Student wins entire year’s rent for £12

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Student wins entire year’s rent for £12

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January 27, 2016 8:33 am Published by
student competition for free rent

Imagine waking up to a phone call telling you that you don’t have to pay rent for an entire year. That would be pretty awesome right?!

Well that’s what happened to first year Hospitality Leadership and Management student Katie, who entered our competition when she visited our Headingley office and signed for a summer 2016 tenancy with us. Along with our current tenant, Jack, who was surfing Facebook one day and entered via our entry page!

When we spoke to Katie, she had just found out the news, which of course hadn’t quite sunk in yet. We asked her what she would do with the money- treat herself shopping or head on holiday? No! Katie is wisely going to make use of the free rent and put money aside for her third year when she hopes to study abroad in America.

£1 competition winner Katie
Katie will be moving into a house with six people for her second year and can’t believe she won’t be paying anything towards it. What a way to go into your second year!

First year student, Jack, also had good news from us. He is our December winner of a month’s rent for just £1! Jack studies Product Design and has planned a Leeds shopping spree and paintballing with his mates.

As Jack missed out on getting into (grotty) student halls for his first year, he has been living in one of our newly-refurbished houses with a group he hadn’t met before, but now considers them great friends. We wonder how many drinks will be on his tab this month!?

£1 competition entry

Both stressed to us how important it was to live in Leeds as a student. Jack said “It’s so nice to know that the majority of people around are in the same position as you because of the universities, it’s a great place to live!”

They both found the competition really simple and quick to enter, and it was definitely worth it!

Get entering now as we will be giving 11 more people the lucky chance to save on a month’s rent! In Leeds the average rent has increased by 2% to a record high £552, so think of what you could save thanks to Parklane!

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