmallows…need we say more?! There’s plenty of cosy spots where you can snuggle up with a hot chocolate, and trust us when we say you’ll be guaranteed to get yourself some top Insta shots.   It’s fair to say that you’ll be spoilt for choice in Leeds this Autumn. Make the most of the season and try and get to as many of these great activities as you can, because before you know it, you’ll have a whole host of Christmas events to get to!
  • Freshers’ week has been and gone, and we hope you had an incredible time! As fun as freshers’ week is, the downside is it can be quite expensive – booze isn’t cheap after all! So, you may now find yourself with a significantly lighter wallet and the realisation that it’s time to tighten your belt. Don’t panic – that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun stuff! In fact, we’ve got some simple ways that will help you get your funds back to a better place in no time.

    Assess your spending

    The best way to start saving money is to have a think about how you spend currently spend it. Do you usually go to a pricy hairdresser? Do you do insist on buying branded food items? Do you tend to go a little spend-crazy whenever you visit Trinity? Figuring out how you spend your money will help you see where you can make cuts. In an ideal world, we’d buy what we want, but when you’re tight on cash you need to be a bit stricter and maybe explore alternatives.

    Start budgeting

    Creating a budget is a great way to keep track of your money and help you save faster. See how much money you have for the term and break it down into a weekly budget. You don’t have to budget to the nearest 10p, just give yourself an approximate figure to spend per week and stick to it. Saving money doesn’t mean you can’t have any treats – just make sure you budget for them.

    Head to the reduced section

    There’s a set time every night that shops and supermarkets move items to the reduced section – and finding out what time this happens at your local store will change your life! You’ll be amazed by just how cheap things are. You can buy items like fish or meat for next to nothing and just freeze them. Sandwiches and veg usually last a day or two after the expiry date as well, so buying from the reduced section will save you pounds.

    Know your discounts

    Some stores have huge signs advertising student discounts, but some offer it and barely say a word about it. For this reason, when you’re buying items in stores, or online, it’s important to check whether they offer a student discount. If they don’t, and you’re shopping online, Google search discount codes for that particular website and sometimes you’ll find codes that people have come across and uploaded for others to use. Something as small as this can lead to big savings!

    Think communal

    They say that more hands make light work, and it’s the same concept with money! If you’re living with housemates, sharing things out can mean you all pay less overall. Netflix? Get a house account and all contribute a pound a month. Dinner? Make a house meal together so you don’t have to buy all the ingredients yourself. Doing and buying things together as a house is a great way to save money – and it keeps you sociable, of course! Saving money as a student doesn’t need to be as hard as you might think. All these little tips are very easy to do, so try them out, and soon enough your post-freshers money struggles will be a distant memory!
  • Leeds has enjoyed business growth of 39% over the last 10 years and salaries are now very competitive which makes the city a very attractive location for young professionals. In fact, many are ditching the likes of London to move here to work instead. Leeds is a fantastic place to be when you’re new to the world of work - and we we’re going to tell you why…

    Job Opportunities

    In recent years, as Leeds has seen major growth in its business sector, it’s becoming an increasingly appealing market for companies to move into. This, of course, means that job opportunities in the city are on the up. As a young professional, you’ll no doubt want plenty of choice and variety when it comes to jobs, and Leeds can definitely offer you that.

    It’s Not Overwhelming

    Yes, Leeds is a city, but if you compare it to the likes of London or Manchester, it’s very different. If you’re relatively new on the career ladder or fresh out of uni, you may not feel ready to jump into manic city life, so Leeds could be a great choice for you. It has everything you could want in a city, but it still has a close, homely feel to it that other major cities often lack.

    There’s Always Something Going On

    Leeds is bursting with variety, and there’s always something going on no matter what day of the week it is. Whether it’s a pub quiz, an art class or a theatre production – every night there’s countless activities and events going on all over the city that you can get involved in. The International Beer Festival, West Indian Carnival and Leeds Light Night are just a few of the popular events you can find here. There’s never a dull moment!

    It’s A Social City

    There’s tons of bars and restaurants in the city centre which encourages a great social vibe in Leeds. Whether you’re catching up with friends, or off for a cheeky after-work drink, there’s plenty of great places for you to try. From hotspots like Outlaws Yacht Club, to the indie-style Belgrave Canteen & Music Hall, all the way down to the bustling bars on Call Lane. If you’re new to the city, there’s often group meet-up events that you can attend where you can meet new people and make friends, so you don’t need to worry about being alone here.

    It’s Well-Connected

    One of the best things about Leeds is that it’s super compact and that makes it well connected. You can live on the outskirts and still be in the city centre within 10 minutes. Bus and train services are very regular, and often direct, so you will easily make it into work wherever you decide to locate yourself.   Have we convinced you? If you’re interested in moving to Leeds, check out our range of top professional lets - they could be perfect for you!
  • Leeds is a great place for a night out. There’s so much variety in terms of bars and social hotspots, and it always feels vibrant and full of life. But, as with any city, it's best to be vigilant while you’re out and about on an evening. You can still go out, let your hair down, and have a great time, but you need to know what to watch out for in order to keep yourself safe.

    Watch your drinks

    Something that can often happen on a night out is drink spiking, and this is very dangerous for many obvious reasons. Make sure you never leave your drink unattended – if you need to use the bathroom, either finish it first, or leave it with a friend. Avoid having strangers buy you drinks, and when walking through crowded areas, always be sure to cover your drink. It only takes a split second for someone to tip an illicit substance into your drink so it’s something to always be aware of on a night out.

    Beware of pickpockets

    Designer handbags, purses, wallets, watches and iPhones are the kind of items we usually take out with us into town, which is fine, but just be sure to keep them safe and close by at all times. There are lot of thieves operating in popular Leeds hotspots, particularly Call Lane. Where possible, don’t have your valuables on obvious display and do regular checks throughout the night to make sure everything is secure and that you aren’t missing anything.

    Avoid deserted areas

    Leeds city centre is very compact with all the major nightlife areas well-connected to one another, but it's a lot quieter around the outskirts of town. Try to avoid any industrial areas, deserted spots or streets with poor lighting as attacks in such places are not unheard of. Never walk home alone and always avoid walking along the River Aire. Several people fall into the River Aire each year with most cases ending in tragedy, and if you’re walking alone in a quiet area, you could be a target for criminals.

    Take care with blind dates

    With the likes of dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, blind dates are very popular and it's not uncommon for us to meet up with strangers for a night out. Whilst most of these dates are harmless fun, it’s worth taking a few simple steps to help you stay safe. Never accept a lift on a date with a stranger and only agree to meet them in a well populated location. Make sure your phone is fully charged when you venture out, and tell your housemates where you’re going, who you’re with, and what time you expect to be back. If you find yourself in a worrying situation while on a date, be sure to alert a member of the bar staff or a bouncer. You can do this discretely thanks to the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign – just ask a member of staff for Angela and they’ll take that as a sign you need some assistance and will be able to remove you from the situation to ensure you’re kept safe.
  • Moving to a new city, and into a new home for university can sometimes be a little scary. But one of the first things you can do to help yourself settle in is to make your new accommodation feel homely! We’ve come up with some of the best ways to transform your new room from a blank canvas, into a cosy place that you’re more than happy to call home.  

    Photos of friends & family

    It’s the people in our lives that really make a place feel like home, so although you can’t physically bring your family and friends with you to university, you can bring pictures of them! If you have familiar faces around you in your room, you’ll feel more relaxed and it will definitely make your new accommodation feel more homely.

    Buy cosy items

    Don’t underestimate the power of a few good pillows and a cosy blanket – they work wonders! The word ‘home’ just sounds comfortable and cosy, so bring along a few items that not only brighten the place up, but also make you feel physically snug, and this will help create your homely vibe. As soon as you start to bring your own style to the room, it really will feel like yours.

    Light it up

    Lighting can completely transform a room, and set a good atmosphere. To make your room feel more homely, get your hands on some fairly lights, a mood lamp or some other form of soothing low-lighting. When you’re tucked up in bed at night with all your things around you and some good lighting, your room will feel like a home away from home.

    Bring your Creature Comforts

    We all have little personal items that mean a lot to us, so be sure to bring all your creature comforts with you. Your new room will never feel like yours until you properly put your stamp on it, and the best way to do this is to surround yourself with the items that mean the most to you. Despite the stereotypes, there’s nothing wrong with sleeping with your childhood teddy bear, ok?!

    Spend time with your housemates

    Making a place feel like a home is about more than just physical items, it’s about the vibe of the whole place. If you get on with your housemates and spend time with them, they’ll become your makeshift family and that will really make your accommodation homely! Right from the start, make the effort with them, hang out together and try to get to know them. Sure, you may not become best friends, but as long as you have a friendly atmosphere in your accommodation, you’ll feel much more settled.
  • Millennium Square, a place for the city slickers and family gatherings, and the home to many festivals and fairs throughout the year. This place is a core hub of activity in Leeds City Centre so whether you’re thinking of living here or visiting for the day, here’s your guide to Millennium Square In Leeds.

    Places To Eat


    Located on Great George Street, Souvlaki prides itself on providing the people of Leeds with delicious, melt-in-your-mouth Greek, Cypriot, and Mediterranean dishes that are prepared fresh every day. Think calamari, grilled halloumi, souvlaki, kleftiko, moussaka, and meze plates which will all make you feel like you’re in the Med. Almost!

    Turtle Bay

    For Caribbean beach vibes, Turtle Bay in The Light – just down the road from Millennium Square - is the place to be. Turtle Bay gets its inspiration from beach shack and street vendors across the Caribbean islands and they bring that flavour right into the heart of Leeds. We bet the crispy chili squid, jerk glazed pit ribs, and seafood platter will be just a few of the dishes that get your mouth watering.

    Almost Famous

    If you want a great burger, go to Almost Famous. Their selection of patties might seem a little obscure at first – have you ever had a burger with frazzles on for example? – but they’re delicious. Their unique flavours and hipster cool vibe will definitely have you coming back for more. Complement your burger with a bowl of pig and waffle fries or chili cheese tots and you’re on to a winner at Almost Famous.


    O2 Academy

    The O2 Academy in Leeds is one of the best music venues in the city. Hosting acts such as Rudimental, Tom Odell, Editors, Bugzy Malone, Miles Kane, and MGMT, the O2 Academy consistently pulls in some of the country’s best musical performers who always make the atmosphere in here electric.

    Leeds Big Screen

    Throughout the year, the Leeds Big Screen in Millennium Square showcases some of the country’s greatest events. Wimbledon is shown here every year – you can even sit on a deck chair with some Pimms – and the FIFA World Cup is shown here too!

    Festivals And Concerts

    Millennium Square is the perfect place for outdoor festivals and concerts throughout the year. From Slam Dunk Festival in May to the German Christmas Market in December, there’s always something going on here. Some of the highlights throughout the year include the Symphonic Sounds Of Back To Basics, the City Beach, Luna Cinema, Leeds International Beer Festival and Leeds Food And Drink Festival. Just keep your eyes peeled for what’s going on throughout the year!


    Be At One

    If you want a great cocktail to start off your night, the Be At One is the place to be. With over 100 cocktails to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice! There are the classics such as espresso martinis, daiquiris, bellinis, caipirinhas, and long island iced teas but there are also some more unusual ones such as the Irish disco biscuit, the jungle bird, the tropical road trip and Viking punch. Whatever you have it’s probably going to be the start of a good night at Be At One!


    Revolution is right on the corner of Millennium Square and it’s a great place to meet up with friends before an evening in town. Enjoy handcrafted cocktails, thirst-quenching beer, a great atmosphere, and good food at Revolution. There are three bars in Revolution too so you could just end up spending all your evening here…


    If you’ve got an occasion to celebrate – maybe moving into your new place in Leeds? – then head straight to Epernay. Pick up a glass or a bottle of the finest bubbly and enjoy a sophisticated drink while clinking glasses with your nearest and dearest. If you’re not a fan of champagne, Epernay also do spirits, cocktails and beers so everyone can join in the celebrations!

    Nation Of Shopkeepers

    One of the more informal bars around Millennium Square, Nation Of Shopkeepers is a quirky place with a cool interior and even more cool courtyard. With regular live music, Monday night pub quizzes, and yummy food to keep everyone entertained, Nation Of Shopkeepers will more than likely become one of your favourite locals if you’re living around Millennium Square in Leeds.


    Leeds City Museum

    Discover more about the city you’re living in at Leeds City Museum. Admission is free, so go with friends and family to see the Leeds Tiger, or to learn about beavers or Ancient Worlds. There’s also an Eating Creepy Crawlies exhibition which will appeal to kids and big kids alike!

    Carriageworks Theatre

    The Carriageworks Theatre is one of many theatres in Leeds which showcase the cities creative talent. With national and international touring productions, the Carriageworks Theatre has solidified itself into Leeds theatre life. Upcoming shows and performances include James And The Giant Peach, Bonnie & Clyde: The Musical, Beauty And The Beast, and Communicate. Do you live in Millennium Square in Leeds? What do you like about it? If it's somewhere you want to live, come and chat to a member of the Parklane team in their city centre offices to discuss what property options there are for you!
  • When you think of student accommodation in Leeds, you might think of living in a terraced house on a street with a bunch of other students. And while this is true – and a great way to spend your university years – there are many other options for student accommodation in Leeds and we’re here to tell you a few little secrets…

    You Can Easily Live In A Flat In The City Centre

    Don’t be restricted to the student section of the Parklane website. Have a gander at the professional section if you fancy living in the city centre for the year. You’ll have to arrange your own bills but you’ll have the luxury of having Leeds on your doorstep. Most city centre flats are really modern and spacious too so don’t be surprised if your friends want to come round to yours before a night out!

