Looking for private lettings Leeds? Here’s our guide to renting property

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Looking for private lettings Leeds? Here’s our guide to renting property

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January 12, 2016 8:57 am Published by
Leeds Clarence Dock

When it comes to finding private lettings Leeds then one of the leading suppliers of quality rented accommodation in the city is Parklane Properties and this is the first part of our guide to renting a property.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice that anyone looking for private rented accommodation should appreciate is that their criteria for renting should be defined as early as possible.

For many reasons, the process between finding a suitable house or flat to rent will be similar to that of buying a property.

This means it’s important that the person looking for rental accommodation in Leeds knows what they are looking for and where they want to live. Leeds is a very large city and some areas are more popular with tenants than others.

It’s also important to understand what amenities are needed to be close by and, more important than that, how much the rental budget is since this will dictate the type and location of the rental property.

When beginning a search for rented property, the turnover of properties is generally quicker than that for properties that are for sale.

Good for private landlords Leeds

While this may be good for apartment to let in Leeds it means that tenants have to move quickly and pounce when a suitable property becomes available.

The next question is how long the tenancy needs to be for? Most landlords offer tenancies of 12 months, some may offer six while others may agree to rent a quality accommodation for longer.

Also, would you like the rental accommodation to be furnished or unfurnished and how many bedrooms do you need?

It should also be borne in mind, even if you are looking for a flat, that there may be a garden attached to the rented property which will need looking after and not all properties have off-street parking.

With this checklist in mind, the next step is to decide how much rent you are willing to pay and stick to the budget.

Looking at a room to let in Leeds

However, many people new to renting do not always take into account all of their potential outgoings which means they may not have enough money to live on. This is one reason why looking at an apartment to let in Leeds makes financial sense because the costs will be much lower.

Also, some properties are advertised at a weekly rental rate which does not mean that is the monthly cost.

Some of the outgoings that may need to be considered are those for insuring the tenant’s belongings, the landlord will be responsible for insuring the building, and the council tax will also need to be paid. Asked beforehand from the landlord or the agent just how much this will cost every month.

Other bills that need to be paid are the utilities including gas, electricity and water though sometimes the water bill is added in with the rent.

It’s also worth remembering that should you be looking for a flat it may be in a block that has a service charge which covers things like cleaning of communal areas and paying the ground rent. Check with the letting agent or landlord before committing to it.

Most rental properties usually require that a month’s rent is paid as a deposit and the tenant should also budget for their removal costs including those of hiring a company to do the work.

Essentially, those are the crucial aspects for anyone looking for private lettings Leeds and the helpful team at Parklane Properties will be more than willing to help with any questions. Contact Parklane Properties today

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