Why Leeds Is A Great Place For Young Professionals
Leeds has enjoyed business growth of 39% over the last 10 years and salaries are now very competitive which makes the city a very attractive location for young professionals. In fact, many are ditching the likes of London to move here to work instead. Leeds is a fantastic place to be when you’re new to the world of work - and we we’re going to tell you why…

Job Opportunities

In recent years, as Leeds has seen major growth in its business sector, it’s becoming an increasingly appealing market for companies to move into. This, of course, means that job opportunities in the city are on the up. As a young professional, you’ll no doubt want plenty of choice and variety when it comes to jobs, and Leeds can definitely offer you that.

It’s Not Overwhelming

Yes, Leeds is a city, but if you compare it to the likes of London or Manchester, it’s very different. If you’re relatively new on the career ladder or fresh out of uni, you may not feel ready to jump into manic city life, so Leeds could be a great choice for you. It has everything you could want in a city, but it still has a close, homely feel to it that other major cities often lack.

There’s Always Something Going On

Leeds is bursting with variety, and there’s always something going on no matter what day of the week it is. Whether it’s a pub quiz, an art class or a theatre production – every night there’s countless activities and events going on all over the city that you can get involved in. The International Beer Festival, West Indian Carnival and Leeds Light Night are just a few of the popular events you can find here. There’s never a dull moment!

It’s A Social City

There’s tons of bars and restaurants in the city centre which encourages a great social vibe in Leeds. Whether you’re catching up with friends, or off for a cheeky after-work drink, there’s plenty of great places for you to try. From hotspots like Outlaws Yacht Club, to the indie-style Belgrave Canteen & Music Hall, all the way down to the bustling bars on Call Lane. If you’re new to the city, there’s often group meet-up events that you can attend where you can meet new people and make friends, so you don’t need to worry about being alone here.

It’s Well-Connected

One of the best things about Leeds is that it’s super compact and that makes it well connected. You can live on the outskirts and still be in the city centre within 10 minutes. Bus and train services are very regular, and often direct, so you will easily make it into work wherever you decide to locate yourself.   Have we convinced you? If you’re interested in moving to Leeds, check out our range of top professional lets - they could be perfect for you!
Published on: 26 Aug 2021