2022- 2023 house share AVAILABLE NOW! - 21 St Johns Terrace, flat 1

House shares are a great way to meet new people outside of your university course, and often the people you live with in a house share become your friends for life! What’s not to love? Well Parklane Properties have just opened up flat 1, 21 St Johns Terrace as a new undergraduate house share for the 1st of July 2022, perfect for students looking for accommodation in Leeds. For just £125.99 per person per week you can live alongside 8 other likeminded people with shared amenities such as a garden, TV, double bedroom, dishwasher and x3 bathrooms. We’ve also put together a few other reasons why a house share could be your perfect 2023 pad!


You could save 


Prices are continuing to skyrocket these days, and it doesn’t look like things are slowing down. Full time students are also known to have a hard time with finances, trying to get good grades while also needing to earn extra money through a job. These factors mean that a house share can be a great option if you are wanting to cut the costs, as bills are included in the price.


One big family 


When you live in a house share, the people you live with may be complete strangers at first, however this will soon change- and quite often these people can become your closest friends. Living in the same house can mimic a family unit, and you will soon know everything about these people, warts and all! There are also endless activities you and your flatmates can get up to while living together, including cooking together and hosting movie nights.


Flexible living


Moving to a new city can be daunting, however a house share is a pathway to a more independent way of life without the deep dive of living on your own. You may also learn a few different life skills from the people you live with. House shares can also give you a taste of independence after moving out of your family home, but there is usually always someone around the house to chat to so you don’t feel on your own! 

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Published on: 07 Apr 2022