    Luxury Isn’t Just For Professionals

    You too can live in luxury as a student. Our The Triangle and IconInc student accommodation allow you to have your own space while still having the student experience. At IconInc you’ll not only get your own bedroom with kitchen and en-suite bathroom but you’ll also get to use the in-house cinema, gym, games room, sauna and steam room*, 24-hour concierge, glamping pods*, Grab & Go breakfasts and more. The best of all, everything is included so you don’t have to worry about a thing!  

    There Are Several Different Student Areas In Leeds

    Hyde Park and Headingley are well-known student areas in Leeds. The Universities are nearby and there’s a bustling community all around you. However, have you ever thought about living in Burley, Kirkstall, or Woodhouse? Each area offers something different depending on what you require – Kirkstall is near the supermarket and gym so it’s super convenient whereas Burley has easy access to Burley Train Station meaning you can be in the city centre within minutes. It’s worth exploring all these options when you’re looking for student accommodation in Leeds to ensure you find the right place for you.

    You Don’t Have To Go For Student Accommodation

    Student accommodation in Leeds is great – you make great memories and friends but you don’t necessarily have to move into student accommodation. If you don’t find something that’s meeting your requirements, take a look in the professional section of the Parklane website to find something that’s more suitable. Do you want a house in Roundhay? A flat in Leeds Dock? There are so many properties to choose from that widening your search could show you your dream home. You won’t have to give up your student lifestyle either as you can always rent with other students!

    You Can Get All Inclusive Accommodation

    Why spend ages sorting out your bills and suppliers when someone else can do it for you? Going all inclusive means you also know how much money you have outgoing each month. It’s one less thing for you to worry about so you can enjoy university life to the max! *Only available at IconInc The Glassworks Where do you live as a student in Leeds? If you need help finding the right accommodation, come into the Parklane Headingley Office or call 0113 230 4949 for more information!
  • Are you moving out of your student accommodation soon? If you are, you’ll want to make sure the process is as smooth as possible. From packing your bags to vacating your property, here’s your ultimate guide to leaving your student accommodation…

    Have You Got All Your Belongings?

    One of the best things to do when packing your bags is to make a checklist of everything you need to take with you.
    • Have you checked all your drawers?
    • Are all the plug sockets clear of phone chargers?
    • Is your bathroom empty?
    Not only do you not want to leave any of your belongings behind, but you don’t want to risk being charged for the property company to have to clear things from your room. It’s also a good idea to arrange for someone to help you move – you’ll more than likely have a lot of stuff! Can your parents bring their car to help move your belongings? Do you need to put anything in storage? If you have this organised, you’ll be a lot less stressed on the day.

    What Happens On Moving Out Day?

    On moving out day, you need to have left your property and returned your keys to the Parklane office no later than 12 noon. To find out the last day of your tenancy, just contact the office and they’ll be able to see the date on your contract. If there’s a specific day you want to leave, please let us know and don’t forget to leave your keys with us! When you leave your keys, just return them to the Parklane Headingley Office. In person is best so just bring them in an envelope with your name inside. If you can’t return them to the office in person, please post by recorded delivery with your name in the envelope. Only do this if absolutely necessary though and don’t include the address of the property you’re vacating. If your keys get lost or are returned after the deadline, there may be charges for lock and key replacement - we don’t want this to happen to you! Don’t forget, when you leave your property for the final time, switch off all heating and lights and ensure windows and doors are locked. Then all you have to do is set the alarm and say goodbye to your student accommodation.

    How To Ensure That Your Property Is In Tip Top Condition

    Here’s a little checklist to ensure that you don’t get any nasty cleaning charges after you’ve left your student accommodation.
    • Remove all of your personal belongings, furniture, rubbish, and food.
    • Empty, clean, and defrost your fridge and freezer. Hopefully, your flatmates will help you do this!
    • Clean your cooker, hob, and microwave. There are plenty of oven cleaning kits out there that can help with this as it can be a tough job!
    • Clean the washing machine drawer.
    • Clean all cupboards, skirting boards, windows, and frames. Divide these jobs up between you and your housemates and it’ll be a lot quicker and easier!
    • Clean all floors, vacuum all carpets and replace the bag after.
    • Make sure the bathroom is clean and plugholes are clear. We know it’s a bit of a horrible job but it needs to be done.
    • Replace any smoke alarm batteries.
    • Return all furniture to its original position.
    • If you have a garden, make sure this is tidy as you’ll be charged if a gardener is needed to tidy up.
    Cleaning bathroom in house  

    Organise Your Bills

    If you’re in a property where you pay bills separate to your rent, then you just need to ring your utility companies to provide meter readings and forwarding addresses. Please send us copies of your final bills which show proof of payment. Meter readings and final payments should be detailed on final bills.

    Deposit Return

    Following the above guidelines will speed up the return of your deposit. We will check over the property and aim to put your deposit back into your account as soon as possible. To avoid delay, please also provide confirmation of your correct bank details via email or by completing the form we have in the Parklane Headingley office.

    Do You Have Things You Don’t Want?

    If you have any belongings such as bedding, pots, pans, clothes, and electrical goods that you don’t need any more, you can drop them with Leave Leeds Tidy. This company aims to help keep Leeds clear of a huge amount of waste that can build up when the mass of students in Leeds leave their student accommodation.

    When Can You Come Into The Office?

    Our office hours over the moving out period are: 29th June: 9am to 5.30pm 30th June and 1st July: 10am to 5pm 31st July, 1st August and 2nd August: 9am to 5.30pm 30th August and 31st August: 9am to 5.30pm 1st and 2nd September: 10am to 5pm If you have any questions about leaving your student accommodation and the moving out process, please contact the Parklane Headingley office on 0113 230 4949.
  • There are a lot of people who say that summer isn’t a great time to sell your property. However, at Parklane Properties, we know that summer is a great time to sell your property and here are a few reasons why…

    The Weather Is Better

    Your house is definitely going to look better in the sunshine. Your property will look brighter and more appealing on photos plus rooms will look brighter and bigger with more light streaming in.

    The Evenings Are Lighter

    The lighter evenings mean that buyers have more time to look for their perfect property. It also means when they’re scouting a location of a new home, your property is in its best light – literally.

    Gardens and Flowers Are In Full Bloom

    Properties certainly have more curb appeal in the summer. Flowers are blooming, gardens look great, and trees are full of gorgeous green leaves. This will make your property look really appealing and more likely to gain interest from potential buyers. To take advantage of this, keep on top of garden maintenance to make your property look in its best shape this summer. the back garden of someones house with flowers and trees in bloom

    There Are More People Buying

    Summer is the ideal time for buyers who want a property to settle into before Christmas. You’re likely to have several more viewers to your property than you might in winter which is great if you’re wanting to move somewhere else before Christmas too. It also means you’re in a better position to get a great price for your house if you have more people that are interested in your property.

    Parents Are Looking To Do The Best For Their Children

    Summer is prime time for parents looking at catchment areas for their children’s schools. If you’re in a prime area for good schools, be prepared for families flocking around your home when you put it up for sale in the summer.

    You Have More Time To Do DIY Tasks

    Does paint need touching up? Do you need to fix a couple of things in the kitchen? The summer months give you more time to do these little tasks which all help create a great first impression on your buyer. Check out our 5 Top Tips to speed up a sale article for extra hints and advice. man painting walls white

    Buyers Are More Upbeat

    The warmer weather and bright sunshine definitely put people in a good mood. Buyers are happier, more relaxed, and more open to viewing properties. The upside of the weather is that your home can be shown off in natural daylight and you can have the windows open to let fresh air in.

    You Can Be More Relaxed About Your Packing And Moving Day

    Moving day is always going to be stressful but when you sell your house in summer, you’ll have more daylight hours to play with and the weather will be a lot warmer too. That sounds better than moving on a cold winter’s day in January, doesn’t it? Are you looking to sell your property this summer? If you are, come and talk to a member of staff in the Parklane Properties Leeds City Centre office or call 0113 237 0000. You can also get a free instant online valuation for your property if you want an idea of how much your property is worth.
  • We hate to say it but a property emergency can happen anytime. From losing your keys to more serious emergencies like flooding and fire, a student property emergency can be stressful and we do everything we can to ensure they don’t happen. However, if there is a student property emergency here’s what to do to stay safe and to get things sorted as soon as possible.

    If There’s A Fire

    A fire can happen for any reason. Maybe someone left their straighteners on or a pan on the hob might have got too hot. Candles, which are strictly forbidden in Parklane properties, can often be the cause of fires too. Whatever the reason, fires should be taken seriously. If it is safe for you to do to so, try and put out the fire immediately using a fire blanket. If you are not sure how to use this equipment or the fire is getting out of control, immediately evacuate the building and tell your housemates to leave the building too. Do not stop to collect personal belongings and never re-enter the building until you've been told it is safe to do so. Call the fire service as soon as you can and they will handle the fire in the safest way. To ensure you’re safe at all times, fire alarms are fitted in all student properties and these are routinely checked by Parklane staff. If you have been affected by a fire, speak to Parklane staff in regards to your living accommodation and also call your contents insurance provider if you’ve lost any important belongings – they may be able to help replace your valuable possessions. fire alarm with smoke and ceiling

    If There’s Flooding In Your Student Property

    Flooding can happen at any time and it can be a lot more disastrous than a little puddle on the bathroom floor. If a water pipe bursts, it can be devastating – as seen recently at a student apartment complex in the centre of Leeds. But there are ways you can make sure this doesn’t happen or be prepared when it does. Additionally, there is helpful information online including the likes of Citizens Advice, where many questions can be answered.  Water pipes and boilers in your property will be checked periodically to ensure you’re safe. If the pipes do burst, please call Hive or Parklane as soon as possible. Flooding can mean you have to leave your property for several weeks and we don’t want that to happen. Make sure your university work is backed up and if someone knows how to turn off the water, this will reduce the potential damage that could be caused by flooding. Hive will come to your student accommodation as soon as possible and check or isolate any electrical systems that might be affected by the flooding and cordon off any unsafe area. If you do ever notice any signs of a leak, please ensure that you report this immediately to prevent damage to your property.

    Losing Your Keys

    It happens to the best of us! Losing your keys can happen at the most inconvenient of times – most likely after a long day at the library or after a fun night out with friends. When you lose your keys it can be quite an overwhelming moment. Don’t panic though, fingers crossed your housemate is in, or you’re with your housemate who has their own key. If not, we can help. Whether you’re at The Triangle or in a Parklane house, give Hive or Parklane a call and we’ll help replace the key and also ensure your house is safe in case your key has been stolen. student locked out of property

    What To Do In A Burglary

    Being burgled is a horrible thing to go through and we hope it never happens to you. To minimise the risk of this happening, ensure all your windows and doors are locked at night, when you're upstairs or in the garden, or whenever you leave your student accommodation. At least 50% of student burglaries happen through windows and doors being left open or unlocked so ensure these are locked at all times. It's also worth putting expensive items out of sight so people can't see them through the windows. Also, when you know your property is going to be empty, put lights on a timer so it makes your property look like it's occupied. If someone does, unfortunately, break into your property and steal your belongings, call the police straight away. They may be able to collect evidence which could lead to your belongings being returned. Please also call Parklane Properties as we’ll need to change the locks and make your property secure. At this time you’ll also need to contact your contents insurance provider to see if you can get any compensation for the stolen property. We hope you never have to deal with a student property emergency but if you do, please call Parklane Properties for help.
  • If you’re a young professional renting in Leeds, the chances are you’re excited to find your perfect place. And so you should be! This is a great city to live in. We should know, we’ve been here for 40 years! But whether it’s your first time renting in Leeds or you just need a change, here’s some advice for young professionals renting in Leeds. We’re here to make your life as easy as possible!

    Think About The Location

    Location, location, location. It’s an important aspect of renting a property. Think about where you want to be located – will you be in the city centre or in the suburbs? How far away from work do you want to be? Do you want to rent in a mini-community like Leeds Dock or Granary Wharf or are you happy to be in the centre of town with the shops directly on your doorstep? Do you want to be in the north of town or in the south of Leeds nearer the motorways? There are a lot of things to think about location wise but speak to your letting agent and they’ll be able to give you all the advice you need.

    Make Sure You Leave Enough For Bills

    It’s sensible to have a budget when renting in Leeds. Think about how much you can realistically afford for rent and then budget for your bills as well. Your bills can vary so it’s worth seeing if you can speak to other people that are already living in Leeds. Just ensure that you think about this when looking at flats. There’s no point going a flat that’s £800pcm if you won’t have any money left for food and electric! the water taxi in Leeds travelling past calls landing

    Read Your Contract

    We know it’s boring but make sure you read your contract when you’re renting in Leeds. It includes important information about who’s responsible for what and also details about whether you’re allowed pets in the property. This is your chance to query anything you’re not sure on or ask to be changed before you’ve moved in.

    What Do You Want?

    When you’re a young professional renting in Leeds, it’s easy to jump for the first great property you see. But, think about what you want. Do you need parking? Do you want an outdoor space for those sunny summer mornings? Do you want to be in a quieter part of town? Make a list of what you want from your new place and figure out what’s negotiable and what’s not. If you can’t live without a balcony, then that cancels a lot of flats out already! Do you have any more advice for young professionals renting in Leeds? Let us know over on Twitter! If you're looking for your perfect rental property in Leeds, have a browse of the Leeds properties we have on Parklane Properties.  
  • Leeds is heaven for foodies. There are so many great places to eat in the city. Old favourites such as Dare Café and Red’s True BBQ keep regulars coming back week after week. And independent outlets such as Laynes Espresso and Bakery 164 have become a firm feature in Leeds because of their individual flair. We’re asking you to vote for your 40 Legends Of Leeds and here are the foodie contenders vying for the crown.


