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Guide to Property & Houses for Sale in Chapeltown

About Chapeltown

An inner-city suburb, Chapeltown is one of Leeds’ most colourful and family-friendly areas to buy a property in. With most major roads going into the city centre, it’s within a short commuting distance of many major businesses, while Chapeltown Road’s array of shops and restaurants mean you won’t be too far from some of life’s essentials.

Where is Chapeltown?

Chapeltown is roughly one mile north of Leeds City Centre. Chapel Allerton is to the north and Potternewton and Woodhouse are to the west. In relation to neighbouring towns and cities, Harrogate is 14 miles north, Bradford is just shy of eight miles west and York is 22 miles in a north-eastern direction.

Why you should buy a property in Chapeltown

Compared to other parts of Leeds, properties in Chapeltown are surprisingly good value. Its mix of understated Victorian-era terraces and new-build semis lie in an area populated with many primary and secondary schools, independent shops and a handful of small and medium-sized employers.

Chapeltown also happens to be near a local conservation area too, so it’s greener than many other suburbs of its ilk. On top of that, many properties here are low-maintenance, so if you buy a house or flat here, you won’t need to budget too highly for any renovation work.

Area safety and security

In the past, Chapeltown was viewed as being an unsafe place to live due to anti-social behaviour. However, as part of the Inner North East area of Leeds, the average crime rate is marginally lower than the national average, with 505 crimes reported in Chapeltown and neighbouring areas including Chapel Allerton and Potternewton in November 2015.

The nearest police station is Stainbeck Police Station. It’s in Chapel Allerton, located on Stainbeck Lane near the roundabout on Scott Hall Road.

Who is Chapeltown for?

Chapeltown is highly suitable for young families who want somewhere modest yet spacious to live. Most properties for sale in the area have two or three bedrooms, particularly to the west of Chapeltown Road. Professional couples in middle management roles might also find Chapeltown worth living in; it’s close to the city centre and has a burgeoning nightlife and cultural scene.

Property architecture in Chapeltown

As previously alluded to, Chapeltown has more than its fair share of red-brick Victorian terraced properties. They have slanted roofs, front and back gardens and many have been fitted with double-glazed windows. Towards the Sholebroke Avenue area of Chapeltown, more modern properties exist, although some of them need a little more TLC.

Benefits of buying in Chapeltown

By buying a property in Chapeltown, you’ll have somewhere that will prove to be highly coveted by professionals looking for somewhere convenient and low-cost to live. You’ll also have a place which is in an upwardly-mobile part of Leeds, boosted by new local amenities and a growing social enterprise culture.

Amenities in Chapeltown

Most local services in Chapeltown - the library, health centre and pharmacy - are located in the Reginald Centre, a facility built just a few years ago which has all of that and more in one place. As for shops, many of them are located on Chapeltown Road, leading towards Chapel Allerton. There aren’t any banks, but there is a post office and some convenience stores.

As far as schools are concerned, primaries are Bracken Edge Primary School and Hillcrest Primary School. The Co-Operative Academy of Leeds is the nearest high school. As for transport, there are bus stops along Chapeltown Road, with a dedicated bus lane along that particular route.

Working in Chapeltown

The main employers in Chapeltown include the NHS and Leeds City Council, with the latter running parts of the Reginald Centre and the local schools. As for workplaces, the Leeds Media Centre is popular with a handful of freelancers and digital media firms, being located on Savile Mount. There are also a few factories and offices towards Sheepscar Junction.

Areas near Chapeltown

Chapel Allerton

A hip, upmarket suburb, Chapel Allerton has all a buyer could ask for - plentiful local amenities, outstanding transport links and properties in one of Leeds’ safest areas. It’s a must-visit for prospective homeowners who are high-earning professionals.

Leeds City Centre

If you’re a single person or couple who wants everything on their doorstep, Leeds City Centre is just the place to buy a home. This part of Leeds is perfect for anyone in their 20’s and 30’s who wants to move onto the second or third rung of the property ladder, particularly if you’re in the market for a penthouse.


Popular with students and young professionals alike, Woodhouse has a vast array of properties, ranging from ornate townhouses around Woodhouse Square to ex-council properties that would make for an ideal first home.

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