Making your study space work for you

If you’re studying at uni this year, you’ve probably already moved into your university accommodation (hopefully with Parklane Properties)! Although the thought of being an organised student feels like moving a mountain, we know a little effort can save you a lot of your time and energy- especially when it comes to your desk! Having a tidy and organised desk will make studying and working much more bearable and inviting. Not only this, it can boost your spirits especially when you plan on working on your assignments or prepping up for exams for long hours.

We’ve put together a guide for must-have desk accessories that will help you stay organised throughout the semester.


Get yourself a desk lamp 

Personally, we think desk lamps are a must have. Not only do they look great in the corner of your desk, but they are also essential for those long hours of study sessions- especially in the endless winter nights. Lamps are also favoured over ceiling lights as they create a softer glow that doesn't strain your eyes, and are a cheap way to enhance your student accommodation. 


A snuggly blanket for those chilly nights

It’s no surprise that energy bills in the UK are set to sore, and while we do recommend you put your heating on from time to time to avoid damp and mould, a cosy blanket wrapped around you also works wonders! Those long study nights into the early hours can get chilly, so get cosy and snuggle under a thick blanket (you can even get heated ones if you’re fancy), and you’ll find yourself feeling more comfortable with your studies.


A display monitor- your neck will thank you!

Although you may feel comfortable working from just your laptop at home, leaning forward and looking slightly down can affect your neck and cause long term issues. A display monitor is slightly elevated and sits at eye level, meaning your neck and back can be straight while doing your studying!

Connect your laptop with the monitor through an HDMI cable, and you’ll also have an additional screen to use. Having a display monitor not only relieves a lot of strain on eyes and neck but it’s also key to making you a pro at multitasking. 


Organise your life with a desk organiser

Your student accommodation desk is your ultimate workstation, and if it’s messy and cluttered, you’re most likely going to be distracted. If this sounds like you, we suggest desk organisers in the form of pen holders, folders and draw trays! With Parklane Properties, each desk comes with a set of at least three drawers, so maximise all this hidden space and declutter your workspace. 


Essential oil diffuser 

It’s not easy being a student, you’re fully loaded with responsibilities to manage like assignments, socialising with your new friends and general adult things. Using essential oils for studying is a natural method to relieve gloominess, anxiety and stress. Rosemary, lavender, and basil essential oils can help you focus and boost your cognitive abilities. It’s a must have on your desk. 


Keep that snack drawer full!

When you’re studying into the early hours of the night, you’re bound to get those oh so familiar hunger pangs. So we suggest keeping a desk drawer full of your fav snacks to keep you going. So whether you feel like munching on a healthy snack bar, crisps, or something a bit naughtier like sweets and chocolate, your drawer is definitely going to keep you going long into the early hours. It might even save you from ordering a pizza or burger when hunger strikes! 


A phone or iPad stand 

You deserve to binge watch your fav season after a 6 hours long study session. So to freshen up in between, there’s no better way than watching something you love. What’s Netflix and chill for after all? Get yourself a phone stand and grab a snack so you can catch up with your fav shows while also cracking on with course work or revising. 


Noise cancelling headphones

Whether you have noisy roommates, online classes or you just enjoy listening to music, headphones are a desk essential that you must have. If you’re not in the mood to talk to anyone, they are a great way to escape from the world for a little while. Plug-in, volume up and off you go. 


Making your desk work for you 

Don’t treat your desk like a ball and chain, otherwise you’ll never want to sit down and work! Make sure it’s an enjoyable environment to be in, by having a few of your fav things around you without being a distraction.

  • We recommend having handy snacks, family photos or even some cute post-it notes from friends stuck on your wall!

  • Tidy up every time you’re done using your desk for the day (keeping it a tidy and clean environment will make it more inviting to sit down next time)

  • Have a bedroom shuffle around (you don’t need to keep your bedroom the same layout as when you first moved in. We always recommend your desk be near a window as it can help you focus)


Revision/work from home tips 

Whether you’re a student or professional, you will use your desk at some point during your tenancy. Here are a few tips for successful revision/ WFH;

  • Take regular breaks (being stuck in one place for hours will never bring out your most productive side. Take regular breaks, go out for walks or have a coffee with friends before going back to it!)

  • Eat lunch/ dinner away from your desk. (Although it may seem easier to just sit and eat at your desk, it’s more beneficial to eat elsewhere to keep the desk space as clean and productive as possible!)

  • Only revise/ WFH at your desk, not your bed. Keep work and relaxation separate, or the lines get blurred and you’ll be less productive!

We understand in your first month of uni you are flooded with info, timetables and new faces- so taking steps to making your living space as homely and cosy as possible will help take the pressure off. Before you know it you will be living your best uni life!

Published on: 21 Sep 2022