New Year, New Hobbies! Discover what's on in Leeds

It's the New Year, and for many people this is a time to reflect on the past and make resolutions for the future. Picking up a hobby in the New Year is a great way to submerge yourself into learning new skills- and making new friends! They also give you something to look forward to and help keep you busy. If a new hobby sounds like something you would like to get in board with, here are our top picks for Leeds:


Pottery/ sewing groups


Leeds offers lots of pottery groups and courses that are great for those who want to get creative in their downtime and have a go at something new. You can sign up for one off classes, or courses, which will teach you everything you need to know about pottery, along with having some fun. Usually all materials are included, and why not bring your friends along! Sunken Studio offer a ‘Throwing taster’ for just £70.


It's just the same for sewing, or anything textile related too! If you fancy turning your hand to making clothes, or maybe a cushion cover, there’s a workshop in Leeds for that. Sewing can be therapeutic and good for the mind in the New Year, but it can also be very rewarding. The Bowery is a coffee shop in Headingley and also offers evening sewing workshops over 4 weeks at just £80.


Rock climbing


Fancy something that’s going to get your heart pumping and hands sweating? There are plenty of climbing centres in Leeds which offer classes, and also full use of all their climbing walls to suite your schedule. Climbing is great for your physical health, and is a great alternative to the gym. The Climbing Lab in Kirkstall offer an adult introduction class for just £15, there you will have a 1-1 session with a trainer, giving you all the tips on how to climb independently. After the session you can have free reign within the climbing centre. 


Running clubs


Being active in the New Year is usually everyone’s priority, but it can get very dull if you’re stuck in the same sweaty gym for five days a week. Why not mix your exercise up, and merge socialising with being active! Whether you’re a newbie or a running expert, Leeds has plenty of running clubs all over the city with people from all different backgrounds. Leeds based running groups include Leeds Girls Can Run, Chapel Allerton Runners, Hyde Park Harriers and Abbey Runners. Want to get stuck in? Check these groups out on Facebook to find out dates, times and the place to meet! Ready, set, GO!


Puppy yoga


Yes you heard that right… yoga, with puppies! Studies show that pets have a huge positive effect on our mental health, and there are amazing health and mental benefits with yoga too, so why not combine the two for the perfect serotonin boost? Puppy Yoga UK offer 45 minutes of yoga time along with 15 minutes puppy play time, all for just £29.50. This is a great way to kick off your new yoga hobby, where you can learn new skills, de-stress, and make a few four-legged friends! 


These are just a few of the hundreds of hobbies you can get on board with in 2023, so why not get stuck in and pick up something new this month!

Published on: 05 Jan 2023