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Haggling With Service Providers To Reduce Your Monthly Running Costs

Most people would associate haggling with any typical car boot sale, market stall or second-hand vehicle dealership, but many consumers are unaware of the significant savings to be made with major UK retailers after a little bartering.

According to Gocompare, 89% of those brave enough to haggle some of the largest retailers in Britain were awarded with benefits from discounted prices to free extras and add-ons.

How to haggle with Service Providers such as Sky, BT, Virgin & More

To begin a successful strategy, it is important to enter the conversation in a polite and approachable manner. Building a comfortable yet realistic relationship with an employee or call centre can be crucial to success.

If you’ve had problems with a service or product purchased from the specific company before however, now is the time to highlight their faults. Whether their customer service has been poor, or products did not live up to expectations, the company are more likely to reimburse your half of the deal if you mention previous hiccups.

There are a number of key phrases involved in haggling that are most likely to result in a positive outcome. Delaying payment with, ‘we need to have a think,’ and ‘is that the best price you can offer?’ will help you achieve reduced prices.

Conducting research into a service or product before starting negotiations with a company will also allow customers to use phrases such as, ‘but … company are offering the same product at … price.’

Who to haggle with

Knowing how to haggle is essential, but knowing who to negotiate with can be hugely important in reducing your costs. From mobile phone companies to insurance providers, here is a breakdown of just some key figures in the haggling business.

Mobile phone suppliershave become prime targets for savvy customers, however there is little room to negotiate when it comes to pay as you go contracts. Pay monthly schemes on the other hand offered a hive of haggling opportunities, but try to get your timing right and barter when they most need you – normally a short time before your current deal runs out.

Insurance companies can further be a good place to minimize your expenses, but require somewhat more research than the previous. To achieve the best outcome, use a comparison site to estimate a maximum price you’re willing to pay, and hold that against your present provider when renewing policies.

Perhaps the most potent area of negotiation, broadband and line rental package customers are constantly on the hunt for the most feasible deals. The important thing is to know your current broadband speed, download limit and usage. Once you’ve got that information, there is significant room for leverage as new deals are entering the market daily. According to MoneySavingExpert, the best retailers to target are Sky, Virgin Media and PlusNet.

How to achieve the best deals from your service provider

Research: Entering a conversation with your service provider can be made much easier with some background information to back up your points. Searching the market to find cheaper prices of the item you desire is key, and often forces companies into dropping their own markups.

The friendly approach: Hurling yourself into haggling with a destructive attitude will pay no dividends in your attempts to reduce your costs, therefore approaching companies in a friendly manner is a must. This may mean beginning your method at a slightly higher price, and working the price down with some charm.

Be confident: Although the idea of haggling for the cheapest deal possible may seem a little embarrassing, the end result of a reduced-cost bill is certainly worth the effort. So to achieve the best outcome, be confident - and enter your haggling with a positive mindset!

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