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Woodhouse Area Guide for Students

A popular choice for those who want to live close to Leeds centre

Woodhouse is becoming a very popular choice for those who want to live close to Leeds centre. With Leeds University and Leeds Metropolitan University only a 5-minute walk away, it is a popular location with students. It offers student accommodation to let which is cheaper than areas such as Headingley making Woodhouse a good choice for those on a budget. Woodhouse is close to Hyde Park Corner so can access the wide range of shops and cafes, including the Hyde Park pub.

About Woodhouse

Right on the edge of the city centre, Woodhouse is as convenient a place to live in as anywhere in Leeds, particularly if you study at either Leeds or Leeds Beckett University. A sprawling park, thriving restaurant and pub scene and wide range of bars and pubs make it a sensible yet fun place to live before and after graduation.

Things to do in Woodhouse

End of the Otley Run

Although it starts all the way up in Far Headingley, the Otley Run reaches its climax right in Woodhouse. The final stretch takes in The Ship, an old boat sitting in front of a multistorey car park that has been converted into a pub! The Eldon is another Woodhouse pub that forms part of the world-famous pub crawl.

Woodhouse Moor

One of Leeds’ biggest parks, Woodhouse Moor has a lot of places to help you take in some fresh air and keep fit. There are basketball courts, a skate park, playing fields and more besides, while the park hosts all sorts of live events, attracting thousands of visitors every year.

Unity Day

Held on a summer weekend every year, Unity Day is a major community event held in Woodhouse Moor to help bring the people of Woodhouse and neighbouring Hyde Park together. There’s live music, street food and fundraising stalls for lots of local charities on display there.



University of Leeds

Address: University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT


Tel: 0113 243 1751

Location: Around 400 metres south-west of Woodhouse Moor, opposite some shops and cafes

Practically in Woodhouse itself, the University of Leeds has a vast range of courses both undergraduate and postgraduate to take. There are several libraries and computer hubs on campus, while there’s also a large student union building and a couple of gyms to head to when you need to take your mind off studying.

Leeds Beckett University

Address: Leeds Beckett University, City Campus, Leeds LS1 3HE


Tel: 0113 812 0000

Location: Just south of the inner ring road and University of Leeds, on Woodhouse Lane

The City Campus is smaller than its next door neighbour, but it has plenty going on nonetheless. A gym, state-of-the-art lecture theatres and seminar rooms, a vast library and a student union building which hosts live music almost every night has every base covered. It’s also in the City Centre, which you could say is convenient.

Working in Woodhouse

Being so close to the city centre, you’re never too far away from a part-time vacancy in Woodhouse. Most of the major recruitment agencies aren’t in Woodhouse itself, but both universities have job services. Roles up for grabs in the area are primarily with bars, cafes and restaurants, with a handful of shops also looking for part-time staff.


Getting around


Woodhouse is effectively split into two parts - one bordering Burley and the other which is just south of Hyde Park. For the Burley Road area near Leeds City College, the 49, 50/50A and 19/19A get you to Leeds City Centre in around five minutes. Nearer Woodhouse Moor, the 1, 6, 28 and 56 get you towards the centre of Leeds and Headingley/Hyde Park.


Leeds Rail Station is just under a mile away from the northern part of Woodhouse and, as such, is the closest to the area. Trains to London King’s Cross take around two and a half hours, with Sheffield, Manchester, York and Hull all being within an hour away.


Sports and leisure

The Edge

Address: University of Leeds, Willow Terrace Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS2 9JT


Tel: 0113 343 5095

Location: Just north of the inner ring road and Clarendon Way, where the LGI is

This sports centre is as futuristic as any in Leeds, boasting all kinds of top-of-the-range fitness equipment in its gym. There’s also an Olympic-sized swimming pool and places to play indoor sports such as badminton and squash.

City Massage

Address: Marlborough Grange, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS3


Tel: 0113 320 3767

Location: Just off Burley Road, opposite the Leeds City College Park Lane Campus

This small massage centre is just the place to go to if you’re nursing an injury or would like some specialist physiotherapy. City Massage specialise in sports massages, so if you’ve picked up a knock after a five-a-side match, they’re there to help.

Woodhouse Community Centre

Address: 197 Woodhouse St, Leeds LS6 2NY


Tel: 0113 245 9610

Location: Near the top right-hand corner of Cinder Moor, just up the road from One Stop

Run by the Oblong group, this community centre puts on all kinds of events including dance classes and yoga. They also have a regular cinema night, screening independent films made locally, nationally or overseas.


