How to get your student pad Christmas-ready
Christmas is just around the corner – yay! Chances are you’re not going to be in your student house for Christmas Day itself, but that doesn’t mean you and your housemates can’t get yourself intothe festive spirit before going home for the hols! Here are some great, little zero-hassle things you and your mates can do (on a budget of course!) to get yourselves Christmas-ready and really make the most of the build-up to the big day.  

DIY decorations

One of the best ways to gear yourself up for Christmas in your student house is to put up some decorations! If you’re feeling creative, why not make your own? Grab some white paper and some scissors and make your own snowflakes to stick up around the place. If you want to be quirky, you could even use those annoying, unwanted pizza leaflets instead,for a bit if a twist on your traditional snowflake! You can also buy paperchain packs for next to nothing and construct them yourselves to hang up around the house. The possibilities are endless!

Get your tree up

You can easily get a mini Christmas tree for less than £5, so if you all contribute a little each, you can buy a house tree! It’s not officially Christmas until your tree is up, so to really get intothe festive mindset, this is a must! Decorating the tree is a really fun activity to do as a house, and once you’ve finished, you could even get some mince pies, a drop of mulled wine and do an official switch on!  

Find some fairy lights

Little twinkly lights can really make your house feel cosy and Christmassy, so get yourself a set of fairy lights. You can get battery-powered sets for a couple of quid and you can string them up in your room, and the communal areas of your house. You’ll definitely feel festive when you’re all cosied up on the sofa watching TV at night, and the fairly lights are twinkling away around you.

Blast the tunes

A bit of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ simply can’t be beaten! Elect someone as house DJ and when you’re sitting around on an evening catching up, get the festive tunes on. If you’re feeling brave, you can even do a spot of Christmas karaoke as part of pre-drinks! With Christmas music ringing through the hall, your pad will definitely feelCrimbo-ready.  

Channel your inner chef

The only thing better than Christmas dinner? Two Christmas dinners! Rally your housemates and have your very own early Christmas Day. Get everyone to put some money in the pot and make yourselves dinner with all the trimmings. You could even bake some Christmas biscuits for dessert... And then you can collapse onto the sofa in a food coma and watch Christmas movies! Bliss. Show us how you celebrated Christmas in your student house on social! Tag us in your Instagram posts: @parklanels1
Published on: 26 Aug 2021