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Student Properties to Rent in Burley

Your student guide to Burley

Neighbouring Hyde Park, Burley is one of the most popular student districts in Leeds. It offers both cheap student housing and great access to the university, so it’s sure-fire winner for anyone moving here to study.                    

Students have everything they need in Burley: accessibility to the university, availability of bars and pubs and close proximity to great entertainment outside of study hours. Cardigan Fields on Kirkstall Road boasts everything from a cinema to fast food restaurants, a gym to cheap supermarkets, so you’ll be sure to have a comfortable life in Burley.

Burley safety and security

Burley is undergoing something of a steady revival, so safety and security there is improving every day. The large student population means that it is a common target for petty criminals, but this is not something that can’t be stopped by the commonsensical locking of your doors.


There’s a train station in Burley (Burley Park) and a range of busy bus routes to get you in and out of the city or to and from university. The 33 and 33A, as well as the 19 and 19A, run through Burley regularly, so you’ll have no issues getting around. 

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Finding student properties to rent in Burley

Burley is one of the most affordable places to live in Leeds, which is one thing that is great for students.

Another is that you’ll be very close to the university, especially to the east of Burley Park, so try to plan your living arrangements around your university requirements and you can’t go wrong.

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