    Inspired by the bustling streets of India, Bundobust serves up a varied range of street food including Okra Fries, Vada Pav and Bundo Chat. It opened in 2014 and has been going strong ever since, becoming popular with the post-work crowd and groups of friends looking for a place to relax with good food and a tasty craft beer. Vote for Bundobust as your Legend Of Leeds

    Red’s True Barbecue

    If you’ve got a craving for BBQ food, then head to Red’s True Barbecue. The smell of BBQ will hit you before you taste the mouth-watering home-made beef jerky or the pulled pork and slaw. Add sides of tray-baked corn bread or sweet potato fries to your meal and finish with a sweet treat for a meal to remember. Vote for Red's True Barbecue as your Legend of Leeds

    Laynes Espresso

    Opened in 2011, Laynes Espresso has become the ideal stop off for those heading to Leeds Train Station or colleagues looking for quick meeting place over a good brew. Laynes doesn’t just do coffee well though, the food here is really impressive. Served from 7am on a weekday and 9am on Saturdays and Sundays, breakfast or brunch can be a simple bowl of bircher muesli or porridge with cinnamon or honey. Alternatively, you can try one of Layne’s stand out dishes – sweetcorn fritters with sliced avocado, poached egg, sumac, and halloumi are a firm favourite here, as it the shakshuka and the home baked ham and egg hash. Vote for Laynes Espresso as your Legend of Leeds

    Friends Of Ham

    Friends Of Ham landed in Leeds in 2012 and its relaxed, informal setting has been a big hit with the Leeds crowd ever since. Their aim? To serve great beer, wine, charcuterie and cheese to everyone in Leeds. With a particularly tempting menu full of French salami, Spanish dipping cheese, lightly smoked beef, Iberico ham and more, Friends of Ham will more than likely be feeding Leeds with delicious food for many more years to come. Vote for Friends Of Ham as your Legend Of Leeds Food at Friends of Ham


    Bringing true Italian hospitality to Leeds is Salvo’s vision. This family run business opened in 1977 and has been serving up authentic Italian cuisine since then. A traditional streak runs through Salvo’s but they’re proud to serve up contemporary Italian food which keeps customers coming back for more. If you don’t want to dine in on fresh pizza and pasta, you can enjoy a relaxed hour or so in the Salumeria where the café and deli have a range of Italian snacks, coffee, and prosecco. Vote for Salvos as your Legend Of Leeds

    Kirkgate Market

    Kirkgate Market might not be the first place you think of as a legendary foodie spot, but trust us, it is. Apart from all the fruit, veg, and meat stalls in the main market hall, there are now a huge collection of food outlets where you can grab a quick bite to eat. You can get a Yorkshire Pudding wrap, shwarmas, Vietnamese pho, jerk chicken, or a dish of Lebanese food among other meals that make Kirkgate Market a true foodie legend. Vote for Kirkgate Market as your Legend of Leeds Lebanese food at Kirkgate Market Brussel sprouts and veg at Kirkgate market

    Bakery 164

    Casual dining and quality service. That’s what you get at Bakery 164. Gourmet sandwiches are their thing and they rotate over 200 fillings with new flavours constantly coming into the mix. They also bake all their Italian breads in house so you can be sure it’s freshly baked and super tasty. Is there a better place to get a sandwich in Leeds? We don’t think so. Vote for Bakery 164 as your Legend of Leeds

    Dare Café

    Eat in or take out at Dare Café, it’s up to you. With a good mix of sandwiches, nachos, jacket potatoes, pizza and pasta, Dare Cafe has stood the test of time on Headingley’s High Street and is just as popular with locals as it is with students. Come in for a relaxed coffee or catch up with friends over a bit of food. Vote for Dare Cafe as your Legend of Leeds


    For a good Sunday dinner, Whitelock's is your place. Hidden down a little alleyway near Marks and Spencer, you might have walked past it several times and not even realised it's there. But once you know, you know and you'll be back for their Sunday dinners every week. In fact, you don't even have to wait until Sunday to dine here as they have a menu that goes through the week and includes Beef and Ale Pie and Sausage and Mash. Vote for Whitelock's as your Legend of Leeds Whitelock's in Leeds

    Northern Monk

    It's more of a beer place than a food place but it's hard to resist the pop ups that turn up here. My Thai, Wapentake, Caribbean Café, and Bears Pantry have all taken up residency here serving up good food to go along with the delicious beer. Vote for Northern Monk as your Legend of Leeds Vote for your top Legend of Leeds for the chance to win the ultimate experience package worth up to £1000!
  • Landlords and tenants, do you know about the new minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) that come into force on April 1st 2018? This means landlords and buildings that fall under the  regulations can’t renew existing tenancies or let new tenancies if their building has an EPC rating of F or G. We’ll explain in more detail about what this means for you and what you can do if you need to improve your property so that it meets the new minimum energy efficiency standards.

    What Is The New Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard?

    The Energy Performance Certificate is on a scale from A to G, with A being the most efficient and G being the least efficient. From April 1st 2018, any property that is rented out under the Private Rental Sector, has to have an EPC rating of E or higher to comply with the new law. This rating applies to new lets and renewals of tenancies from April 1st 2018. EPC ratings and money in piles

    When Does The New Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard Apply?

    The new standard applies in the following circumstances. 
    • You let your property to new tenants on or after April 1st
    • If your EPC has expired and is older than 10 years old.
    If you have existing tenants in your property on a long term let on April 1st 2018, you won’t have to worry about your EPC rating straight away. However, on April 1st 2020, you will have to ensure your property is compliant with the new minimum energy efficiency standard if the same tenants are still in your property. If the tenants leave the property before this date then you have to make sure your property is compliant when letting the property to a new tenant as stated above.

    What Can I Do To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of My Property?

    There are a few things you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your property. Whether it’s to meet the new minimum energy efficiency standard, help your tenants save money on energy bills, or help the environment out a little, the following tips may help. Put insulation in your roof which needs to be a minimum depth of 270mm to comply with standards for newer buildings. This depth may be less if you have an older property, however, the thicker the insulation you can fit in your roof, the better! Also replacing any electrical items with more efficient EPC ratings can improve your overall property EPC. Replacing halogen light bulbs with LEDs or compact fluorescent lights can do this too. Other amendments can include replacing your thermostat or boiler and making sure your windows are efficiently insulating your house. Any EPC will have feedback on how you can improve your rating – you can check yours online.

    What Happens If My Property Doesn’t Meet The New Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard?

    If your property is an F or a G rating on the EPC on 1st April 2018, you won’t be able to let your property and could be fined a maximum of £5000 if you do so. Don’t forget, if you have an existing tenancy in place, you won’t have to worry about meeting the new minimum energy efficiency until you get a new tenant in the property or the existing tenants renew their tenancy agreement. In certain circumstances, you can apply for an exemption which will mean your property doesn’t have to comply but this exemption only lasts for 5 years. Energy thermostat in for central heating

    When Can I Apply For An Exemption?

    You can apply for an exemption to the minimum energy efficiency standard in the following circumstances:
    • When you can prove that you’ve undertaken the necessary cost-effective improvements to improve your EPC but the building still remains below an E rating. You can read more about the cost-effective measures in the Green Deal’s Golden Rule.
    • If the landlord requires consent from the tenant to carry out any improvements and the tenants are withholding that consent.
    • If an independent surveyor deems your property to be devalued by more than 5% should after all energy efficiency improvements have been made.
    Let us know if you have any questions about the new minimum energy efficiency standards by coming into the Parklane Properties office.
  • Whether you’re a student or professional, looking for somewhere to rent in Leeds can be a tough task. But at Parklane Properties, we’re here to make it easy for you to find your perfect property. Here are 5 reasons to rent with Parklane Properties…

    We’ve Got 40 Years Of Experience

    Since 1977, Parklane Properties has been at the top of the game in Leeds property. We know this city like the back of our hand and we know how to find the property that’s right for you. Because of the wealth of knowledge we’ve gained over the last 40 years, we can help you with any questions or queries you have when looking for a property to rent in Leeds. Leeds City Centre

    We’ve Got A Wide Range Of Property To Choose From

    From one-bed flats in the city centre to 10-bed houses in the suburbs, we’ve got a huge selection of properties for you to choose from. Our agents will be able to help advise on the area you want to live in, and they’ll be able to show you what rental options there are whether you’re a student or professional.

    No Admin Fees

    Other agents will charge you astronomical admin fees that cut into your valuable savings. At Parklane Properties, we don’t charge you a penny for admin fees. That’s because we know there are more important things to be spending your money on when you rent a property. Like some fresh new bedding, cool furniture, or fancy refreshments for your house warming…

    Great Service

    Whether you come into our offices in Headingley or the city centre, you’ll be greeted by a friendly face. Our staff are more than willing to help you find the property that’s right for you at the price that’s right for you. And that’s why people come back to us or use us as professionals once they’ve left the student life behind. Parklane Properties in Headingley  

    We’re Fully Endorsed By The SAFE Agent Scheme

    The SAFE Agent Scheme – Safe Agent Fully Endorsed – let you know that we protect landlords and clients’ money through protection schemes. This raises industry standards and assures you that your money is kept completely separate from the funds which are used to fund Parklane Properties. This means your deposits are always safe for the duration of your rent. Are you looking to find a property in Leeds at the moment? Take a look at the properties we've got available on the Parklane Properties website or come into our office to have a chat with the team today.
  • Looking for a property to rent in Leeds can be an overwhelming process. Where do you start? Which area is the best? Leeds is a big city and the different areas all offer something different depending on what you’re looking for. Here’s a breakdown of the different areas in Leeds and hopefully it will make the decision of where to rent a property in Leeds a lot easier.  




    Horsforth is consistently named as one of the top places for families to live when looking to rent a property in Leeds. With a train station that connects to Leeds City Centre in around 15 minutes, it’s a desirable place for families to be based. There are also great schools in this area along with a spacious park, shops, restaurants and cafes.


    If you like outdoor space and have young kids, Roundhay is the perfect place to rent a property in Leeds. Its stand out feature is Roundhay Park but this suburb also features a selection of family-friendly independent shops and cosy pubs. Roundhay Park in the sun - property for sale


    Meanwood might be overshadowed by its neighbour Chapel Allerton, but it’s certainly not a place that should be overlooked. With schools that are consistently highly rated, Meanwood also benefits from a new Waitrose, a David Lloyd Sports Centre, and Meanwood Valley Trail which is perfect for weekend walks. It’s an upcoming area which, in a few years, will be a much sought after Leeds location. So why not get in there before everyone else finds out how good Meanwood is…  

    For Couples


    Brewery Wharf

    Brewery Wharf is the perfect place for couples who want to be in the middle of city centre action. There’s a Sainsbury’s on your doorstep, along with a tapas restaurant, bar, coffee shops, and an Italian restaurant - Brewery Wharf is city convenience at its best. The flats in Brewery Wharf are also very modern and some even benefit from river views.

    Leeds Dock

    In the last 24 months, Leeds Dock has gone through a huge revival thanks to the addition of new Sky offices, North Star Coffee Shop, and Yoga Hero. It’s a ten minute walk away from town but has a community feel that you don’t get from many other apartment complexes in town. There’s a gym, a Pizza Express, The Royal Armouries, Dock 29, Mumtaz, Tesco, and even a free water taxi that will take you to the train station if you don’t fancy the walk. Couples will find there’s plenty to do here while being able to enjoy a quieter space to rent a property. Leeds Dock at dusk


    When you want to live near Roundhay Park but don’t want to pay the price, Oakwood is the place to be. With a high street full of cool cafes and restaurants, you’re never short of places for cute dates. Plus, you’re within walking distance of Roundhay Park so romantic walks are always a possibility…  

    For Nature Fanatics



    Not only does Rodley have a beautiful canal which is great for walking, cycling, and running, but this area of Leeds also has its own nature reserve which is great for those interested in birds and nature. Take your binoculars down because you’ll definitely see something of interest while you’re here. The Leeds Liverpool Canal


    Located next to Eccup Reservoir and some of Leeds’ most beautiful countryside, Alwoodley is the ideal place to live in Leeds if you like to be outdoors. A circuit of the reservoir takes around 2 hours at a distance of 5.2miles and is often very quiet. Red Kites have been spotted around this area too so keep your eyes open to see some of Britain’s native wildlife! A red kite bird in Leeds

    For Village Life



    Yes, we’ve already mentioned Horsforth but this place really does have a village feel to it. With Horsforth Hall Park providing green space and running trails, and a high street that’s always bustling with activity, Horsforth has a big village feel to it that you won’t find in many places around Leeds. Get your super local food fix too by visiting the farmer’s market every 1st Saturday of the month…  

    For Professionals


    City Centre

    If you’re working in the city, it makes sense to live in the city too. From the Northern Quarter to Leeds Dock and from South Bank to Santorini Island, if you live in any of these place, you’re within walking distance of the city centre. That means you won’t have to worry about getting a taxi anywhere after post-work socialising and the city is only a short distance away when you want to go out and have some fun at the weekend. Where's your favourite place to rent in Leeds? Let us know over on Twitter and if you're looking for somewhere to rent, you can find your perfect property on Parklane Properties today!
  • Headingley and Hyde Park are the stereotypical locations for student accommodation but have you thought about Burley? This Leeds suburb is more chilled out, has great access to the city centre and universities, and it's the perfect place to concentrate on your studies. Burley doesn’t get the credit it deserves so here’s a student guide to living in Burley...

    What’s Burley Like?

