About Chapel Allerton

A hip, happening suburb of northern Leeds, Chapel Allerton is one of the most upmarket areas of the city, judging by its array of luxury properties and restaurants. It attracts all kinds of buyers and investors, from upwardly-mobile young professionals to couples entering retirement.

Where is Chapel Allerton?

Chapel Allerton is nearly two miles north of Leeds City Centre. It’s just north of Chapeltown, south of Moortown and has Meanwood to the west and Roundhay to the east. It’s about 12 miles south of Harrogate, 23 miles south-west of York and 12 miles away by car to Bradford.

Why you should buy a property in Chapel Allerton

In buying a property in Chapel Allerton, you’ll have a home in one of Leeds’ most popular and desirable areas. You’re only round the corner from a sizeable shopping area, have major parks and recreational areas on your doorstep and are within a reasonable commuting distance to some of Leeds’ major employers.

Here, you’ll find that there’s always demand for rental properties, particularly from young couples who have just found their first jobs. As there are a few major employers here, you’re sure to find professionals who want to live locally to their workplace, which is worth bearing in mind.

Who is Chapel Allerton for?

Couples and families will find Chapel Allerton worth buying a home in. The new-build properties just north of Chapel Allerton Hospital are perfect for younger families, while the older terraces towards the border with Moortown typically have three to four rooms, making them perfect for larger families expecting a new arrival.

If you’re a professional who wants something fun to do on their doorstep, or if you want to bring up your kids in a safe, friendly environment, Chapel Allerton is the part of town to live in. Properties here tend to sell for a little more than in other parts of Leeds, but you get more than a home - you get a lovely neighbourhood on your doorstep.

Property architecture in Chapel Allerton

Along Harrogate Road and Stainbeck Lane, the two main roads in Chapel Allerton, you’re likely to come across large detached houses dating back to the 1700’s, while there are eight listed buildings, many of which are used as homes in and around Stainbeck Corner. Further south near the Lidl supermarket, there are some modest Victorian terraces.

Near Potternewton Lane and Harehills Lane, there is a cluster of new, red-brick detached and semi-detached houses, which have either two, three or four bedrooms; many of them have garages or driveways.

Benefits of buying in Chapel Allerton

By buying a property here, you’re going to have a place where you’ll want to live for a lifetime. Green spaces, shops, restaurants and essential amenities including a hospital are all within walking distance, while you’re never too far away from the centre of Leeds.

If you’re purely into investing into a property in Chapel Allerton, as it’s such a popular area, there’s every chance that it will go up in value. Good road links to the rest of Leeds as well as a host of major employers being based here help to bring tenants and buyers alike into the area.

Amenities in Chapel Allerton

Chapel Allerton has two mid-sized supermarkets - a Lidl and a Co-Operative. It also has a handful of high street banks and several other shops, not to mention a post office. Here, there are two primary schools - Chapel Allerton and St Matthew’s C of E, while the nearest secondary is Roundhay School.

Chapel Allerton Hospital is the nearest hospital, around half a mile south of Stainbeck Corner. The local surgery is Allerton Medical Centre, which is run by the NHS. Chapel Allerton is served by around 14 buses per hour on Harrogate Road at peak times on weekdays and Saturdays, with many of them bound for Leeds, Alwoodley and Roundhay.

Working in Chapel Allerton

Chapel Allerton’s most notable employers are the NHS, who run the local hospital, Lidl, Leeds City Council and Natwest. Healthcare, education, retail, hospitality and finance are the most prevalent sectors, while there is parking available near Lidl and around Stainbeck Corner.

Areas near Chapel Allerton


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