Renting in Leeds, What you need to know!
There's a lot of quality accommodation available to tenants looking towards renting in Leeds and the helpful team at Parklane Properties can offer help and advice for every aspect of renting property. In a previous blog post we highlighted what the basic steps are for a tenant to take when looking for rental properties and why having a checklist of important criteria decided beforehand is crucial to finding a property quickly. We also mentioned in that blog post that Leeds has a wide range of quality rented accommodation available and that there are some areas which are more in demand than others with tenants. For anyone who has watched a property programme, the presenters always have a refrain they mention in every single one and that is that before buying or renting a property the most important consideration is, 'location, location, location.'

Those who want homes to rent Leeds city centre

This is also true for those who want homes to rent in Leeds city centre and there are a number of factors that potential tenants should appreciate when looking for somewhere to rent. Again, it's important to have a checklist in mind of suitable areas, for instance they may be closer to work or family than other areas. Some areas also have better public transport links to get around the city while some younger people, professionals and students may prefer to rent a Leeds property in the city centre. There's no doubt that the city centre is hugely attractive and has a wide range of nightlife including bars, pubs and restaurants. Victoria arcade However, Leeds is no different to many other major cities and some areas have higher rates of crime than others. This does not mean they may be unsafe for tenants to live in but research these potential areas carefully. The important thing to remember is tenants with a well-researched and fairly long list of potential areas that are suitable for their needs will have a wider range of quality rented accommodation to choose from.

The potential of house shares in Leeds

Added to this list will be the potential of house shares in Leeds or flat shares which means that the tenant will be sharing the property, or a room within a house, with others. This means the rent will be shared and be much lower than renting a property alone. It should also be appreciated that when a family or a single person are the only tenants within a property then it's considered to be a 'sole tenancy'. Others may find that their ideal property may be a studio flat, for instance, which comprises mainly of a single room that contains the kitchen and bedroom with a bathroom adjoined. There's also the availability of purpose-built accommodation when renting in Leeds which offers mod cons and, generally, all-inclusive bills; these are particularly popular with students but also with young professionals because they are usually located in the city centre and come with impressive bedrooms, security and communal areas for meeting with fellow tenants.

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Published on: 26 Aug 2021