    Burley is the place where students, professionals, and families all live in harmony. It’s not as wild as Headingley and Hyde Park but that makes it the perfect place to work on your degree while having the balance of a great social life. The streets of Burley are dotted lined red brick terraced houses and there’s a gorgeous park which forms a big part of the community. Cafes, bars, and public transport links make this place a highly desirable place to live, and along with the entertainment spots, we know just how great your student accommodation can be in this suburb.

    There Are Plenty Of Places To Eat

    Do you want Mexican food? Head to Lupe’s Cantina. What about a Sunday dinner every day of the week? Well that’s what Man vs Roast is for. Tapas isn’t far away either and Viva Cuba serves up some of the most delicious dishes you’ll find in Leeds. There are no shortage of places to eat in Burley. Alternatively, Cardigan Fields offers Five Guys, MOD Pizza, Frankie & Benny’s, Pizza Hut, Nando’s and Rosie’s Diner so you’re spoilt for choice! Mexican food, prawn tacos

    Burley Is Centrally Located For Public Transport

    If you live in Burley, public transport is really convenient and it’s one of the biggest draws of the area. Use Burley Park train station to reach Leeds City Centre in 8 minutes. Or catch the bus and be in the centre in under 30 minutes! The train also connect you to places further afield such as Horsforth, Harrogate, Knaresborough and York so you can explore Yorkshire in your downtime.

    Cool Cafés And Delicious Doughnuts

    One of the coolest cafes in Burley Temple Coffee. This place serves up extremely instagrammable coffee and doughnuts. We challenge you to try and not take a picture of the glitter glazed treat and jet black coffee. The menu does change regularly but what is constant is the chilled out vibe and the delicious treats. There’s no better place to take a break when you’re overloaded with university essays; you can even take out if you want...

    You’ll Not Be Short For Entertainment

    If there’s one thing Burley knows how to do, it’s entertain. The legendary Brudenell Social Club, one of Leeds most loved music venues, is on your doorstep. There are cheap drinks, live bands, and good times to be had here. The atmosphere is always lively and because you live in Burley, it’s only ever a short walk away. If live music isn’t your thing, or you just need a relaxing night away from your studies, the Vue Cinema and Hollywood Bowl at Cardigan Fields on Kirkstall Road are the perfect place to socialise and recharge. You can also keep fit here at the Virgin Active Gym or try out Oxygen Freejumping, one of the UK’s number 1 trampoline parks. Students watching a film in the cinema

    You’ll Find Nature In Burley Park

    Hyde Park is always popular in the summer. Burley Park is too but you’re guaranteed to find a spot in the sun here. This place doesn’t get nearly as crowded, it’s nearer to your student accommodation and there are also free tennis courts, a basketball court and a bowling green. Have we tempted you to live in Burley? You can search our student accommodation in Burley today and we can help find you the best place to live!
  • As you leave uni and enter the world of work, one thing on your mind - beyond landing your dream job and possibly enjoying a new city - might be to start saving some of your money for your first property. We have put together a list of the various tools, tips, and techniques that you can use to get you on the property ladder and make saving a deposit that little bit quicker.

    Save Regularly

    The first thing to do is realise that saving one large amount is very difficult unless you get a one-off large lump sum. Saving little and often means you will be chipping away at the total amount you need to save little by little.

    Save Then Spend

    Once you start getting a regular paycheck you will feel really flush. You'll wonder how you ever survived as a student! One thing that everyone does is change their spending habits in line with their new found income. This simply means that you end up at the end of the month with no money left to save. The simple way to get around this is to do your regular saving at the beginning of the month when you get paid and think of it like another bill! If you do this then you can’t spend it and you will just adjust your spending habits for the month. Saving money in jar with save written on label

    Help To Buy

    Everyone has their opinion about Help-to-Buy (H2B) and it is the first product many people will look at when starting out on buying their first house. Whether or not it’s good government policy you would be silly not to use it. Here are a few points that you should be aware of before you use H2B. ‍
    1. Invest up to £1200 when you first open a Help-To- Buy ISA.
    2. You can only save up to £200 a month after this.
    3. You only get the 25% bonus AFTER you complete on your first house so don’t expect to put the bonus towards the actual deposit. However, you can use it for some furniture or anything else you need for your new home.
      As you can see there are a few caveats of H2B ISA’s and you are rather limited if you are able to save more than £200 per month. Which leads us onto a product you may be less familiar with but could really help boost your savings if you have more than £200 to put away.

    Work Smarter Not Harder

    There are a raft of new FinTech startups that are designed to help you save and become more financially secure. Cleo, Plum and Monzo to name a few. Some of these offer bank accounts that are fully controlled by their apps. No more calling customer services to block your card! Others connect to all of your accounts and consolidate your data. This gives you great snippets and facts about your spending habits and how they compare to other users. You can even message them questions such as “How much did I spend on coffee last month?” and they will tell you…Pretty neat. If you want to make saving even more seamless companies like moneybox allow you to round up all of your purchases to the nearest pound so that you save change every time you spend…great for those who make a lot of transactions! Person using online baking and app to manage money

    Use A Property Crowdfunding Platform Like UOWN

    Once you have a certain amount you've set aside, you want to ensure it’s earning a good amount of interest. Ensuring you're not left behind by the housing market is really important. This is where something like property crowdfunding could keep you ahead of the game. Platforms such as UOWN allow you to buy shares in a house and earn money from rental income – this can be as high as 7% in some cases and the real beauty is that because you own part of the house, the real beauty is in the fact that your original investment tracks the property market as house prices change, so if they do go up you aren’t being left behind. With house prices being high, you may need to set realistic expectations as to what property you can afford. Therefore setting realistic expectations on how much you need to save. When it comes to saving a deposit it's not easy and it won't happen overnight but the sooner you begin the sooner you will get there. Do you have any more deposit saving tips for university students and graduates?
  • Leeds is about to see a new building on its horizon. INC, which is being developed by Parklane Properties parent company, The Parklane Group, is going to be located at the western gateway to the city centre. The development, which will redefine the skyline of Yorkshire, will be near new key landmark developments including the proposed 33m2 Grainger PLC residential scheme and MEPC’s 31,500m2 Government regional hub. It will be a visually stunning structure in which Parklane Properties has been allocated 163 PRS apartments and 5 penthouses. Birds Eye view of INC in Leeds INC is going to be a huge part of an already exciting city. The building will be a world-class 33-storey, 45,000 sq. m gateway building in Leeds City Centre and will include a 198 unit aparthotel, 200 co-living apartments, co-working space, a sky bar and restaurant, a swimming pool, and retail space. These unique plans will form a new community where people can visit, live, work, and play all under one roof. Tenants living here will have a Leeds experience like no others living in the city centre. The apartments will take a space of 12,863m2 and will be the next step in our 40 year journey. We’re at the beginning of a long process but we expect to be able to welcome our first tenants in 2021. Watch this space and we will update you on progress.
  • Leeds is the best city. We know it, you know it, and we want the rest of the country to know it too. We want to celebrate all the legendary places and things to do in this city and we also want you to have your say. Vote for your favourite Leeds Legend – and if it’s not on there, tell us on social – and you could win a bundle of legendary Leeds experiences worth up to £1000! Do you enjoy a Patty Smith’s burger at Belgrave? Maybe you like a little stroll around Roundhay Park at the weekend? Have the variety of bars in Leeds stolen your heart? Let us know! All you have to do is enter below and you could win £1000 worth of legendary Leeds experiences! Don’t forget to tell your friends on Twitter and Facebook too! [shortstack smart_url='https://40leedslegends.shortstack.com/TsFCcf' responsive='true' autoscroll_p='true']
  • Winter can be a difficult time to sell your home. It’s dark, cold, and your property might not look at its best. Selling your home in winter isn’t impossible though so don’t let the colder months put you off. With these tips, and with the help of the amazing sales team at Parklane Properties, you can get your property from “For Sale” to “Sold” in no time.

    Keep Your Home Warm

    No one likes a cold house so turn up the heating or light a fire to make your home cosy. When potential buyers view your property, they want to feel welcome and they want to know their future home stays warm during winter. A warm property gives them more reason to look around for longer too. Would you want to go back into the cold after being in a nice warm house? Selling your home this winter means keeping your home warm. Fluffy socks in front of fire place  

    Make The Front Of Your Property Well Lit

    If you have a viewing booked in, make sure your security light is working and add lighting on the path to your home. Viewers will be able to see the outside of your home better and it makes your property more inviting. Inside your home, ensure that all lightbulbs are working and your blinds or curtains are open to let any natural light in.

    Decorate Your Home

    You don’t have to redecorate, but dress your home to show it off at its best. Throw cosy blankets on the sofa and plump up the cushions in your living room. Line up matching bath products in the bathroom, and set the table for dinner. The smallest touches can make a huge difference.

    Clean Everything

    This goes without saying but ensure your home is as clean as possible before a viewing. Bleach the grout in the bathroom, close the toilet lid, clean the windows and mirrors, empty any bins, and dust daily to keep your home at its best.

    Scent Your Home With Fragrance

    This could be through fresh flowers, scented candles or a reed diffuser. Making your home smell nice is a must in winter. It’s not practical to open your windows as it’s cold, so a fresh scent through your home gives your viewers a positive impression from the moment they walk in. If you’re looking to sell your home this winter, Parklane Properties can help. Come into our Leeds City Centre office or contact one of our agents on 0113 237 0000.
  • Searching for the right place to live can be daunting whether you are renting in Leeds or buying. With so many estate agents and properties on the market it’s difficult to know where to start - that’s why so many professionals choose Parklane Properties to help them find the perfect place. Selling your home can also be stressful and complicated. We make this process as simple as possible and here are 3 reasons to choose Parklane Properties…

    40 Years’ Experience In The Leeds Property Market

    We’ve been looking after property in Leeds for 40 years so you could say we’re experts. With this in mind it makes sense to have the help of our agents who know the city and surrounding areas inside out. Our agents are dedicated to finding you the perfect property, specialising in professional property lettings and sales.

    No Tenants Fees

    Parklane Properties are proud to be the only agent in Leeds to not charge professionals any tenant administration fees. We know moving can be expensive so we are offering a helping hand ahead of legislation by scrapping our fees. We are saving you £100’s, so why not have a look at what properties we have available if you're going to be renting in Leeds.

    No Sale, No Fee

    That’s right! – no sale, no fee. If we don’t sell your home, you don’t pay a fee. We can’t say fairer than that. We will also obtain an EPC for you free of charge. At Parklane Properties we appreciate selling your property can become expensive and every penny counts. We are here to help you look after those pennies as much as possible. Are you looking for a professional property to rent in Leeds? Maybe you are looking for a place to buy in the city centre or surrounding areas? Whatever kind of help you need, Parklane Properties are here for you. Come into our city centre branch today or give us a call to chat with one of our friendly agents on 0113 2370000. 
  • You might have recently read in the news that interest rates are rising. A few weeks ago, the Bank of England raised the base rate from 0.25% to 0.5%. This means the historically low 0.25% is no more. But, what does this mean for mortgages and house prices in the UK? Well, whether you’re renting in Leeds, looking to remortgage, or you’re looking at houses for sale, hopefully our information will break down the facts you need to know about the rise in UK interest rates.

    Will The UK Interest Rates Affect House Prices?

    House prices being affected by the UK interest rates could be a concern for you if you’re selling your house or looking at houses for sale. However, house prices are likely to be unaffected by the rise in interest rates. UK house prices have remained stable throughout the EU vote and the general election so they’ll more than likely remain steady now.  

    How Will The Interest Rate Rise Affect Mortgages?

    The answer to this question all depends on what kind of mortgage you have. In this section, we’ll go through what we know according to the kind of mortgage you have. It’s worth noting if your mortgage increases, it's likely to be around £200 per year/ per £100,000 you owe. While this means more cash will be going out of your bank account, per month it will be manageable. So you shouldn’t have to tighten your purse strings too much.  

    Fixed Rate Mortgage

    If you’re on a fixed rate mortgage, you don’t need to worry about the rise in UK interest rates rising. If you’re already on this type of mortgage, you’ll be protected from any rise in interest rates. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that if interest rates fall, you’ll be paying more than you need to. The rise in UK interest rates will only affect those going into a fixed rate mortgage in the near future. Banks may increase the rates on these, so those good deals that have been around for years might not be so frequent.  

    Standard Variable Rate Mortgage

    These mortgages will more than likely be directly affected by the interest rate rise. You’ll find that your lender will more than likely increase the interest rate on your mortgage in line with the figure set by the Bank of England. As lenders are free to make their own decision on this though, you may find that your lender doesn’t change anything. You may also find they use it as an opportunity to increase your mortgage interest rate slightly more. Always check with your provider to see what they’ve done and how it will affect your monthly outgoings.  

    Tracker Mortgage

    A tracker mortgage means you will definitely be directly affected by the rise in interest rates. As the name suggests, they track interest rates meaning that when they’re low, you pay less. However, when they interest rates are high, your outgoings can increase dramatically. With the base rate of 0.5% set by the bank and a potential “pay rate” of 1.5%, your mortgage rate will increase to 2%. Sometimes tracker mortgages are only for a set time. So if you’re on one of these, your mortgage might have reverted back to a standard variable rate mortgage.  

    Will The Base Rate Affect Me If I’m Renting?

    If you’re renting in Leeds or you’re the landlord of Leeds accommodation, you might wonder how this situation will affect you. Well, if you’re renting, your landlord might potentially increase your rent to counteract any mortgage increases. We hope this answers any questions you might have about the increase in interest rates announced in early November. If you're looking to sell your house, you can do a free valuation on the Parklane Properties website. Please let us know if you need any more advice by coming into Parklane Properties in Leeds or by getting in touch on Twitter!
  • Unfortunately, the below offer is no longer available. Please contact our Leeds City Centre office on 0113 237 0000 or visit us in store to discuss the sale of your property. Think you’ve missed out? Due to popular demand we have now extended our fixed fee offer until the end of the year. If you’re thinking of selling your house soon, we know that it can be a stressful time. There are so many things to think about: Choosing the right location, the type of property you want and then packing all you belongings… To make things a little easier for you, we’re getting into the festive spirit by extending our £1199 (including VAT) fixed fee offer throughout winter! Contact us today to find out more or read on for more information...


