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Becketts Park Area Guide for Students

The area is surrounded with greenery with tree lined streets and has a nice suburban feel

Becketts Park is the ideal location for student lets in Leeds for those attending the Leeds Metropolitan University Beckett Park Campus. The area is surrounded with greenery with tree lined streets and has a nice suburban feel. The park itself is a great place to meet up during the summer months and there's plenty of space for outdoor activities.

Becketts Park Campus -

About Beckett Park

Nestled in between the suburbs of Headingley, Hyde Park and Kirkstall, Beckett Park is one of the leafiest and most serene parts of Leeds. It lies around two miles north-west of the city centre and is home to both a park of the same name and Leeds Beckett University’s Headingley Campus. It’s also within easy reach of the shops in Headingley too.

Things to do in Beckett Park

Beckett Park

It’s one of the largest inner-city public parks in Leeds. As such, it has plenty of quiet spaces to relax, go for a jog or, when the sun’s out, have a picnic. It’s also got a number of playing fields, handy for a kickabout with your mates or a impromptu rugby match. It’s located next to the Leeds Beckett Headingley Campus.

The Yoga Pad

This quiet, unassuming venue is as good a place as any to exercise without having to brave the elements. You can take classes throughout the week in such things as Ashtanga and meditation, all of which help you to limber up and relax at even the most stressful times.

Yorkshire and Humberside Japanese School

Founded back in 1991, this is the only place in Leeds where you can learn to speak Japanese on a weekend. If you’re interested in this most fascinating of languages, they’re based at the Leeds Beckett Headingley Campus and hold classes throughout the year.


Leeds Beckett University - Headingley Campus

Address: Church Wood Ave, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS6 3QS


Tel: 0113 812 0000

Location: Right in the middle of Beckett Park, just past the trees

This campus of Leeds Beckett University is conveniently placed in the middle of the Beckett Park area and, as such, is easy to get to by foot from all sides. It’s also well-connected by bus to the main campus near the City Centre, while its Student Union building has plenty of places to grab something to eat and drink in between seminars.

Leeds Trinity University

Address: Brownberrie Ln, Horsforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS18 5HD


Tel: 0113 283 7100

Location: Around 2.5 miles north-west of Beckett Park, opposite the rugby union ground

Working in Beckett Park

As in many parts of Leeds near the universities, many part-time jobs in Beckett Park are in retail and hospitality. While there are no recruitment agencies based in the area, the nearby Leeds Beckett campus does offer some advice and advertise jobs going at local shops, bars and restaurants.

Getting around


To get to and from Beckett Park by bus, there are two main roads - Otley Road to the east and Queenswood Drive to the west. On the former, the 97, 33/33A and 1 get you to Leeds City Centre in around 15-20 minutes. On Queenswood Drive however, the 19/19A and 56 are the only routes which go up there, heading towards Tinshill and Moor Grange respectively.


Headingley is the nearest train station, lying around three-quarters of a mile south of the park. Trains to Leeds run every half hour at peak times and take 11 minutes either way. Northbound, trains go to Harrogate, Knaresborough, Horsforth and York.

Sports and leisure

Carnegie Sports Centre

Address: Carnegie Hall, Beckett Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS6 3QQ


Tel: 0113 812 3160

Location: Just north of the main building and west of the athletics track

This sports centre is one of the most impressive in Leeds, boasting all kinds of places and fields where you can work out at your own pace. For the really athletic, there’s an athletics track, while there are 45 fitness stations in the gym where you can lift weights and run on a treadmill. There’s even a swimming pool to make use of as well.

Beckett Park Playing Fields

Address: St Chad’s Drive, Leeds LS6 3QB

Website: N/A

Tel: N/A

Location: Just at the corner of St Chad’s Drive and Batcliffe Drive

Almost joined at the hip to the Leeds Beckett campus, these fields have plenty of places to go for a run, a jog or a gentle stroll. There are also tennis courts, basketball courts, football and rugby pitches to use, as well as a playground if you want to revisit your youth!

Sports Park Weetwood

Address: Ring Rd Weetwood, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS16 5AU


Tel: 0113 230 7157

Location: At the roundabout, just east of Weetwood Hall

Although a little north of Beckett Park, this sports park has plenty of facilities to help you keep fit, whatever the weather. An all-weather 3G football pitch, cricket ground and on-site bar can stage events for any students at Leeds University, while also being open for the general public.


