The perks of city living
When moving into years two and three of your student life, you begin to take control of your ideal living location. Whilst some prefer to locate themselves in the trendy suburbs of Headingley, there are plenty who prefer to stay central and enjoy all the benefits of living in the city. If you're weighing up your options, take our advice on board before you make a decision. Convenience There are plenty of housing options when it comes to being a student in Leeds, however if it's convenience you're after, not much can beat a city centre apartment. If you have lectures at the central Leeds campus, then it's always a bonus to live in such close proximity to classes, and also means you won't have to get up that half hour earlier and catch a bus or train.  You have easy access to everything, from Leeds' favourite restaurants to the abundance of city centre shops. City campus As we've mentioned above, if you're at Leeds Met and have lectures in the Rose Bowl, or if you're a Leeds University student heading to campus, you have easy access from your city centre pad. It means you have everything on your doorstep and get to burn off your lunchtime calories through the quick walk to and from university. If you're a studious worker and spend large amounts of time in the library, being a short walk away is great and means you won't have to take any transport when you need to head to the library. Transport Headingley and Hyde Park are well connected suburbs, especially when it comes to finding a quick ride into the city; however for the majority of transport links, you can't beat the city. Whether it's to be able to catch a long train back home, or if you have friends calling round to your flat for a flying weekend visit, being so close to one of the countries busiest railway networks is a great bonus. Cool living style It can be fun and exciting to live in a shared house, and that's the option many students take in later years of university life. However if you're looking for a lifestyle in the city that oozes a cool vibe, getting an apartment either individually or with friends is the option to go for. The bright lights, stunning views and city centre hustle and bustle  is a huge lure to students and with properties like The Triangle in Leeds, you'll have a contemporary living space you can truly enjoy and brag to your friends about. Entertainment Headingley is great for entertainment, however outside of the main student streets of Otley Road and Headingley Lane, your options for restaurants, bars and shops become somewhat limited. Leeds is unrivalled when it comes to entertainment, and it's no surprise that tourists come from far and wide to visit the city on weekend breaks. With cultural offerings on show at the likes of the Grand Theatre, an abundance of high quality restaurants, stylish bars and unrivalled shopping options, you'll never find yourself at a loose end when it comes to entertainment. Nightlife A huge part of student life is the social aspect of making friends and enjoying yourself. Having a city centre base means that whether you're wanting a few friends round for a fun night in, or whether you plan on heading out to party, the fact that you're within walking distance of Leeds' evening hotspots means you won't have the extra cost of a taxi home when it's time to hit the hay for some sleep.
Published on: 26 Aug 2021