Top tips on how to prepare for uni

Summer is officially here and you’re probably having long evenings with friends in the park and exploring your new city, Leeds. Despite all the fun you’ll be having, it may be good to start thinking about university, and how you can prep. From sorting out your student bank account to packing essential stuff for your first day at uni, we’ve got you covered.

Sort a student bank account

While this may not be the most exciting thing to do, it’s one of the things you need to do before you start your new adventure. First thing’s first, you need to set up a student bank account to keep your finances in order. Many of the renowned banks offer these with added incentives - such as discounted dining out (for example, a free, four-year Tastecard) or a subscription to an online reading library - but what you should really be looking for is the bank with the best 0% interest overdraft facilities. Banks typically make daily charges if you exceed your arranged overdraft, so always read the small print and make sure you use the overdraft facility only when you need it the most otherwise, let’s just say it’s prohibited.

Buy fun essentials

Packing all the important stuff is just one thing, the real game changer is the exciting stuff that jazzes up your new student accommodation in Leeds. If you have a thing for sparkles and warm lights, you can add fairy lights- the perfect accessory to make your student room more inviting after a long day at uni. Feel free to bring speakers if you love a good party, and have your favourite songs on repeat. Your room may become a spot to get some respite from the daily hustle and bustle of uni life, so it’s always a good idea to invite some friends over for an essential de-brief, or to even play a drinking game or two. These can be great ice-breakers, especially when you’re trying to make friends. You may also want to have spare mugs and some sweet treats at the ready.

Get clued up with all the discounts you can get

There are a heap of student discounts ready to be snaffled, from free pizza to heavily reduced train fares, you have the chance to maximise your time as a student. Most high street and online fashion brands offer discount of up to 30% for students, however you may need to register for a student discount account such as UNIDAYS or Student Beans. It is also super handy to take out a 16-25 Railcard to get cheap train fares, meaning more fun days out with your pals!

Start thinking about what you can or can’t cook

You may think that students live off ready to eat noodles and baked beans, and well, you’re not far off! But, you could definitely experiment with some easy to make dishes that can save both your health and time. Once you have a little grasp on kitchen essentials and a few ingredients, cooking will become second nature. For example, avocados and mushrooms on a toast take less than 5 minutes and is also super healthy. Salads, pastas and simple curries are all things you can batch cook and will last you multiple meals. Remember, Tupperware and the freezer is your best friend! Just make sure your kitchen is fully stocked with the essentials that you require on a daily basis for surviving those hunger pangs.

Preparing for your first few weeks at university can be really daunting and specifically, very stressful. You may be worried about making new friends, adjusting to a life away from home, and the danger of running out of money. While all of this may sound scary, remember, you are not alone. If you implement just a few of these simple tips, you’re bound to settle in no time!

Published on: 09 Aug 2022