BikeFix Workshop

Address: Leeds Beckett Headingley Campus, Leeds LS6 3HF


Tel: 0113 812 9350

Location: In Room B07, round the back of the James Graham Building

This workshop, open on Mondays and Tuesdays, is open to any students living nearby who want to get their bikes fixed. As Beckett Park is an area perfect for cyclists, you can get those punctures seen to as well as receive expert advice on your cycling technique and how to take care of your wheels in future.

Take Another Look

Address: 56 Queenswood Dr, Leeds LS6 3LG


Tel: 07971 052583

Location: On the parade of shops, next to the Post Office

Despite being in an unassuming place, Take Another Look is a pretty handy place to pick up any bargain pieces of furniture, clothing or any books you might find useful for revision. It certainly beats braving the crowds and queues of Leeds City Centre if you’re in a hurry!

One Stop Queenswood Drive

Address: 58-60 Queenswood Dr, Leeds LS6 3LG


Tel: 0113 275 8264

Location: Next to Take Another Look; around five minutes’ walk north of Queenswood Social Club

This convenience store and post office is one of the best shops in Beckett Park for the essentials such as milk, bread and eggs. It’s also a good alternative to the campus shops and does occasional deals such as two for ones on drinks and fresh foods.

Nightlife and entertainment

Beckett Park is relatively quiet, but if the mayhem of the Otley Run isn’t for you, there are a handful of quiet bars in and around the area. For a more down-to-earth vibe, the Queenswood Social Club is welcoming and serves cheap, good-quality beer without pretence.


The Vesper Gate

Address: Abbey Road, Kirkstall, Leeds LS5 3NG


Tel: 0113 220 0961

Location: Just north of Kirkstall Abbey, towards Hawksworth and half a mile west of Beckett Park

This pub has stunning views of Beckett Park to one side and Kirkstall from the other, while it also has an extensive menu. If you want to watch the football or rugby without paying hand over fist, this is as good a pub as any to pull up a chair, pint in hand before kick-off.

Dough Bistro

Address: 293 Spen Lane, Leeds LS16 5BD


Tel: 0113 278 7255

Location: At the crossroads with Butcher Hill, near the Co-Operative

Although Dough is a little on the swanky side, if you want to celebrate the end of term in style, few local restaurants are as great as this cozy, rustic French eaterie. You’ll find specials, an extensive list of wines and cocktails and light dishes that are a world away from what you might normally expect to eat on a night.

Headingley Campus - Food Court

Address: Campus Central, Leeds LS6 3HJ


Tel: 0113 812 0000

Location: In the Jean Monnet Building, just past the cash machine

This food court has the advantage of being open outside of term time. It’s also the easiest place to grab something quick to eat if you don’t feel like heading off-campus. Sandwiches, wraps, salads, jacket potatoes and other hot dishes are served daily, while you can get discounts using the Food Card.

Green spaces

Beckett Park is the main green space in the area, but it’s not the only one. There are a few nature trails which go through the area, including the Meanwood Valley Trail. Another of note further north is Golden Acre Park, which has stunning views of the countryside from all directions.

Hospitals and emergencies

Laurel Bank Surgery

Address: 216B Kirkstall La, Leeds LS6 3DS


Tel: 0113 295 3900

Location: Around five minutes’ walk west of Headingley Stadium, past the Aire Veterinary Centre

Weetwood Police Station

Address: 300 Otley Rd, Leeds LS16 6RG


Tel: 0113 241 3459

Location: Just north of the roundabout, almost opposite Weetwood Hall. Around half a mile north of the top end of Beckett Park

West Park Dental Care

Address: 289 Otley Rd, Leeds LS16 5LN


Tel: 0113 278 6910

Location: Just near the roundabout where Spen Lane meets Otley Road

Our student accommodation in Beckett Park

Being one of the most attractive parts of Leeds, Beckett Park has some pretty houses, many of which come with great views of the park. There’s a good mix of houses and flats here, so if you’re looking to move here or fancy somewhere a little quieter than neighbouring Headingley, you’re spoilt for choice!

Popular areas around Beckett Park


Right next to Beckett Park, Headingley is one of the best places outside of Leeds City Centre to shop, eat and drink in style with your mates. It’s also a hotspot of sporting activity, being home to Headingley Stadium.


A welcoming residential area of north Leeds, Adel is right on the edge of the city, where you can look out onto the neighbouring Golden Acre Park and the surrounding countryside wherever you turn.

Hyde Park

Just to the south of Beckett Park, Hyde Park is a cultural hub where students can catch a film, see live music and drink real ales, often all on the same night! It’s also a convenient place to live too, full to the brim with local amenities like shops, places of worship and medical centres.

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