    That’s right, you won’t pay the potential thousands of pounds in commission when you sell your home, all you will pay is the set fee of £1199 (including VAT). This low fee doesn’t mean you receive less of a service. With Parklane Properties, you get all the following benefits included in your fee: Free market appraisal, accompanied viewings, photos and full colour floor plans to create a personalised marketing brochure for your property, free EPC, free instant online valuation and online marketing within 24 hours, including Zoopla and Rightmove. There’s also the added bonus of Parklane Properties’ walk-in office in Leeds City Centre. With 40 years of experience in the property industry, we are here to give you a complete high street service and better value for your money than an online agent. Fixed fee sales chart with benefits on high street estate agent Don’t miss out on our money saving offer this winter and take advantage of our £1199 (including VAT) sales fee. Contact us on 0113 237 0000 for your free market appraisal or obtain your free online valuation today. We look forward to speaking with you! T&Cs: Parklane reserve the right to remove/change this promotion at any time without notice. This offer is only available for instructions between 16th October and 31st December 2017. *The sales fee is £1199 including VAT.
  • Leeds residents are already lucky enough to live in a thriving city that offers something for young professionals, families and couples. We know we're lucky to be working in Leeds accommodation at Parklane Properties. But, it’s the future that looks bright for Leeds residents with some amazing developments in the pipeline that aim to regenerate forgotten parts of the city centre. So whether you’re looking for flats to rent in Leeds, or you live in Leeds accommodation already, Leeds is definitely looking like the place to be right now and in the future.

    What’s Planned In Leeds?

    Development Of The Southbank

    It’s been a long time coming but the redevelopment of Leeds’ Southbank area is on its way! This development aims to transform the land into a vibrant and multi-purpose public space that makes more use of the waterways in Leeds. The Southbank redevelopment will also be home to Leeds’ tallest building. It doesn’t have a name yet, but this building will be 136.5 metres high and will be 40 storey residential building that will contribute to Leeds accommodation portfolio. Bridgewater place in Leeds

    Leeds’ Version of NYC’s Highline

    In recent years, NYC's Highline – an old railway track converted into a public art space and walk-way – has become one of the city’s main tourist hotspots. Leeds aims to do the same by transforming a viaduct opposite City Island into a green space where people can stroll and take in the skyline of Leeds’ city centre. This is another part of the Southbank regeneration project where more Leeds housing will be developed, giving life to this presently quiet part of the city. New York's Highline

    A New and Improved Tetley’s Site

    With 850 new homes in Leeds and a 5-acre park, the revamped Tetley’s site is going to be hot property when it’s redeveloped. This site will make the historic Tetley’s building its centre-piece and will create affordable Leeds housing, new office space and a new leisure space on Leeds’ waterfront where residents and office workers can relax and spend their spare time.  

    Hunslet Mills and Victoria Works

    A long abandoned, derelict site is going to be given new life in the form of 699 apartments that will become a key part of developing Leeds housing near the city centre. With connectivity between Hunslet and the city centre due to be improved as part of the project, this will become a much coveted spot for flats to rent in Leeds and brand new, well-located Leeds housing.  

    Big Plans for Leeds Train Station

    With big plans for Southbank, and with rumours of HS2 making its way to Leeds, Leeds Train Station is going to get a well-due overhaul. Not only are the council wanting to improve how people get to the station from Leeds Dock and Temple Works – a specified walking route is being talked about – but New Station Street may also be pedestrianised. This will make the station integrate well with the new HS2 hub but it will create a welcoming atmosphere to the city too. And who doesn’t want that when living in the city or looking for Leeds accommodation? Do you live in Leeds? What do you think of all the new developments coming to the city? Let us know over on Twitter!
  • Christmas is such a fun and joyous time of year. Festive lights are strung throughout the house and gifts are thoughtfully being bought for family and friends. However, Christmas can easily turn into a time you’d rather forget if you don’t take home security seriously. The amount of home insurance claims rocket in January due to burglaries or fires in the home in December and, to make sure you’re not one of those people, here are some home security tips you can’t afford to ignore this Christmas.  

    Make Your Home Appear Lived In

    If you’re going away for an extended amount of time, things like newspaper and milk deliveries can easily give away the fact that you’re not at home. Take time before you go away to make sure that you’ve cancelled or postponed any deliveries and you’ve kindly asked a neighbour or family member if they can put your bins out on collection day. There might not be any rubbish in the bins but it gives the illusion that you’re around. Simple things like putting a timer on your lights can also deter potential opportunists from breaking in. family at christmas decorating home

    Don’t Mention You’re Away On Social Media

    Not only does this give a clear signal to people that you’re away over Christmas but it could also invalidate your home insurance. Simple things like checking in on Facebook, posting a photo on Instagram or getting tagged in a status could potentially cause a lot of hassle. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t brag about your Christmas break on social media but just be aware of how obvious it makes it to other people that you’re not at home.  

    Check The Validity Of Your Home and Contents Insurance

    It’s always worth checking if your home insurance and contents insurance covers you for the length of time you’re going to be away for. If you’re away for a month, it could potentially make your home insurance invalid. Some insurers can increase cover for a certain period at no extra cost so that’s definitely worth checking out.  

    Keep Your Windows And Doors Secure

    Are you sure you’ve got all the keys for your property? If you don’t know, it could be worth double checking or changing the locks on the doors for the sake of your home security. Windows, including the ones right at the top of your house, have to be closed and locked if possible as these are easy entry points for anyone looking to get into your home.  

    Make The Front Of Your Home Well Lit

    No one who wants to get caught would try breaking into a house with a well-lit front. Install security lights that react to movement so they come on when someone passes by. Yes, the security light might react to a cat during the night but at least you know it’s working and will act as a deterrent for anyone that may have an eye on your Christmas presents. well lit front of home

    Keep Christmas Presents Out Of Sight

    It’s normal to want to put Christmas presents under the tree, it can make your home look extra festive and it gets everyone excited for the big day. However, those gifts could end up being easy pickings for anyone that fancies their chances at a free Christmas. And, because contents insurance might not cover things like Christmas presents, make sure you’re not flashing your hard-earned gifts to any unwanted visitors.  

    Check Your Alarm Is Working

    We never think it could happen to us but a burglary or fire could happen to anyone so it’s definitely worth checking to see if your home alarm and fire alarm is working. Not only is there a higher risk of a break in at Christmas but there’s also a higher risk of a fire as well with all the extra Christmas lights in your home. Having home alarms that work will also help if you do need to claim on your home insurance and, not to put a big black cloud over everyone, but your home alarm could potentially save your life.  

    Get CCTV Systems Installed

    You might think this is a little extreme but having a CCTV system installed in your home could help hugely if you’ve been burgled. It’ll help identify anyone around your property and for a bit of Christmas fun, young family members might love to keep an eye out for Santa on Christmas Eve… Do you have any more tips on how to keep your home secure this Christmas?
  • Unfortunately, the below offer is no longer available. Please contact our Leeds City Centre office on 0113 237 0000 or visit us in store to discuss the sale of your property. Contact us about our 4 week flash sale or get your free online valuation today! Are you selling your house soon? If you are, we know how much of a stressful situation it can be. There are so many things to think about. Moving all your belongings, the location, the type of house, the expense… There’s one big thing we want to help you out with though and that’s the sales fee. For 4 weeks only, Parklane Properties are having a flash sale. We’re offering a fixed sales fee of only £999 for 4 weeks throughout October and November! That’s right, you won’t pay thousands in commission when you sell your house, you’ll just pay the set fee of £999 no matter the value of your home. This lower fee doesn’t mean you get less of a service though. In fact, you’re still getting more than if you were to go with leading online agents.

    With Parklane Properties, you get all the following benefits as well as the fixed sales fee!

    A chart of what's included with a high street property agent You get accompanied viewings, and EPC rating, full colour floor plans, photos and property brochure and a free online valuation. There’s also the added bonus of Parklane Properties having a walk-in office in Leeds city centre, over 35 years’ experience in the property marketing, and we get your house on the market within 24 hours. It’s such a good value deal so why not let us help you sell your property in the best way possible? When we do sell your house, it’s only a £999 fee so you know where you stand no matter what price your property sells for! If we can help, let us know today and we look forward to speaking with you! Alternatively, find out how much your home is valued at using our free and instant valuation tool! T&Cs: Parklane reserve the right to remove/change this promotion at any time without notice. This offer is only available for instructions between 16th October and 12th November 2017. *The sales fee is £999 + VAT.
  • When you move into a new place, things can feel like they’re in limbo for a while. Everything is in boxes, the rooms of your house aren’t quite as you would like them and your home routine has been completely put out of sync. But, with years of property moving experience, we’ve picked up a few tips that can make your new house feel like a home in an instant. Get ready to settle in to your new house, because it won’t take too long for it to feel like a home you’ve lived in forever.

    Clean The House

    The last owners might have left the house in a tidy state, they might not. Either way, it’s always a good idea to give it a deep clean so that you can feel like you’ve got a clear space to unpack your own stuff in. Plus, it makes the house smell more like you as well which will instantly give you the feel of “this is my home”.

    Make Your Bed

    After a day of unpacking boxes, you’re more than likely going to be pretty tired. With that in mind, make your bed one of the first places you organise. Grab your fresh sheets, cosy cushions and blankets, make your bed and get ready to sink into the first place that will feel like home after a long day. cream and brown bedding in new home

    Put Some Table Lamps Out

    There’s no easier way to make a room feel homely than by putting out a few tables lamps to soften the light. Overhead lights can often be quite bright and garish but even one or two smaller lights in the bedroom or living room can instantly make a huge difference to getting you settled in.

    Play Some Music

    Even if it’s just from a little speaker on your phone, get some good music on that creates a happy space for moving. Not only will it make your house feel more like a home but get the right playlist on and it’ll motivate you to unpack those boxes while you’re dancing around the house.

    Get Some Food In

    It’s quite common to get in a takeaway on the first night of moving into your new home – after all, who really wants to cook a meal after a long day of moving? But, stock up on a few of your favourite essentials and not only will you have a happy fridge, you’ll be happier knowing the food you love is just in the cupboard ready to be devoured. food cupboard full of jars

    Arrange A Housewarming

    Arranging a housewarming for a few weeks after moving in will give you something to look forward to after all the hard work of unpacking. Having your nearest and dearest in your  new place will well and truly make the house feel like it’s your home and it’ll be one of the first happy memories you create in your new four walls. friends enjoying a housewarming party at new home

    Hang Artwork On The Walls

    You might have collected certain prints or paintings which hold special memories for you. Maybe you have a set of pictures that will go really well in one room? The minute you hang these on the walls, it’ll bring the whole room together. If you can’t hang them straight away, just prop them against the wall so you can enjoy them every day.

    Make At Least One Room Cosy

    Whether it’s your living room, your bedroom, or your bathroom, get one room finished and ready to go as soon as you can. Get those photo frames out, throw blankets over the sofa, get the TV plugged in and aim to have one room as the space to chill out and relax while you finish the rest of the house. cosy living room with cushions and throws

    Light Some Candles

    Candles can really add the finishing touches to a room. Pick the ones with your favourite scents and the house will immediately feel like it’s yours. Do you have any more tips on how to make your new house feel like a home? Hopefully some of these will help when you move!
  • Are you thinking about selling your house online? If you are, you're probably a little overwhelmed with how much there is to do and how much moving house can cost. There's no doubt it can be a bit of a stressful and potentially expensive affair. However, at Parklane Properties, we know how to make selling your house a little less stressful. We also want to save you money and to do that, we're explaining today why selling your house online isn’t always a good idea and why using a high street agent is the way forward…

    We Beat Any High Street Quote

    At Parklane Properties, we want you to have the best experience possible while selling your house. That’s why we want to give you the best value too. With that in mind, we can save you money on your fee by beating any high street quote you’ve been given. We’ll make sure you pay the lowest fee so that you can put some of your hard-earned cash towards some new furniture or a celebratory meal when we have a buyer for your house!

    We Have 40 Years' Experience In The Leeds Property Market

    If you’re selling your Leeds home, we’re the people to be able to do that for you. We know this city like the back of our hand so we can find the people that want a house just like yours. We’ll also be able to help you find your perfect home depending on what criteria you have for your new abode. Online agents might not have this knowledge of the area and therefore might not be able to get the right viewers through yourthe door as quickly as we can. The Adelphi pub in Leeds City Centre

    No Sale, No Fee

    Unlike some high street and online agents, if we can’t sell your house, we won’t charge you a fee. There’s no point giving your hard earned cash away for nothing.

    Your House Is On The Market Within 24 Hours

    We don’t delay getting your house on the market when you want to sell. Within 24 hours, we guarantee your house will be in front of eager buyers looking for a property like yours. Unfortunately, online agents can’t make this guarantee so it could be a week before your house is on the market! No one wants that kind of delay when it comes to selling your house.

    The Full Photo, Floor Plan And Property Package

    We want to show off your house in the best way possible to get your house sold as quickly as possible. When you sell through Parklane Properties, we’ll include a full-colour floor plan so that prospective buyers can really get a feel of the property. There will also be a selection of photos and a property brochure so that we can entice as many people as possible to come and view the property.

