About Kirkstall

Renowned because of two famous landmarks, Kirkstall is a warm, welcoming Leeds suburb that has plenty to offer for families of all sizes, couples and single people looking for somewhere with everything you could need to live and work comfortably. Sat on the banks of the River Aire, it has housing ranging from modest ex-council properties to extravagant period semis.

Where is Kirkstall?

Kirkstall is just over two miles west north-west of the city centre, with Burley to the south and Headingley to the east. It is 7.5 miles east of Bradford, 15 miles south of Harrogate and 25 miles south-west of York.

Why you should buy a property in Kirkstall

Properties in Kirkstall are worth buying because they’re in a safe, secure and friendly part of Leeds, full to the brim with family-friendly facilities. You’re also near one of the main routes into the city - the A65, which is useful should you need to commute to and from work in the city centre. Aside from that, the views of the Viaduct and Abbey greet you at almost every turn!

Area safety and security

Kirkstall is in the Inner North West policing area, which also includes Headingley, Hyde Park and Burley. Kirkstall itself is one of the safer areas here, with the suburb only accounting for 8% of the total crimes here. There is a Neighbourhood Watch scheme on Morris Lane and Hesketh Road, while the main shopping areas are monitored regularly by CCTV.

The nearest police station to Kirkstall is in the city centre. Leeds Central Police Station deals with all manner of crime, should you need to report anything.

Who is Kirkstall for?

Kirkstall is for people looking for all kinds of properties to buy. From the young professional seeking to buy their first ever home to a couple looking for a quiet part of Leeds to spend their best years together, there’s something for just about everyone here. Families in particular will like living in Kirkstall - the expansive parkland and multiple leisure facilities give everyone something to see and do.

Property architecture in Kirkstall

Out towards the River Aire, there is a cluster of converted flats made for students, while there is an ongoing development - Kirkstall Forge - that encompasses modern flats, retail space and office blocks in the same area. Around Kirkstall Lane, there are a fair few rows of Victorian terraced properties with compact front and back gardens.

Elsewhere in Kirkstall, there are a mix of early-20th century semis clad in red brick and whitewash, a handful of high-rise flats and some large detached properties overlooking the Abbey dating back as far as the 1800’s.

Benefits of buying in Kirkstall

Buying a property here will give you somewhere that’s close by to many major retail, health and entertainment facilities, without feeling as if you’re too close. Kirkstall’s housing is also among the safest from crime in Leeds, while you’re guaranteed to be part of a tight-knit community that sticks together when times are tough.

Community spirit, amazing landmarks and plentiful local amenities mean that you’re not left wanting for much when you move in to Kirkstall.

Amenities in Kirkstall

Kirkstall’s primary schools are Beecroft Primary, Kirkstall St Stephen’s C of E and Kirkstall Valley Primary. Abbey Grange Academy is the nearest high school. Shops are located on Kirkstall Hill, along the A65 and in two retail parks - Kirkstall Bridge and on Savins Mill Way. There’s a Morrisons supermarket, while the local post office is on Milford Place near Burley.

Abbey Medical Centre on Morris Lane is the local health centre; it has an adjoining pharmacy. Transport-wise, the nearest train station is Headingley, which is less than a mile from the Kirkstall Road/Kirkstall Hill crossroads. Buses serving Kirkstall include the 49, 50/50A and 33/33A; the first two go up to Kirkstall Hill via Burley and the latter go along Kirkstall Road.

Primary & Secondary Schools near Kirkstall

Kirkstall has a great advantage of the large number of primary and secondary schools located in walking distance with the closest being Beecroft Primary School, approx. 450 yards away.

Primary Schools

Approximate Distance


Beecroft Primary School

450 yards


Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

500 yards


Kirkstall Valley Primary School

800 yards


Kirkstall St Stephen's Primary School

830 yards


Burley St Matthias Primary School

0.6 miles


Spring Bank Primary School

0.6 miles


Brudenell Primary School

0.8 miles




Secondary Schools

Approximate Distance


Leeds City Academy

1.3 miles


Swallow Hill Community College

1.5 miles


Lawnswood School

1.5 miles


Abbey Grange Church of England Academy

1.5 miles

HeadingleyWorking in Kirkstall

Kirkstall’s most well-known industries are education, tourism, retail and hospitality. Leeds City Council are one of the biggest employers, running Kirkstall Abbey, Abbey House Museum and the surrounding park. Morrisons and Dunnes employ a few people here too, as do a handful of small manufacturing firms and local pubs.

Areas near Kirkstall


As Kirkstall’s busier next-door neighbour, Headingley attracts a good mix of young people looking for somewhere fun to live and older couples with kids looking to settle down. Modest terraces and large, mansion-like detached properties are served by a sizeable number of shops and bars.


This often-ignored Leeds suburb has quite a lot going for it. Comparatively low property prices in Burley make this area well worth a look if you’re about to buy your first home, while the good schools and series of small parks make it an ideal place to raise young children.

North Leeds

Spanning as far as Cookridge and Alwoodley, North Leeds is a lush, green and affluent area which is made for people who want to settle down on the edge of the West Yorkshire countryside. The tree-lined streets house large new-builds, spacious semis and the odd period detached property thrown in for good measure.