The best steak restaurants in Leeds

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The best steak restaurants in Leeds

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August 24, 2016 2:59 pm Published by

Sometimes when you’re heading out for a meal, you just want to find a nice grill and enjoy something as simple but delicious as steak and chips. When it comes to steakhouses, Leeds has them in abundance and you’ll be spoiled for choice if you’re wanting to head out for a simple, hearty meal. You aren’t short on choice when it comes to steak in Leeds, but below are three hugely popular options in Leeds city centre.


If you’re a regular in Leeds city centre, then there’s a good chance you’ve walked past Gaucho and never even realised it’s there; which also means you’ve no idea of the delightful culinary experience that you’re missing out on. Situated on Park Row, across the road from the renowned Bierkeller, the restaurant is easily locatable just below road level. An Argentine Steak Restaurant dedicating itself to all things cow, Gaucho has received glowing reviews from critics and customers alike, and is definitely one of Leeds’ high end dining venues.

Restaurant Bar and Grill

Restaurant Bar and Grill, situated on Leeds’ City Square isn’t a dedicated steakhouse, however the quality of the cuts on offer along with the overall ambiance of the place means it eases onto our list. Restaurant Bar and Grill offers customers classic seasonal dishes, with amazing steaks and an assortment of exquisite sides. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to the drinks menu, but we recommend one of their brilliant cocktails. Serving only the very best, natural, British beef reared on selected farms, the restaurant takes great pride in putting out a top quality product.


A true haven for meat lovers in Leeds, Fazenda is a high end dining experience that leaves you bursting at the seams. Priced at either £16 and £19 per person for lunch, or £25 to £28 per person on an evening, Fazenda offers an all you can eat steak meal, complete with a complimentary salad and cured meat buffet. Described as a Rodizio Bar and Grill, Fazenda offers a menu containing seven different cuts of beef, cooked in a traditional Brazilian style. Located in one of Leeds’ trendiest locations, the restaurant has a stunning view over Granary Wharf and the surrounding area is filled with bars and wine bars for you to move onto after eating.

Other honourable mentions

Blackhouse Grill on the Square
Located on East Parade, the Grill on the Square is one of Leeds’ most popular weekend dining spots. The grill nature of the restaurant means you aren’t only limited to steaks, with traditional favourites such as fish and chips and pork belly; however if you’re a meat fan, we advise you don’t pass up on a juicy ribeye.

Miller and Carter
One of Leeds’ newest steak restaurants, Miller and Carter has a prime city centre location on the outer edge of The Light. The expansive feel inside the restaurant creates a very laid back atmosphere, so if you’re after a place to relax with a bottle of wine and enjoy a substantial evening meal, Miller and Carter is the place for you.

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