Meet the Team at Parklane
We are an award winning lettings agency in Leeds. Last year, we won the Sunday Times Letting Agency of the Year Award. Since then we have dominated the Leeds letting market, becoming the number 1 estate agent in Leeds City Centre. We have interviewed some of our staff to give you an insight into our work, and the talented experts who help us to deliver a first class service. Find out what it’s like to work for us and more about the work that we do from Jade Neville and Jamie Hilsden. Jade Neville – Property Consultant Jade Neville Please tell us a bit about yourself and your job role at Parklane Properties? I have been working for Parklane Properties as a property consultant for just over a year. My job as a property consultant requires me to oversee a portfolio of Leeds City Centre and North Leeds properties. I manage these properties on behalf of our clients, and strive to deliver a first class service. My day to day work as a property consultant involves a wide range of tasks, from dealing with property maintenance issues and regular inspections to managing move-ins and move-outs. Why did you choose to work for Parklane Properties? Prior to working for Parklane I worked in the retail sector. I wanted to enhance my customer service skills and work for a more challenging industry where I would be tested more. I decide to take the leap, and I applied for a job at Parklane. I wanted to work here because it’s such a prestigious and highly respected letting agency in Leeds and feel it’s the right company to progress my career at this point. Why would you recommend living in Leeds to people? After living in Leeds for a year, I have fallen in love with the city. It’s a vibrant, exciting city with so much to see and do. The city is constantly being enhanced with new developments, which means it has excellent facilities. Even though Leeds is a major city, everything is surprisingly close together. You can easily get to everything on foot, which obviously makes my job a lot easier! Based on your expert knowledge of the city, where do you think is the best place to live in Leeds? I would say Leeds Dock is a popular area in the city, many professionals live in this area as it’s conveniently located. Personally, I also like West Point. Both of these locations are close to the bustling city centre, and are within easy reach of popular bars and restaurants, and close to transport links. What sets Parklane apart from other letting Agencies? I think the main reason why so many people chose us over other agencies is due to our reputation in the area. We pride ourselves on the high level of customer service we offer our customers, and this is reflected in the awards and reviews that we receive. We work extremely hard for our clients to get the right rental price for their property and the best possible tenants for landlords. What’s the best thing about working at Parklane? I love working at Parklane because it’s a family run business, and it shows. Everyone here is very friendly and welcoming, and they make me feel like a valued member of the team. Having this support and being in a job I thoroughly enjoy has made moving to Leeds much easier. I particularly enjoy working in a small, close knit office where everyone if prepared to help each other out. Jamie Hilsden – Sales Negotiator Jamie Hilsden Please tell us a little about yourself and your job role. I am the Sales Negotiator, which means I look after our sales portfolio. My job mainly consists of helping buyers to find the best possible place to live, or invest. I spend a lot of my working day out on viewings, which gives me a first-hand view of the property market in Leeds. Why do you like working in this industry and in particular, at Parklane? One of the main reasons I enjoy working at Parklane and in the property sector is the people I get to meet. My job enables me to interact with a wide range of different people, which means every day is interesting. I love meeting new people and the satisfaction that finding them the perfect property brings me. I really get to know buyers and take on board their specific needs, it’s an important part of my role. I also work in a small team which allows me to give a personal service to all of our clients and customers. Why would you recommend your company to people over others? Again, I think the main reason why someone would choose us is the personal service we offer. People really do notice the high level of service that Parklane Delivers, which has been a key ingredient to our success over the years. I work hard to find out exactly what customers want, so that viewings can be tailored to their specific needs. Why is Leeds such a great city to live in? I, like many other people, studied at Leeds University and after graduating, I never left the city. It’s the kind of city that leaves its mark on you, because it has so much to offer. I particularly like the selection of restaurants and bars in Leeds. There’s always new and exciting places popping up over the city. I also like the fact that I can escape the city and get out to the beautiful surrounding countryside whenever I want. Another key selling point about Leeds is that everything is within walking distance, you can walk from one end of the city to the other within 20 minutes. The regeneration of the City is constantly improving the centre and changing it for the better. It is definitely the place to be! Give us an insight into an average day in your life. I am very lucky because every day is different, which means it’s difficult for me to define an ‘average day’. I get to do a huge variety of things including spending time in the city centre and helping buyers to find their dream property. One day I might be spending time in a penthouse apartment, and another day I might be on a building site advising on the off plan units we have available for sale. My job can be pretty hectic at times, but personally, I really enjoy the variety. How do you like to spend your time outside of work? I am a big fan of the Leeds Rhinos, so I obviously try to go to as many games as I can. Leeds is big on sport, which is something I love about the city. You can also find me in the kitchen as I enjoy cooking and keeping fit in the gym.
Published on: 26 Aug 2021