Where to go in Leeds for Pancake Day
Pancake Day is almost upon us, and as students we don't always have the time to carefully plan and prepare our meals. The likelihood is that, even if you have the time to cook pancakes tomorrow, you probably won't have all the right ingredients in your fridge anyway. If you want to stay traditional on Shrove Tuesday and devour a nice tall stack of pancakes, here are the best places to head in Leeds. Notes Located in the heart of Leeds Trinity shopping centre, Notes Cafe is the first location under this brand name to venture out of its London origin. A speciality coffee shop and wine bar, the selection of food and drink on offer is fairly diverse, meaning that even if not all your party are in the mood for a traditional pancake, you can still head here and satisfy everyone.  Listed on the breakfast menu, the substantial pancake offering costs £5 and comes served with seasonal berries and maple syrup. Enjoy this dish with a fresh coffee as a hearty Shrove Tuesday breakfast. Crepe Hut If you're a fan of thick and fluffy American style pancakes, this might not be the option for you, however if you enjoy your pancakes European style, then The Crepe Hut, nestled away in Kirkgate Market  is the place for you. You'll have the option of going for either sweet or savoury dishes and with heartily sized portions, The Crepe Hut will leave you full this Pancake Day. Greedy Pig This homely Leeds cafe has seen a real growth in popularity over recent years, and a quick search on social media shows you just how good the food is - with many diners choosing to vocalise their great dining experiences onto the web. Located on North Street just outside the main hustle and bustle of the city centre, the independently owned cafe is a great place to head before 3pm to grab a bite. Their signature pancakes are so good that they recently featured in an Independent online article on the expert's guide to pancakes, which includes their bacon & maple syrup and nutella menu options. Primo's Hot Dogs are a true American Classic, and if Primo's are specialising in one American delicacy, it's hardly surprising to see that the restaurant is also an expert  in another American favourite - pancakes. If you;re looking for a cheap price for Leeds pancakes, Primo's is the perfect place to head to enjoy, and with both sweet and savoury options available you can enjoy your 'short stack' however you like them. Topping options are plentiful, and whether you opt for syrup, bacon or fruit, you'll undoubtedly leave the restaurant satisfied . Make sure you plan your trip to Primo's, as the American Pancakes are listed as part of the breakfast menu, meaning that you'll need to order before midday to avoid disappointment.   Image used under creative commons license courtesy of
Published on: 26 Aug 2021