Deep cleaning tips before you sell or rent out a property

If you are looking to sell or rent out your property, it is important to get it cleaned up to an incredibly high standard before putting it on the market. While this may seem like an obvious task, the importance first impressions cannot be underestimated.

How do you do deep clean a house and where do you start? Here are some of our tips for cleaning up your property before putting it on the market:

Tackle room by room

Start by making an in-depth checklist for each room, and also make sure you have the right tools and cleaning products for the job- this will make the overall job so much easier. Make sure you have everything you need to clean that specific room, so you don’t need to keep popping downstairs to grab something! Cleaning room from room will also seem a lot less daunting then tackling the whole house all at once.

Give yourself plenty of time

Although the idea of cleaning a whole house top to bottom, inside and out seems like a mammoth task, the earlier you start the less pressure you will feel. You want to make sure you have time on your side, meaning you do not need to rush the process resulting in potentially missing or rushing spots. It’s also a good idea to give yourself plenty of breaks, as cleaning can be a very laborious and exhausting task.

Start with the worst rooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are usually a good place to start when it comes to cleaning a whole house, as they’re usually the dirtiest. Grime and food debris can build up very quickly in areas such as the oven, the extractor fan, the backsplash and behind appliances. For bathrooms, the toilet and shower will need a thorough clean to make sure it is sparking for the people interested, focusing extra on the shower screens and tiles. They are also usually the smelliest rooms, so make sure you’re opening the windows and adding air fresheners when you can!

Don’t forget outside!

So, you’ve spent all this time cleaning in your home, why stop outside? Your potential buyers/ renters will see the exterior of your house first, so first impressions really do count. Your house may be immaculate inside, but if it looks dirty and run down outside, the potential buyers may not even want to step over the threshold. We suggest looking at your property from the road and compare it to other houses on the street. Does the drive need a jet wash? Could the fence do with a repaint? Could the trees/ shrubbery do with a tame? Does your front door and windows need cleaning? All these elements come together to make your property either look presentable and well maintained, or uninviting and run down- and THAT’S a deal breaker!

Published on: 23 Feb 2023