About Oakwood

To the south of Roundhay Park, Oakwood is seen as a peaceful, convenient and luxurious place to live. Grand terraces at its northernmost point give way to some impressive 1920’s and 1930’s-built semis, while the modern flats towards the border with Harehills have their own sense of grandeur.

Where is Oakwood?

Oakwood is just over a couple of miles north-east of Leeds City Centre and is directly south of Roundhay. Gledhow is to the north-west while it’s north of Harehills. York is around 22 miles north-east, Harrogate 14 miles north-west and Wetherby around nine miles north north-east.

Why you should buy a property in Oakwood

Buying a property in Oakwood is definitely worth considering because you’ll own an abode in one of Leeds’ most popular areas, particularly with professionals and retirees. You’ll also have a property that will more than likely hold its value, as Oakwood is seen as a respectable, safe and well-connected area.

Who is Oakwood for?

Oakwood is mainly for professional couples and families who want everything on their doorstep - schools, shops, bus routes and so on. It’s also suitable for older couples who like the convenience of being close by to the centre of Leeds, without being in the centre itself. Anyone who wants the luxury of nearby Roundhay but without the premium property prices would be well-served by Oakwood too.

Property architecture in Oakwood

Along Roundhay Road, you’ll find a mix of large red-brick terraces and ones with black roofs dating back a couple of centuries up towards the Oakwood Clock. At the southern end of Oakwood near Harehills Avenue, there is a cluster of new-build flats that have a sort of neo-Gothic look.

Meanwhile, on Easterly Lane, 1920’s and 1930’s semis with pitched roofs and white walls are the norm; they have large back gardens and driveways as standard.

Benefits of buying in Oakwood

By owning a property in Oakwood, you’ll have somewhere that’s in a highly convenient location in relation to major shopping areas, employers and tourist attractions. You’ll also be in a fast-improving area where more people will want to live and work, while your property is highly likely to maintain its value, helped by being so close to Roundhay.

Amenities in Oakwood

Oakwood’s primary schools are Hovingham Primary and Roundhay St John’s. Roundhay School caters for education between the ages of 11 and 18. Shops in Oakwood include a large Tesco supermarket, a Netto which is under construction and a dry cleaners, while there is a post office and a Lloyds Bank on Roundhay Road.

Oakwood Surgery is the local health centre, tucked just behind the Roundhay Road shops. There is car parking space available near Tesco on Roundhay Road, available for people who work there. As for buses, the 12, 13, X98 and X99 go along Roundhay Road to Leeds City Centre; there are roughly 14 per hour between 8am and 6pm on weekdays.

Working in Oakwood

The most prominent sectors in Oakwood employment-wise are retail, tourism, hospitality and law. Tesco are pretty big employers here, with a handful of law firms having bases here too. Michael Lewin Solicitors have their headquarters in Oakwood, while there are a few healthcare firms employing locals as well.

Areas near Oakwood


Just north of Oakwood, Roundhay is an area well-known for its resplendent housing. From the tree-lined splendour of Street Lane to the peaceful areas to the west of Roundhay Park, this is just the place to raise a family in comfort.


A quiet suburb popular with retirees, Gledhow has all of the essentials - shops, a pub, cafes - within a few hundred metres of home. From understated council properties to retirement-ready flats, there’s plenty of choice here.

North Leeds

Straddling the outer ring road, North Leeds takes in several small suburbs and new-build housing estates. Within this part of the city, you’ll come across gated mansions, spacious ex-council properties and even the odd flat with stunning views of the surrounding countryside.