Student life isn’t as easy as it appears
There are a lot of misconceptions about uni life, and students. The media doesn’t always paint a pretty picture of student behaviour, and most people think that University is a breeze. For some people that may be the case, but uni is certainly not a walk in the park for everyone. You can choose to work as hard as you like at uni, you don’t have to spend the entire time partying. Everyone is different, and not all students want to get drunk every night. Uni can also present students with lots of challenges, it’s not all plain sailing. Here’s why student life isn’t always as easy as it appears.

It’s your first time away from home

For a lot of people, going to uni will be their first time away from home. This is a big change to deal with and not everyone finds it easy. A lot of students get home sick and struggle away from the safety of their parents. It might take more time for some students, but you do settle in eventually, and you can always plan a trip home if you need to.

Studying for a degree can be really hard

There’s a common assumption that students don’t really do much studying, and have hardly any lectures to attend. Each degree varies significantly, and some subjects can be particularly tough. Exams are stressful and you constantly have deadlines creeping up on you. Students most definitely party hard, but many also work very hard too.

There’s a lot to juggle

People don’t realise that students actually have a lot to juggle. You have to study for a degree whilst making new friends, settling into a new place, trying to decide what career path to take and find ways to get work experience. Yes there might be times where you go out a lot or have plenty of lazy days, but that’s certainly not the whole picture.

You have to manage your money

Living on a student budget can be challenging. You have to somehow make your student loan last, and cover all your expenses including travel, rent, tuition fees and food. It takes time to figure out clever ways to save money and how to manage your finances properly.

You might face challenges and have low points

Not everything goes to plan when you are at uni. Some students have to deal with personal issues, illness and stressful situations during the course of their degree. Not everyone is out partying having a fantastic time. You might have some tough times at uni, but there’s plenty of support. Most uni’s have a counselling service and people you can go to for help and guidance.

Making friends isn’t always easy

Some people make friends instantly and have no problems socialising with a new group of people. Others find it much harder, and may take longer to form solid social bonds. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure to find new besties straight away. Building lasting friendships takes time. Struggling with life at Leeds uni? Click here to find out more about the counselling service.
Published on: 26 Aug 2021