Here’s Why Summer Is A Great Time To Sell Your Property
There are a lot of people who say that summer isn’t a great time to sell your property. However, at Parklane Properties, we know that summer is a great time to sell your property and here are a few reasons why…

The Weather Is Better

Your house is definitely going to look better in the sunshine. Your property will look brighter and more appealing on photos plus rooms will look brighter and bigger with more light streaming in.

The Evenings Are Lighter

The lighter evenings mean that buyers have more time to look for their perfect property. It also means when they’re scouting a location of a new home, your property is in its best light – literally.

Gardens and Flowers Are In Full Bloom

Properties certainly have more curb appeal in the summer. Flowers are blooming, gardens look great, and trees are full of gorgeous green leaves. This will make your property look really appealing and more likely to gain interest from potential buyers. To take advantage of this, keep on top of garden maintenance to make your property look in its best shape this summer. the back garden of someones house with flowers and trees in bloom

There Are More People Buying

Summer is the ideal time for buyers who want a property to settle into before Christmas. You’re likely to have several more viewers to your property than you might in winter which is great if you’re wanting to move somewhere else before Christmas too. It also means you’re in a better position to get a great price for your house if you have more people that are interested in your property.

Parents Are Looking To Do The Best For Their Children

Summer is prime time for parents looking at catchment areas for their children’s schools. If you’re in a prime area for good schools, be prepared for families flocking around your home when you put it up for sale in the summer.

You Have More Time To Do DIY Tasks

Does paint need touching up? Do you need to fix a couple of things in the kitchen? The summer months give you more time to do these little tasks which all help create a great first impression on your buyer. Check out our 5 Top Tips to speed up a sale article for extra hints and advice. man painting walls white

Buyers Are More Upbeat

The warmer weather and bright sunshine definitely put people in a good mood. Buyers are happier, more relaxed, and more open to viewing properties. The upside of the weather is that your home can be shown off in natural daylight and you can have the windows open to let fresh air in.

You Can Be More Relaxed About Your Packing And Moving Day

Moving day is always going to be stressful but when you sell your house in summer, you’ll have more daylight hours to play with and the weather will be a lot warmer too. That sounds better than moving on a cold winter’s day in January, doesn’t it? Are you looking to sell your property this summer? If you are, come and talk to a member of staff in the Parklane Properties Leeds City Centre office or call 0113 237 0000. You can also get a free instant online valuation for your property if you want an idea of how much your property is worth.
Published on: 26 Aug 2021