    Walk-In Office

    No one wants to be sat on hold for hours and hours. That’s why our walk-in office in Leeds City Centre is super convenient for anyone selling their house in Leeds. You can come in, meet the agent who's selling your house face-to-face, and ask as many questions as you need to. You’ll also get a real person’s knowledge of the property market while you go through the house selling process. Leeds Dock at dusk

    Accompanied Viewings

    Not only will we take people on an accompanied viewing of your house but, because we’ve got that face-to-face relationship with you, we’ll know the property inside out so we can sell it to its full potential. This means your property is in the best hands so it can be on and off the market as quickly as possible.

    EPC Rating

    When someone is buying a house, they want to know roughly how energy efficient it’s going to be throughout the year. An EPC rating gives a good indication of how well the house retains heat and how much it will cost to run. No one wants to be stung with an expensive energy bill so by providing EPC ratings to potential new owners it means they have as much information as possible when buying.

    Free Valuation

    Yes, free! You can find out a property value estimate by filling out a simple form and it doesn’t cost you a penny! Of course, we can come out to give you a more accurate price but at least if you’re just curious you can find out the value of your house within a matter of minutes! How have you sold your house in the past? Here's your free instant online valuation form so you can get the value of your property in an instant!
  • If you’re something of a fashionista and like to rock and original look that no one else is sporting, then there are plenty of fine independents selling vintage clobber, handbags and accessories in Leeds. Whether you’re male, female, rich or broke, there’s a store in Leeds stocking an outfit with your name all over it.

    Alice Found Treasure

    If you want the bespoke experience without the usual high price tag that goes with it, then Alice Found Treasure may just be your perfect cup of tea. Each vintage item is handpicked and unique, so you know you’ll not see anyone else wearing your item. Visit the boutique in The Corn Exchange or shop online in her ASOS Marketplace store.

    Lambert’s Yard

    Doubling up as a concept store and special event space, the stunning interior of Lambert’s Yard houses some of the finest threads for male and female fashion followers. The carefully curated collection showcases some of the finest emerging talent in the world of design, offering visitors the chance to pick up items you won’t find elsewhere in Yorkshire.

    Little Pink Wardrobe

    The sister company to the Little Pink Jewellery Store, this wonderful store sells beautiful handmade dresses, lace and vintage prints that allow you to stand out from the crowd without going bankrupt. Stock changes here constantly to reflect the latest trends so you can always seek out something new each time you visit. Also situated in The Corn Exchange, the Little Pink Wardrobe is available online too.

    Lisa Jayne Dann

    Heralded as ‘the Queen of Leeds independent fashion’, Lisa Jayne Dann has been providing   boutiques with her stunning designs for several years and has amassed a cult, celebrity following. You can pick up her fabulous coats, capes, jackets and playsuits online here.


    Fashion savvy males have been flocking to Chimp for over twenty years now, seeking out choice picks from the likes of Raised by Wolves, Dickies and Billionaire Boys Club. Whilst it’s not cheap, you will find some of the finest jeans, trainers, hoodies and snapback caps to ensure you remain one step ahead. Swing into their shop in Thornton’s Arcade or head over to their extensive online store.

    The Hip Store

    Another great place for men who like to channel the dapper Dan look is The Hip Store in Trinity. From bold and beautiful leather boots to designer jeans and knitwear, Hip stock over a hundred different brands meaning there’s something to suit all tastes and wallets. You can also peruse their extensive collection online here.
  • Putting your unique stamp on your student digs is the best way to make it the home from home it should be. But, if your bank balance is decidedly more Kerry Katona than Kim Kardashian, then you may feel as though your options are somewhat limited. However, Leeds is packed with a variety of different stores that allow you to give your pad a pop of personality and colour. Here’s our pick of the best places in Leeds to pimp your pad that won’t leave you out of pocket.

    Retro Boutique

    If you’re something of an old soul with a preference for things from days gone by, then you might want to seek out Retro Boutique on Hyde Park Corner. This nifty little vintage store is packed with one-off items you simply won’t find anywhere else. Stunning copper floor lamps, 1970’s dinner table sets, vintage typewriters and beautiful old-school vases are just some of the gems you can expect to find in this Aladdin’s cave, allowing you to give your room a retro twist that will get your guests talking.
    Address: 8-10 Headingley Ln, Leeds LS6 2AS, UK

    On the Wall

    Posters provide an inexpensive way to splash a bit of character into your home and On the Wall have got the most varied selection you’ll find in Leeds. As well as posters for the latest films and bands, they stock a huge selection of prints for classics such as Alice in Wonderland, Jaws and Akira, often using alternative artwork to great effect. The store also carries a wide selection of prints by Australian artist Loui Jover, whose vintage-styled prints have adorned the walls of numerous galleries around the globe. On the Wall offer a vinyl framing service too, so you can easily turn your favourite long-player into a work of art.
    Address: 12 Boar Ln, Leeds LS1 6EN, UK

    Colours May Vary

    If your studying art, design, or anything creative for that matter, then you must seek out Colours May Vary. The online store provides a delivery service to the really rather good Laynes Espresso on New Station Street, and they stock a small but carefully selected range of beautiful items. From eye-catching prints to artsy magazines, and handy travel guides, everything they sell has been chosen for its artistic merit and is sourced from a mixture of established and up-and-coming artists and producers. Take a peek through their online store here.
    Address: Munro House, Duke St, Leeds LS9 8AG, UK

    Fabrication Crafts

    Fabrication opened up as a social enterprise in order to showcase local talent in the world of arts and crafts, and the store itself has some stunning items that can brighten up any home. With items on sale from over 70 different artists, there really is something for everyone, with incredible homeware, art prints and even clothing available. Check out their blog for the latest stock and seller round-up, or drop into their store in The Light. Address: Unit A20, The Light, The Headrow, Leeds LS1 8TL, UK Phone: +44 113 243 9140

    B&M Fabrics

    A family run business for close to 50 years, B&M Fabrics is popular with students looking to purchase fabric to make their own bespoke items, whether that be a set of cushions or a fancy dress costume. And, if you’re not too handy with a pair of scissors and a sewing kit yourself, they will put together your desired item at a very reasonable price and have produced everything from wedding dresses to rag dolls for their numerous clients over the years. Address: Leeds Kirkgate Market, 36-39 Kirkgate, Leeds LS2 7JG, UK Phone: +44 113 244 1624

    We’ve only gone and done it, we’ve put the big freeze on our fees! Not only have we frozen solid our Sales fees at just above zero at 0.99%, our Rental Management fees are frozen as low as 8%. One of the ways we’re giving you more bang for your buck this winter - brrrr-illiant!  

    Please fill out the below form and a member of our dedicated property team will be in touch. Alternatively, you can call 0113 237 0000

  • With rising gym membership prices and summer edging ever closer, students are left searching for alternative ways to keep fit without spending too much cash. Here are just a few ways to get your health fix and have money to spare, without being tied into an expensive gym contract…

    Outdoor Activities

    Basketball game in action The weather may not always be pleasant, but the outdoors offers a bundle of opportunity for students to exercise for free whilst taking a break from studies. Whether you prefer jogging or playing sports, there are plenty of inner-city destinations available at any time of the day for free. University facilities like tennis and basketball courts can often be accessed for a small charge, if not none being a student. Some local parks also offer free fitness classes and boot camp sessions, so try searching online for your closest scheme!

    University Societies & Sports Team

    Rugby game in action Most universities have a society for relatively every sport you can think of, so there is no excuse for not getting involved. You can even start your own society with the help of the Students Union. Looking for something a little more competitive? University sports teams are a great way to stay fit and socialise for low costs. These allow you to either train and compete weekly using university facilities, or attend social sessions to play your favourite sports.

    Fitness Videos

    Girl watching fitness videos If you are fed up of awkward encounters with gym buffs, why not work out from the comfort of your own home with fitness DVD's or videos? A range of fitness DVD's can be found online for as little as a fiver. They might be cheap and cheerful, but they're a great way to stay in shape without breaking the bank. If you want to go even cheaper, online websites offering fitness tips and workout tutorials are easily accessible on YouTube and other video sites such as Fitness Blender.

    Gym Membership Deals

    Girl using gym equipment In the lead up to summer, many gyms and fitness centres will offer reduced-price memberships to target finishing students. University gyms are a good place to start, as they are usually situated near the campus. Other promotions include ‘refer a friend’ schemes, allowing you to work out together and enjoy benefits like free fitness classes. Many fitness centres also offer swimming pool deals at a student discount. A great way to work your cardiovascular system, a short swim can do a lot for your physical and mental health.

    Workout Apps

    Runner looking at her fitness app The App Store is filled with a host of free applications, from 30-day squat challenges to virtual personal training software.  These apps allow you to work out from home, but also offer the flexibility of fitting around your schedule. With many proposing short workout routines to cater for beginner to advanced levels, there is no shying away from using the apps to keep fit. To get even more value from these applications, try incorporating their productivity measures into your jogging routine or outdoor sports. Click here to view a selection of the top fitness apps you can download.
  • There’s no shortage of Halloween events in Leeds this year. If you’re still undecided about which one(s) to get involved in, here’s our guide to anything and everything you need to know before heading out this weekend:

    Where is the best fancy dress shop in Leeds?

    Given that Headingley is Student Central in Leeds, fancy dress retailers tend to be drawn to that area. You’ll find Dress Up and Party on North Lane and Dr Jekyll’s Fancy Dress in a converted garage on Headingley Lane. To the east of the city, you’ve got plenty of choice at Sandroy Fancy Dress on Crossgates Road.

    What big events are on this Halloween?

    Armley Mills is hosting a rather spook-tacular-looking Ghost Hunt on Friday 28th October. You can experience everything from the paranormal to the downright abnormal in the human pendulum they’ll have on show at the oldest mill in the country. Mission, one of the best clubs in Leeds, knows how to do Halloween in style. This Saturday, it’s hosting Inzombifest, which is a fancy dress house music festival involving a total of 10 DJs. Also on Saturday night, there will be a similar DJ-infested event on at the home of Leeds United: A Nightmare on Elland Road.

    What kinds of gigs are on at Halloween?

    Aside from the DJ sets, there is plenty of live music on in Leeds this weekend. The world-renowned Australian Pink Floyd will rock it out at the First Direct Arena, while Corinne Bailey Rae will be at the Town Hall on Friday night. On Saturday night, the endlessly entertaining Lancashire Hotpots will be warming the cockles of revellers at the Brudenell Social Club as the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra will be giving everyone chills at the Town Hall. On Sunday, Tony Christie of ‘Is this the way to Amarillo?’ fame will be lighting up the night at City Varieties.

    Are there any zombie runs in Leeds this weekend?

    One of the greatest nightmare-inducing things going on in Leeds this weekend is Infection: Zombie Survival at Thackray Medical Museum. Hosted in an old hospital, it challenges participants to escape an outbreak by finding its cure before getting caught and infected by the zombies roaming the corridors… Needless to say, you have to be over 18 to participate in this scare-fest.

    What shows are on this Halloween?

    In perfect timing for the scariest weekend of the year, you’ll be able to catch one of the darkest plays in the land in The Woman in Black at West Yorkshire Playhouse on Saturday night. To continue the Halloween theme into the next week, since the day itself falls on a Monday this year, you can get musical at the first show of the season of The Rocky Horror Show at the Grand Theatre on Monday night.

    What’s on at the cinema this Halloween?

    If you’re looking for the perfect scary treat for the kids this weekend, take them to see Hotel Transylvania at Hyde Park Picture House on Saturday lunchtime. What better place to spend Halloween than a century-old gas-lit cinema?!
  • Bonfire Night isn’t just about bonfires and fireworks. It’s as much about getting toasty in a good, cosy pub after the festivities as it is marvelling at them in the early evening cold. If you’re looking to make a night of it, given that the night itself falls smack-bang on a weekend this year, here’s your guide to the pubs around which you can make your plans:

    The Mustard Pot

    Whilst most council fireworks displays will be held on Friday 4th November this year, The Mustard Pot is making a bigger night of it by starting its celebrations at 4pm on the Saturday. There will be bonfire-themed homemade dishes like chilli on the menu and a great selection of drinks, as is to be expected from Chapel Allerton’s biggest and best bar.

    The Chemic Tavern

    Voted the best pub in Leeds two years ago, The Chemic Tavern is the stuff of Leeds legend – and its yearly Bonfire Night celebrations are part of the reason for that. It’s in Woodhouse, which means it’s near the big fireworks display at Woodhouse Moor and, therefore, perfectly placed for an after-display drink. Be sure to bring your wellingtons if it’s wet…Woodhouse Moor gets rather muddy, but the cold will quickly vanish from your bones once you’re enjoying a drink in one of the most authentic pubs in Leeds.

    The Roundhay Fox

    The biggest Bonfire Night event in Leeds every year (without fail) is the council-run event at Roundhay Park. There’s no denying that the super-huge bonfire and the choreographed fireworks display are together the most impressive thing you’ll see all weekend. A visit to the nearby Roundhay Fox will be the most comforting thing you’ll do all weekend, too. Its big fire, cosy chairs and delicious drinks will warm your cockles in no time at all – and the food is superb, too.

    Brudenell Social Club

    If you’re planning to watch the fireworks at Woodhouse Moor, but you want to combine it with a night out that weekend, an evening in the Brude isn’t a bad shout. There are gigs on both Friday and Saturday night. The 4th sees an indie acoustic night with Lucy Dacus and guest support, while the 5th welcomes Canadian post-punk outfit Preoccupations, along with a total of four support acts, so you’re spoilt for choice.

