Top English Cities You Should Visit
Whilst studying in English, you may as well get a feel for some other UK cities. Plus if you are spending most of your time in Leeds, it’s nice to get out of the city and explore other places. You might have to travel a fair amount if you want to see all of these cities, but it will be worth it. It’s difficult to choose a small selection of cities, because there are so many fantastic cities dotted around the UK. However, we have managed to whittle the list down and pick a few of the top cities in England you might want to visit. Check out the cities below and start planning a few trips.


Bath Bath Bath is an absolutely stunning city. The Georgian architect within the city is beautiful. It’s a great place for a weekend getaway, especially as it’s home to one of the most famous spas in the country. Bath has great shopping, a rich history (it’s a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site) and some lovely bars and restaurants.


Regent Street, London Looking onto Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament The UK’s capital had to be included on the list. You can’t spend a significant amount of time in England without visiting London. As well as the endless selection of world famous attractions and landmarks, London boasts world class shopping, an enviable culinary scene and fantastic nightlife. You can easily catch the train from Leeds to London and see all the big tourist attractions such as Big Ben, the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, the Natural History Museum and Buckingham Palace.

Brighton Brighton

Brighton If you are after a quirky, unique city with a friendly atmosphere, head straight for Brighton. Brighton is on the seaside, and is a very laid back, alternative city with a unique personality. It has great shopping, plenty of interesting places to eat out and some funky bars and clubs. Make sure you visit the Brighton Pier, wander around the Lanes and visit the Brighton Marina.

Oxford Oxford

Oxford Oxford is a very traditional and classic English city. It’s home to the prestigious Oxford University (the oldest University in the English speaking world), and has lots of historical landmarks to uncover. It’s a picturesque city with many different things to see and do. First there’s the shopping and selection of cafes and restaurants, then there’s the impressive historical landmarks such as the Bodleian Library, Oxford Museum of Natural History, the Pitts Rivers Museum and the Sheldonian Theatre, to name a few.


Bristol Bristol   Bristol is a very up and coming city, that’s risen in popularity in recent years. It used to be an industrial city, but it has managed to completely reinvent itself. Bristol is edgy, creative and cultural. It’s fast becoming one of the most popular cities to visit in the UK. Eat in local cafes, listen to live music, browse art galleries, uncover museums and test out the excellent culinary scene. Some of the best things to do in Bristol include climbing the Cabot Tower, going over the Clifton Suspension Bridge, chilling out in the Harbour, visiting the Bristol Zoo and discovering the At Bristol Museum.  
Published on: 26 Aug 2021