Your complete ‘settling in’ guide for student accommodation

Fill out your inventory and return back to your property manager

When you're moving into your new student property, one of the first things you need to do is fill out and return your inventory form, which can be found on StuRents. This form helps create a clear record of the property's condition and what's included before you start living there. By taking the time to note down any existing damages or issues, you're protecting yourself from any unfair blame later on. Plus, it's a friendly reminder to be responsible and take care of the place during your stay. So, grab that pen, have a little fun with it, and make sure everything is properly documented. It'll make your life easier and ensure a positive experience for everyone involved!

Take meter readings and set up your utility bills

Taking meter readings and setting up your utility bills might not sound like the most exciting task, but trust us, they're essential! By jotting down those readings, you'll ensure you only pay for what you use, not what the previous tenants did. Plus, setting up your utility bills promptly means you won't have to deal with any service interruptions or last-minute hassles. It's all about being smart, responsible, and having peace of mind.

Take a minute to read through your welcome pack

The first week of your tenancy can be hectic, with moving all your furniture, the dreaded big food shop, and showing off your new place to friends. However when you do get a spare half an hour, it's super important to read through your welcome pack. It has all the contact details you need throughout the year, your responsibilities, and a complete guide on how your tenancy works. Got any questions after reading? Get in touch with your property manager or read our FAQ's here!

Clear any questions with your property manager

Moving can be a stressful time, no matter how much you’ve done your research. Therefore you may have a list of questions to ask us when you do finally pick your keys up. Here at Parklane Properties, we pride ourselves on being an experienced but friendly bunch, and we want to hear from you! Whether you want to know where your local shop is or if there’s something you’d like to discuss regarding your property, you can contact your property manager on 0113 230 4949 or email them directly.

Register for your local GP

Your health and well-being are precious, and having a reliable GP nearby ensures you have access to essential medical care whenever you need it. Regular check-ups, vaccinations, and any health concerns can be promptly addressed with a registered GP. As well, in case of emergencies or unexpected health challenges, having a local GP means you won't have to travel far for medical assistance. It's a smart move towards taking care of yourself and embracing a responsible approach to your overall health during your student journey. So, take a proactive step, find a local GP, and put your health first – it's a decision you won't regret!

Explore your local area!

Finally… the fun part! Exploring the local area when moving to Leeds is an exciting and essential part of settling into your new home. By venturing out and familiarising yourself with the surroundings, you'll quickly discover the vibrant culture, hidden gems, and exciting opportunities the city has to offer. Exploring helps you find nearby amenities like supermarkets, cafes, and public transport, making your daily life more convenient. From historic landmarks to trendy hotspots, the city has so much to offer, and exploring from day one ensures you make the most of your time in Leeds.

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Published on: 21 Jul 2023