    The Garden Gate

    The displays aren’t just restricted to the city this Bonfire Night. There’s a great event planned on the Saturday night at The Hunslet Club in Hunslet, which means that a trip to The Garden Gate is on the cards for all you beer lovers out there. It’s widely regarded as one of the most beautiful boozers in Leeds, so Bonfire Night is a perfect excuse to pay it a visit.
  • With the increasing cost of essential student accommodation bills such as gas, water and electric, it is easy to rack up large account sums during the winter due to careless uses of energy. Constantly turning the central heating levels up or forgetting to switch appliances off are the most common causes of expensive bills, but there are many strategies students can take to be smart and use energy efficiently during the cold season. Here are a few tips to help save on those all-important pennies, but stay comfortable and live a healthy lifestyle during the winter months at university…


    Many students believe that they are unable to switch from the energy provider that their landlord supplies them, or are fooled into thinking that the cheapest deal has been set up for their accommodation. By simply conducting research via comparison sites, or even speaking directly to your own tariff provider to bargain a better energy deal, students can cut their bill costs by large sums. Pre-payment meters are also an effective strategy in money-saving, if they are set up on a cheap deal with a supplier. Although they do not enable direct debit payments, they can save cash in the long term.

    Switching Off

    Perhaps the most simple cause of high energy bills, leaving appliances on standby or plugged in still remains to be a common bad-habit with students – losing them money on utilities and light bulbs! Electric heaters, blankets and fan radiators can also become a problem in keeping your costs down, as they ironically burn through household energy at an extortionate rate without pumping out huge amounts of heat. Try turning your thermostat down a few notches, we doubt you’ll feel the difference! And if you’re cold-blooded and need sweltering central heating, then try adjusting the radiator settings around your flat to your preference.

    Smart Usage

    Does that one shirt need to be washed separately? Or could you wait until your washing basket is full to put on a load? Smart appliance usage is an effective method in saving on energy bills as a student, without having to do a great deal. Washing clothes on a maximum load is just one of many ways you can do this…
    1.       Sticking with clothing, if you’re not desperate to iron items then why not leave them on hangers to get rid of those creases…
    2.      In the kitchen, cooking as a team with a few of your flatmates saves on the usage of electric appliances like your oven and microwave…
    3.      Switch to your mobile data! If you have limited Wi-Fi access, make the most of your mobile devices’ usage to get value for money from both your mobile and energy tariffs…

    Layering up

    This doesn’t mean turning the heating off and wrapping yourself in a thick blanket, but simply wearing jumpers around the house rather than a t-shirt or shorts. You can also set heating timers around your study schedule, meaning if nobody is lounging in the accommodation during the daytime, heating can be utilised in the morning and evening to keep you comfortable. Touching on a previous point, further research to ensure a cheaper tariff can also save money to help heat your accommodation more regularly.
  • With the clocks having moved back on October 27th you might have been thankful for your extra hour in bed. However, now that the weekend is over, and you’re heading in to university this week, you’ll soon be cursing the dark afternoons as you walk back from lectures through the streets to your student home. With dark nights drawing in, and the coldness settling in for the winter, we give you our best tips on staying safe through the gloomy weathered months of the year.

    Safety in numbers

    No one wants to trek home alone in the dark. If you’re walking back home from university or heading to a friend’s house for an evening, try to avoid long walks alone. If you’re leaving a lecture, make sure you get into a group of course-mates that are heading in the same direction as you. If you’re going to see a friend, and they know one of your house-mates, bring them with you – safety in numbers is key when it comes to walking in the dark.

    Don’t stray from the beaten path

    If you absolutely need to take a walk out alone on an evening, try not to stray too far from the beaten path. Leeds is a bustling city centre, and if you stick to main pedestrian areas, there is nothing wrong with a stroll alone. If you’re heading further afield and into Headingley or surrounding areas, try and stay on main road routes, where the traffic will be frequent.

    Listen out

    We all love listening to music to minimise the boredom of a walk, but if you have to go on a long walk alone, you need to at least be aware of your surroundings. Try to keep yourself alert at all times and keep your music for when you’re safely on populated transport.

    Don’t flash your wealth

    If you feel like you’ve stumbled into an area that you feel vulnerable in, make sure you keep all your belongings and personal items hidden from view. You might think it’s urgent to text your friend back while you walk, but not only does that distract your attention, it also draws attention to you. Flashy mobiles, expensive headphones and other costly items are all great luxuries to have, but they’re also drawing attention to you. If you want to keep them for the foreseeable future, make sure they’re hidden from view whilst you’re out on your own.

    Keep in touch with someone

    We aren’t saying to stay in touch with someone constantly whilst walking, as that contradicts the point above. Instead, all we recommend is to let someone know when you’re setting off, and then get back in touch again when you’ve arrived. By having someone else aware of your route and timings for setting off, they should know something is wrong if you fail to contact them as they would expect. It’s always a good idea to have someone else know of your plans, just to be safe. There are many different ways to stay safe through the winter, with the dark nights, so for further information, local police authorities are always on hand to provide extra information on staying safe.
  • Halloween is the perfect time to sort out your fancy dress and get your favourite costume on. Whether you love the old favourites like witches and fairytale characters or you’re trying to be creative with a more adult Halloween costume – here are some cheap and easy ideas to inspire you for Halloween festivities this year. Girl favourites A quirky favourite for many girls is the Amazing Party Company’s seven deadly sins collection – whether you fancy yourself as Greed, Gluttony, Lust or Pride – pair it with a pale face, a big wig and you’ll look horrific (in a good, Halloween way). If you prefer something more traditional, how about transforming yourself into a rag doll? Costumecraze.com offers a range of costumes, accessories and wigs for all colour themes. You just need some eerily perfect make-up and you’re all set. Lads Film and TV For the boys, classic film and TV characters often turn out to be strong favourites. Batman’s The Joker always manages to make people run a mile, or if you’re after something more current, and want to look good rather than scary, grab your best boots, plaid shirt and cowboy hat and head to into Django Unchained territory. Cult films always make for a great costume, and the latest offering from Tarantino provides a range of characters that make for great costume ideas. If you’re not really into the blood and gore of a costume, and prefer a more topical approach, why not put together a simple Walter White costume. Cult TV show Breaking Bad’s popularity has sky rocketed over the last two years of its run, so if you opt to go as your favourite character, expect to see plenty more Jesse’s and Heisenberg’s out with you. There are plenty of alternatives out there, and with online shopping, you don’t even need to traipse around shops to get your perfect costume sorted. New favourites A few new ideas we’ve seen this year are; possessed child (looking like you’ve just dropped straight out of the exorcist,)Bad Hatter (I’m sure you can guess the fairytale equivalent) and Roadkill (at least you’d be warm – it is October) but there’s nothing wrong with the old favourites. If you’re aiming for old-school horror, megafancydress.co.uk has a great range of devils, skeletons, zombies and vampire outfits to suit everyone. If you’d rather shop in Leeds than shop online, Amazing Party Company Ltd is located on Albion Street and has a great range of both costumes and accessories. Its finishing touches range offers fangs, makeup and scars makes your costume that bit more authentic. With fancy dress, you literally have hundreds of options at your fingertips, from complete costume sets, to DIY self assembly of regular clothes. Let us know your favourite characters and how you put together your outfit.  
  • With the ever growing popularity of tablets, and the steady decline in PC sales, the final quarter of 2013 is expected to see tablet sales exceed desktop and laptops combined. With this in mind, and considering how the modern student is never separated from their tablet or smartphone, we have compiled what we believe to be a list of must have apps for students. Here is our top five free apps. Dropbox While it may not be as exciting as Angry Birds, this app could prove to be just as vital to the student regime. Dropbox is a cloud based, file syncing tool which enables you access to your documents regardless of what computer or device you’re working from. With limited individual storage space provided by universities, Dropbox offers the perfect solution allowing all work to be saved in a central location and retrieved from any device. It also allows for editing on the go (providing you have internet access), which can prove very handy if you find you have some spare time whilst waiting for a train or sat in a coffee shop. The Cloud FastConnect Wi-Fi is up there with food and water when it comes to student necessities, but when you’re out and about it’s not always the easiest thing to come across. Many establishments such as coffee shops, pubs and train stations offer free Wi-Fi to the public via The Cloud. There are thousands of hotspots all over the country and The Cloud FastConnect app helps you find them telling you exactly who’s supplying them and how far away they are. Also, once you’ve signed up, the app will automatically connect your smart device to the Wi-Fi once you’re in range. You’ll never have to be without Facebook and Twitter again. Mobile Banking (NatWest/Lloyds/Barclays/Santander) Despite the lack of it, students often find that money is hard to keep track of. Fortunately, pretty much every bank has its own app which enables you keep on top of your accounts. You can pay bills, transfer money between accounts or even just experience the joy seeing your student loan come in. Using your card as a student often means you struggle to keep track of your spends, but with mobile banking now on your smartphone, you’ll know exactly what you’ve got left to spend. Evernote Most students will tell you that saving a note as a text message draft is more than sufficient for the needs of today’s young academic. However this free app is much better for note taking and its strength lies in its versatility. Not only can you just save notes, but you can also save webpages and pictures to it and then organise them into folders. You can also sync them to all your devices so no matter what piece of tech you’re sporting that day, you’ll never be without those important musings. Wikipedia Wikipedia is a student’s best friend. Throughout school Wikipedia proved that no homework was completely undoable and this is no different now you’re at university. The Wikipedia app displays the incredibly popular online encyclopaedia in a neat and mobile friendly way which makes it very user friendly. The app also allows you to save articles for offline viewing and is very useful to have. Whether your needs are social, leisure or work related, there are a range of apps out there designed to make life easier for students. These are just some examples of the apps out there that we’d recommend, in order to save you the time of trawling through the app store.Have we missed out your favourite app? If we have, let us know what it is and why you couldn't be without it.  
  • The students of Leeds are getting settled back into their university lives. For those who are freshers, a new and exciting chapter is starting and a new city is on their door step awaiting exploration. With Leeds being voted Britain’s best place for quality of life, there’s no wonder the city has become such a popular choice of study for UK and international students. Even more so after the The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2017 offered Leeds University ‘The University of the Year’ award. We all know that like minded students come together to form groups of friends. Whether they share the same subjects, hobbies or are society buddies, you can usually pick out a group of people and place them into a certain stereotype. We set out to ask students at Leeds Freshers Week about their views on student stereotypes. From our research, we found a big number of new students saw Leeds University to be very music, arts and sports student orientated. Although we know there are many other types of students, these stereotypes kept on creeping up in their answers. Here at Parklane Properties we have put together a fun, old-school flow chart to find out what type of student you are. By clicking and expanding the image you can follow the flow; answering questions about the reasons why you came to university, what studying techniques you have and what you enjoy doing in your spare time. All these questions ultimately leading to your ‘Student Stereotype’. FLOW CHART What Student Stereotype Are You? Were we right or are you surprised by your answer? Take a look at our student profiles to see if you hold any of the traits of your stereotype. PROFILES stereotype profiles Share your result on Twitter and Facebook and let all your friends discover their own stereotypes.
  • So you’re moving on and moving out – time to make sure you get your deposit back and part on the best possible terms with your housemates and your landlord. First up, check your contract. Most specify that the house is returned in the same condition in which it was let, usually with an allowance for ‘fair wear and tear’. Some may have a more detailed checklist of things you are expected to do before you leave – so make sure you do them! Remember they are not out to trick you, they just want to be able to pass the house on to the next lot of students with the minimum of fuss. From your point of view, you want to protect yourself against time consuming disputes, so follow these 10 tips for a hassle free handover.
    • Is the house clean? Dig out the hoover and give it a good going over, most houses look considerably better once they’ve had a wash and brush up. Better still, keep up with the odd bit of cleaning during the year.
    • Is there any damage? Its best to come clean about something big – if damage can be sorted out offer to do so as this is often cheaper than paying for it out of your deposit - otherwise, own up and let your landlord make a decision about whether it comes under fair wear and tear.
    • Patch up paint scuffs and bits where you’ve stuck things on the wall – it will save on repainting costs.
    • Get organised! Take photos of your lovely clean house and/or any damage that could be disputed. In fact if there is anything dodgy when you first moved in it is a good idea to get photos then as well.
    • Check everything against the inventory you and your landlord signed when you moved in.
    • Pay off all the bills you owe – sort it out with housemates in good time before they disappear for ever and you are landed with their share of the bill!
    • Invite the landlord round a month or so beforehand so that you can get an idea of whether there are going to be any issues and where disputed areas might lie. This gives you a chance to sort things out before moving day. Have an independent 3rd party present too if you like.
    • Hand in keys when asked to so that the next people get a fair crack at moving their stuff in before the start of term.
    • Don’t even think about withholding rent – its illegal and not worth the hassle.
    • Dispute your deposit with the landlord only in the last resort – nobody wants it. But know your rights. If your deposit is listed in the tenancy agreement you signed when you moved in it may be protected under one of these schemes; The Deposit Protection Service, My Deposits and The Dispute Service known as The Tenancy Deposit Scheme. The process is free and you can find details online.
  • It’s one of the most diverse cities in England and it’s the city we love so dear. We want to share that love by shouting about some of favourite things to do in this magnificent home of ours. If you live in Leeds, you’ll understand. If you don’t live in Leeds, you’ll be considering your options about a few minutes from now.