Blackwell’s Bookshop

Address: 21 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds LS2 9HJ


Tel: 0113 243 2446

Location: Just opposite the Parkinson Building

This student-friendly bookshop sells all of those useful textbooks you’ll need to see you through your studies, as well as a few other learning essentials and all the bestsellers. They offer discounts for anyone who has an NUS card to hand.

Saver Copier Centre

Address: 167 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds LS2 3ED


Tel: 0113 243 1611

Location: Just a few minutes’ walk from the Parkinson Building

This printing and stationery shop is handily placed between two university campuses. It’s also a cheap place to get those essays, dissertations and research papers printed, bound and made to look professional for when they need to be handed in! Of course, they offer discounts for students too!

Green Apple Pit Stop

Address: 170 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS2 9HB


Tel: 0113 225 2173

Location: Just round the corner from STA Travel

For anyone who’s having problems with their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC, this repair shop is just the place to go without straying too far from campus. They can fix just about any device and offer support once it’s been fixed, no matter how much or how little needs doing.

Nightlife and entertainment

Woodhouse is blessed with a number of old-style and student bars, many of which form part of the Otley Run. The Eldon and Pack Horse are two of the best venues in Woodhouse for live music, while The Library is as student-friendly as pubs come, with cheap beers, special offers on certain nights and DJ sets all part of its offering.



Get Baked Presents: The Joint

Address: 177-179 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS2 9JT


Tel: 0113 244 9097

Location: In a former church, just south of the main entrance to the University of Leeds

The Joint is the place to be if you want to sample some of Leeds’ food legends Get Baked’s infamous burgers and sides. From its huge chicken biftas (giant goujons) to fries topped with just about anything you can think of, it’s as good a place as any in Woodhouse to start your night out!

Opposite Cafe

Address: 26 Back Blenheim Terrace, Leeds LS2 9HD


Tel: 0113 243 1321

Location: Next to the HSBC Bank, opposite the Parkinson Building

This relaxed restaurant is many things - a sandwich bar, cafe and hangout for students eager to escape the hubbub of the universities. It’s also a great place for fairtrade drinks such as coffee, as well as some hugely popular chocolate brownies!

Cafe on Campus

Address: The Lodge, Seminary St, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS2 9NH


Tel: 0113 245 5555

Location: Near Chancellor’s Court and the Garstang Building at the University of Leeds

This cozy little cafe is tucked away in one of the quieter parts of Woodhouse, near to the majestic Woodhouse Square. The menu has all kinds of cheap eats and has the convenience of being practically on the same site as the University of Leeds.

Parks & Green spaces

While Woodhouse Moor is the most prominent bit of green space in the area, there are quiet parts of the University of Leeds worth exploring. Further south, Woodhouse Square and Hanover Square are two leafy enclosed spaces where you’re greeted by examples of fine Georgian and Victorian-era housing and views of the city’s skyline.

Hospitals and emergencies

Leeds General Infirmary

Address: Great George Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 3EX


Tel: 0113 243 2799

Location: Around half a mile south of Clarendon Way, just north of St George’s Church

Leeds Central Police Station

Address: Leeds Central Police Station, Park Street, Leeds LS1 3BY


Tel: 101

Location: Just to the south of Leeds General Infirmary, around half a mile south of the University of Leeds

Woodhouse Health Centre

Address: Cambridge Road, Leeds LS6 2SF


Tel: 0113 305 9000

Location: Just off Woodhouse Street,

Our student accommodation in Woodhouse

Woodhouse has all kinds of student accommodation for individuals, groups and couples. From large terraces to modern flats with a view of the Leeds skyline, all our accommodation is safe, clean and easy to get to by foot, bus or bike.

Popular areas around Woodhouse

Leeds City Centre

Just to the south of Woodhouse and the university district, the centre of one of the country’s biggest cities is packed with shops, bars, restaurants, gig venues and galleries. It also has great links to Woodhouse by foot, bus and car too.

Hyde Park

Another neighbouring area of Leeds, Hyde Park is hugely popular with students because of its location, its bar and cultural scene and student-friendliness. It’s also close to other happening suburbs including Headingley and Meanwood too.


Just to the south of Woodhouse, Burley is famous for its terraced houses and happens to be closer to the university district than you might think! Cozy cafes, plentiful green spaces and the nearby Cardigan Fields complex make this part of Leeds worth living in!

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