Top 15 Essentials To Take To University
Packing up and heading to university can fill you with a mix of emotions; excitement, apprehension and you might even get a little nervous. However you feel, the last thing you want is the feeling you’ve forgotten to pack something. So, here’s your Top 15 essential things to take to uni!


This bad boy is about to become your new best friend. You’ll use it for everything at uni, from doing your coursework, organising the next night out,Skyping your parents or friends from back home, ordering a Dominos to binge-watching a series in bed.


Nothing feels as homely as a comfy bed. Whether you opt for some new bed sheets or take your favourite ones from home, you’ll want to make your new bed in halls a great place to be. Get some extra pillows for film nights, an extra blanket for cold winter nights.

Alarm Clock

This may seem old fashioned, but your phone just doesn’t cut it as an alarm clock. You will need to get up for those lectures, so you’ll need something you can rely on.

Kitchen bits and bobs

You’ll need lots of kitchen items such as cutlery, pans, mugs, shot glasses…. but essentially you need to know how to cook. A decent cookbook goes a long way at uni as it will give you some great ideas, quick guides to timings or at the very least you’ll get to impress your new housemates with a nice slap up meal!


A weird one maybe, but an open door is a much more welcoming one to help you make new friends in halls.


No matter how much fun you’re having at uni, there will be days where you’ll feel a little homesick. Photos are a great reminder of people who you care about as well as a cheap way to decorate your room.

Pack of cards

A pre-drink essential! Armed with these you’ll be sure to break the ice and have a good laugh before you hit the bars.

Important documents

These are a serious essential. Your uni will ask you to bring various documents and forms of ID – make sure to double-check if you’re not sure.

Extension Leads

Your student room will have a couple of plugs but there certainly won’t be enough to plug in everything you have.

Fancy Dress Outfits

Having a go to bag of fancy dress knick-knacks can be a lifesaver. There’s guaranteed to be parties and Student Nights with different themes so bring whatever you have!

Small Suitcase

This will come in handy when you want to visit your other friends at different unis or go home from time to time.


Great for parties or listening to music whilst you’re revising, cooking or chilling in your student digs.

USB stick

You’ll need to back up files and print off loads of essays at uni so hold on tight to your memory stick.

Student Discount Cards

Save money where you can. You can get student cards for travel, clothes and drink deals


Keep up with your lecture timetables, deadlines, nights out and those all important holidays!
Published on: 26 Aug 2021