Here’s why you should stay put

We understand you’re still settling into your Parklane property, but now’s the time to get ahead of the game and start thinking about if you want to renew. Whether you’re a student or professional, staying in Leeds or leaving, we will soon be advertising our properties again for 2023/24- and we wanted to give you first dibs. We know you don’t want to do the house hunt but we don’t want you to miss the great benefits that come with living with us. You’re not alone in all this hassle, leave it to us, and we’ll handle the rest. 


Keep reading to know why you should stay with us:


  • Scrap the sign-up process- renewals are straight forward, all you have to do is let us know you want to renew and we’ll transfer all your data over, even your deposit!
  • No strangers in the house- say goodbye to viewings which interrupt your daytime naps, your house will be yours for next year as soon as you’ve told us you want to renew.
  • No need to move out in the Summer- sit back knowing your stuff can stay put all summer… and the best part? You don’t need to frantically clean the house!
  • It’s usually much easier to stay put with the same agency- we’d like to think our team are familiar faces to you now, so save the hassle of getting to know another agency.
  • Something missing? If you feel your sofas could do with being replaced, maybe your dining room table is getting wobbly, or your bedroom could do with a repaint- we’ll do our best to make your pad a dream to live in for another year.

Maybe you’re looking for somewhere else? With our properties in all the students hotspots, you’ll never run out of options. So whether you’re in for a cosy night chilling on your sofa or a night in one of the city’s coolest bars, you’ll just find the place.

  • We’ll not charge a penny for admin fees, which means zero stress and your savings are safe. Now you can focus on the right things like cool house accessories, fresh new bedding, or splash out on a fancy lunch
  • The best bit? You’re completely safe with us and so is your money. We’re Unipol Approved, award winning and work with My Deposits Protection. 
  • Whether you need a one-bed flat right in the heart of the city or a nine-bed house in the suburbs, you’re in for a treat! Choose whatever your heart wants from a huge selection of over 500+ properties



  • Sort your finances and group size for the next year. Who do you wish to live with, a friend, your partner, or live by yourself? All this matters if you’re able to renew
  • Get in touch with our Property Consultants to grab your favourite deal. The team will help advise on the area you want to live in, and they’ll be able to show you what options there are whether you’re a student or professional 
  • Sit back, get your feet up and relax… you’re all sorted up until 2024 
Published on: 26 Oct 2022