5 top tips to speed up the sale of your property
We know that selling your property can be a big undertaking. It’s vital to show the full potential of your property to prospective buyers and we’re here to help and share with you our top tips for making your property more appealing.
  1. First impressions are everything – it’s often what determines a person’s decision to buy or not. This starts from the outside of the house – any external maintenances such as garden gates, plant pots, your front door and garden hedges need to be best presented. Even the state of your next door neighbour’s property can hinder your kerb appeal! Titivating your outside can help eliminate negative opinions of the inside. For most, the garden is a precious living space, so don’t forget about the back garden too.
  1. Go neutral - paint colour is a personal choice. Play it safe with neutral décor features throughout to prevent buyers being put off by strong colours. The addition of modern lighting can make all the difference as it creates a fresh, modern and cheerful living space.
  1. Clutter free living! At risk of stating the obvious, ensuring that the property is clean is integral in showcasing your property. A thorough clean, especially in the bathroom, kitchen and across all windows, will make your property more inviting. Clearing any general clutter, or rooms that are prone to clutter, will ensure that all areas of the property look as spacious as possible.
  1. Do it yourself! Dig out the tool box and patch up those DIY tasks. Most people aren’t looking to take on a project and by meeting expectations around general maintenance, your property will be much more attractive to prospective buyers.
  1. It’s all about setting the mood! Finishing touches must not be underestimated – candles and plugins are helpful in eliminating odours created from pets and cooking. As well as this, a nice smell will create a pleasant viewing experience and complement the living environment further.
Making small changes are simple yet very effective and can make all the difference in selling your property. If you have any comments or questions about preparing your property for sale, then contact us for further information on: +44 (0)113 237 0000 or LS1@parklaneproperties.com.
Published on: 26 Aug 2021