The Future Is Looking Bright For Leeds Residents
Leeds residents are already lucky enough to live in a thriving city that offers something for young professionals, families and couples. We know we're lucky to be working in Leeds accommodation at Parklane Properties. But, it’s the future that looks bright for Leeds residents with some amazing developments in the pipeline that aim to regenerate forgotten parts of the city centre. So whether you’re looking for flats to rent in Leeds, or you live in Leeds accommodation already, Leeds is definitely looking like the place to be right now and in the future.

What’s Planned In Leeds?

Development Of The Southbank

It’s been a long time coming but the redevelopment of Leeds’ Southbank area is on its way! This development aims to transform the land into a vibrant and multi-purpose public space that makes more use of the waterways in Leeds. The Southbank redevelopment will also be home to Leeds’ tallest building. It doesn’t have a name yet, but this building will be 136.5 metres high and will be 40 storey residential building that will contribute to Leeds accommodation portfolio. Bridgewater place in Leeds

Leeds’ Version of NYC’s Highline

In recent years, NYC's Highline – an old railway track converted into a public art space and walk-way – has become one of the city’s main tourist hotspots. Leeds aims to do the same by transforming a viaduct opposite City Island into a green space where people can stroll and take in the skyline of Leeds’ city centre. This is another part of the Southbank regeneration project where more Leeds housing will be developed, giving life to this presently quiet part of the city. New York's Highline

A New and Improved Tetley’s Site

With 850 new homes in Leeds and a 5-acre park, the revamped Tetley’s site is going to be hot property when it’s redeveloped. This site will make the historic Tetley’s building its centre-piece and will create affordable Leeds housing, new office space and a new leisure space on Leeds’ waterfront where residents and office workers can relax and spend their spare time.  

Hunslet Mills and Victoria Works

A long abandoned, derelict site is going to be given new life in the form of 699 apartments that will become a key part of developing Leeds housing near the city centre. With connectivity between Hunslet and the city centre due to be improved as part of the project, this will become a much coveted spot for flats to rent in Leeds and brand new, well-located Leeds housing.  

Big Plans for Leeds Train Station

With big plans for Southbank, and with rumours of HS2 making its way to Leeds, Leeds Train Station is going to get a well-due overhaul. Not only are the council wanting to improve how people get to the station from Leeds Dock and Temple Works – a specified walking route is being talked about – but New Station Street may also be pedestrianised. This will make the station integrate well with the new HS2 hub but it will create a welcoming atmosphere to the city too. And who doesn’t want that when living in the city or looking for Leeds accommodation? Do you live in Leeds? What do you think of all the new developments coming to the city? Let us know over on Twitter!
Published on: 26 Aug 2021