    Have a drink in a three-century-old pub

    Alright, alright. Beer might be one of Leeds’ favourite things, but, trust us, it’s for good reason. Whitelock’s Ale House, located just off Briggate in the city centre, is one of the oldest (and best) pubs in Leeds, having been established all the way back in 1715. That’s a lot of time to learn how to pull a pint and pull a pint they can, indeed. <iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d2356.566241844709!2d-1.5433780626588447!3d53.797207272886546!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x48795c195e77ef53%3A0xec15c54bda31a4ee!2sWhitelock's+Ale+House!5e0!3m2!1sen!2suk!4v1472045458447" width="700" height="350" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

    or have a drink on a boat

    This list won’t be entirely about beer, honest, but this one is worth putting on your Leeds to-do list. There’s a boat on a roundabout and it’s a pub. That’s all we need to say, right? Oh yeah, its name. It’s called Dry Dock and it’s located on Woodhouse Lane near Leeds Beckett University. All aboard. <iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d2356.1562204988304!2d-1.5499471839525956!3d53.80450384799507!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x48795eaa03221bb7%3A0xc808dfb7b77c7ac6!2sDry+Dock!5e0!3m2!1sen!2suk!4v1472045562051" width="700" height="350" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

    Take in a show at the Grand Theatre

    Like many cities of similar size, Leeds has a number of top city centre theatres. While the modern delights of the West Yorkshire Playhouse are not to be dismissed, the Grand Theatre is arguably the best to visit for those who want top-class entertainment with opulent surroundings to match. The Grand Theatre, built in 1878, hosts operas, plays and even stand-up comedy from some of the biggest names in the world, as well as a few local artists. A night at the opera is best enjoyed here because the setting and the performance are truly a marriage made in heaven; a meal out at one of the bars or restaurants along nearby North Street can make the night really special. <iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d2356.403741317312!2d-1.5432796839527072!3d53.800099148326765!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x48795c1a57a9a379%3A0x6c8b91050eaa35fe!2sThe+Grand+Theatre+%26+Opera+House+Leeds!5e0!3m2!1sen!2suk!4v1472045752293" width="700" height="350" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>


    Trinity Shopping center Aside from beer, Leeds is famous for a few other things, too. Its shopping scene is deemed one of the best around and it’s easy to see why. The Trinity Shopping Centre that opened in 2012 is on another level (or a few other levels) and even boasts its own indoor street food canteen with a monthly rotation of stands from all over the country. The city centre is compact, so it’s easy to get between top shops like the Apple Store and House of Fraser and it will soon be home to another brand new shopping centre in Victoria Gate (open late-2016), which will have a huge John Lewis department store. <iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d2356.604644007509!2d-1.5461040839528473!3d53.79652384859614!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x48795c1ebada21b9%3A0x7e291386a3a95862!2sTrinity+Leeds!5e0!3m2!1sen!2suk!4v1472046018916" width="700" height="350" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

    Watch a film in a century-old cinema

    Cottage Road Cinema, north of the city centre in Headingley, is over 100 years old. It’s been continuously screening films since 1912 and prides itself on retaining its heritage as a cinema that doesn’t submit to modern expectations, plainly because it doesn’t need to. This is evident in the screenings of old classics like Psycho and Brief Encounter, as well as new blockbusters, which you can experience in the way cinema used to be for just a few quid. <iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d2354.8969063861377!2d-1.5839307839520418!3d53.82690984630682!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x48795938586ea791%3A0x130c335090abb450!2sCottage+Road+Cinema!5e0!3m2!1sen!2suk!4v1472046244068" width="700" height="350" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

    Visit Harewood House

    Travel a few minutes north of Leeds and you can experience one of the finest country houses in England. Harewood House was built in the 18th century and boasts some terrific examples of contemporary art and wonderful gardens. It was the location of the ceremonial start of the Tour de France when it came to Yorkshire in 2014 and it’s easy to see why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge looked so comfortable there. <iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d2350.961167779448!2d-1.529502683950116!3d53.89689414103061!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x48795a748aae4861%3A0x8cbc7f2b0baec843!2sHarewood+House!5e0!3m2!1sen!2suk!4v1472046390646" width="700" height="350" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

    Jogging in Roundhay Park

    The people of Leeds are spoilt for choice when it comes to green spaces. Golden Acre Park, Kirkstall Abbey Park and Middleton Park all spring to mind, but the most famous of all is Roundhay Park. In the north-east of the city, this 700 acre-plus park is a must-visit for anyone who wants to go running or jogging. Roundhay Park is often used as a starting or finishing point for marathons, and it’s easy to see why. The path that goes around the lake is perfect for a run, providing great views and plenty of corners and hills to navigate. It’s also a good spot for picnicking and hosts the most popular fireworks display in the Leeds on 5th November. <iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d2354.246858014177!2d-1.50751168395171!3d53.83847314543534!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x48795ba1a8a4283f%3A0x42ec9a1763fe716!2sRoundhay+Park!5e0!3m2!1sen!2suk!4v1472046536507" width="700" height="350" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

    See tropical life at Tropical World

    In one of the biggest city parks in Europe, Roundhay Park, lies a tropical home for plants and animals alike. Tropical World, which houses everything from butterflies to terrapins, is an unbeatable day out for families with kids. Combine it with a picnic in the park and everybody is happy! <iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d2354.1327117365736!2d-1.506954383951675!3d53.84050344528237!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x48795b0afa2bf001%3A0xfd0b06d5f59cff6e!2sTropical+World!5e0!3m2!1sen!2suk!4v1472046642074" width="700" height="350" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

    Visit the first direct Arena

    One of the newest additions to the Leeds skyline, the first direct Arena is a massive indoor venue that the city craved for years. Holding more than 13,000 fans for live gigs, its acoustics are first-rate and it has great views from just about every angle. Aside from live music, the arena also hosts comedy, boxing, darts, wrestling and miscellaneous events such as job fairs. It has a highly-rated restaurant too, just to the left of the main entrance. <iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d2356.212326513101!2d-1.5441013839526758!3d53.80350544807032!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x48795c04ce7cf843%3A0x775dffec000de761!2sFirst+Direct+Arena!5e0!3m2!1sen!2suk!4v1472046783001" width="700" height="350" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>

    Visit the home of champions

    Leeds is home to three famous sporting teams: three-time English champions Leeds United, reigning Super League champions Leeds Rhinos and Yorkshire County Cricket Club, who hold the County Championship crown. Leeds United may play in the second tier of English football these days, but a day at Elland Road is well worth a try, especially in a local derby against Huddersfield Town or Sheffield Wednesday. The Rhinos and Yorkshire play in adjacent stadiums in Headingley; the latter boast world-class cricketers including Joe Root, who can also be seen in test matches in the same venue for England! <iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d2357.6555347067597!2d-1.5743332839533708!3d53.77781935000499!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x48795e8c674ead93%3A0x7841afdaffd02a2a!2sElland+Road!5e0!3m2!1sen!2suk!4v1472046878473" width="700" height="350" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe>
  • Long day in the office? Head out into Leeds for dinner and drinks after work. Meet up with friends, socialise, grab a bite or have a few beers; the city has a load of great spots to head to once you’ve clocked off. Here’s our top guide on where to go out after work in Leeds. Alchemist One of the newest but most popular after work hot spots in Leeds is The Alchemist. As part of the Leeds Trinity shopping centre, expect to see a wide ranging mix of revellers, from casual shoppers giving their legs a rest, to business-types winding down after a hectic day in the office. With tasty snacks and light bites available, you’ll find a great range of food on offer too, along with a relaxing and stylish ambience to relax and unwind. Browns Providing a post-work drink with a ‘grown-up’ vibe, Browns is conveniently located on the Headrow. With a wide range of cocktails, wines and lagers on tap, Browns has all office tastes covered. Be prepared to be met with by a packed bar at peak times, with weekends being a particularly busy time. However, drop in on a week night and you should be able to enjoy a more relaxing ambiance, quality English-style food and even a live pianist from time to time. Revolution With locations at both the Electric Press near Millennium Square and on Call Lane, Revolution offers daily food and drink discounts between 5pm and 9pm. Head down on ‘Mega Mondays’ and you can enjoy 50% off food all day. With great offers to be snapped up, Revolution is the ideal place to head when you need to let your hair down with colleagues. While not seen as one of Leeds’ most trendy locations, it’s often hard to turn a good deal down. Botanist Another of Leeds Trinity’s latest offerings, The Botanist provides a peculiar environment to enjoy your drinks. Located underground, the decor within the Botanist gives an earthy feel to the bar with potted plants lining the walls. With a diverse (and strange) selection of beverages including herbal ingredients such as Rosemary and Dill, the Botanist provides a modern and quirky twist on flavour. Prices for cocktails are reasonable for a city centre venue, ranging from £5 to £7 in most cases. Food options stay more traditional, with burgers and fish and chips being the pick of the menu. 1871 Located on Boar Lane and attached to the Marriot Hotel, 1871 bar and lounge is a spacious and sophisticated spot to unwind after a long day in the office. Offering exposed brick surroundings decorated with stylish film artwork, you’ll soon find yourself relaxing and enjoying your early evening food and drinks in one of Leeds’ more discerning bars. Easily accessible and in the very centre of Leeds, 1871 is within walking distance of Leeds Trinity and the train station. Have we missed anywhere? Do you disagree with our choices? Let us know your thoughts. Photo Credit: pauline praline via Compfight cc
  • As I’m sure you’ve worked out by now, Leeds is a fantastic city to live and study in but you’re still finding your way around and there are lots of people trying to tell you where to go. Never fear. Here’s the ultimate boiled down Freshers Guide to Leeds. Not lots of guff, choices and alternatives. Just 1 definitive place in each category to simplify your life.

    The Pub

    The Faversham- 1-5 Springfield Mount,LS2 9NG The Fav is a Leeds student institution in the heart of university land - you need to go there at least once and know where it is. Go for beer, cocktails, music and burgers.

    The Club

    Control - Cardigan Fields, just off Kirkstall Road. LS4 2DG Leeds has some of the best clubs in the country so if clubbing is your thing you’ve come to the right place. At some point someone will suggest going to Control for the full Ibiza experience. It’s big. It’s brash. It has 2 arenas over 25,000 square feet, 7 bars and a capacity for 3000 people - Nuff said.

    The Cheap Restaurant

    La Cafetiere – Hyde Park Corner, LS6 2NW In the heart of studentsville this is a great place for everything from hungover breakfasts to veggie meals and romantic Mediterranean dinners. Voted best Middle Eastern food in Leeds. You can’t miss it – it’s purple.

    The Cinema

    Hyde Park Picture House - 73 Brudenell Road, LS6 1JD Forget the multiplex, there is only one cool place to see a film in Leeds. Hyde Park Picture house - an old fashioned “flea pit” with velvet seats and discounted prices on current films.

    The Fun Bar in Town

    The Bierkeller - 1 South Parade, LS1 5QL Underground German beer house in the city centre where you can dance on long benches (should you wish) while chugging cheap steins and singing karaoke.

    The Cheap Night Out

    MFA Bowl – The Merrion Centre LS2 8BT, Tenpin bowling Monday to Thursday is £1 a game – that is really cheap and a good alternative night out!

    The Top Clothes Tip

    Watch out for the student shopping lock in. It is usually around October time –keep an ear out for details. Sign up for free online and then go along to the Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre from 9-midnight on the designated night and shop in High Street Stores like Top Shop - all for student prices.

    The Tip Your Mum Would Approve of…

    Kirkgate Market - 28-34 George St, LS2 7HY Eat Your Veg! You can get loads of cheap vegetables from Kirkgate Market, especially last thing on a Saturday afternoon. Just remember a sturdy bag to bring it all back in.

    The Tip Every Student Agrees With…

    Don’t lose your ID – if you don’t want your life to turn into a nightmare. Get all the information you need for Leeds Freshers Week from the Official Website http://www.allaboutfreshers.com Parties, tours, money off stuff and that all important society joining bit.
  • Leeds is great for a lot of reasons, but there’s one that puts it above all other cities in England: the quality of its bars and pubs. Even if you don’t know the city, you won’t have to stroll very far to find a great place to enjoy a drink. And that’s without consulting Google Maps or Yelp! Allow us to take you on a tour of the city’s finest establishments for refreshments.


    With its own micro-brewery, this pub could pass as a permanent beer festival. It’s a real favourite amongst ale fans. It’s only been open for a few years, but it has enough beer on offer to help it last forever. Boasting over 120 beers at any one time, Tapped is the closest you’re going to get to beer heaven in Leeds. They do cracking pizza, too.

    Whitelock’s Ale House

    Established in 1715, Whitelock’s is over 300 years old and consequently one of Leeds’ oldest pubs. It started life as The Turk’s Head, but was purchased in the late 19th century by the Whitelocks and remains open to this day. It’s located in the heart of the city centre, as if the whole city was built around it, but it’s tucked away up a ginnel so you’d never guess that you’re surrounded by thousands of shoppers. It’s great.


    Located in the northern suburb of Meanwood, this North Bar-owned spot is one of the homeliest, friendliest pubs in Leeds. It’s perfectly placed up the road from Meanwood Park, so many a day’s walk with the dog and/or the family ends up with a pint of the locally brewed ale here. It’s tiny, so don’t expect any wide-open spaces, but that’s exactly what makes it so cosy.


    ShuffleDog is one of the newest bars in the city, but don’t let that fool you. It’s the second instalment of BrewDog in Leeds with an added twist: it has three 22ft shuffleboards downstairs. There’s nowhere else like it in Leeds and, as you would expect from BrewDog, the craft beer is top notch, too. You’re guaranteed to have a blast.

    The Victoria Hotel

    If it’s charmingly British you’re after, the Vic is the one and only choice. On Great George Street lies a pub that still has bar lamps to light up the night and stained glass partitions between booths. The choice of drinks is endless and the pub grub will fill you up for hours. It’s fit for a Queen, if you ask us.

    The Roundhay Fox

    This gastro pub is another favourite from the suburbs of the great city of Leeds. The establishment in Roundhay has got a brilliant reputation and there’s good reason for it. It’s home to one of the best roast dinners in the city, a great selection of drinks and even a log fire to keep you warm in the winter. Cheers to that!

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