How to Make the most of Tiny Student bedrooms
Sometimes we draw the short straw and get the box room in the University house and hall rooms are never that big – you’ll just have to get used to the single bed life! Here’s how to make the most of your small student room. 


Before moving every item in, really think about whether you need it, too many items will make it feel too cramped. Maybe it’s time to leave the teddies back home; you’ll want to seem more grown up to your new housemates anyway. Also donating to a charity will make you feel better or to a new housemate if they want anything!

Look on the bright side

You have done your housemates a favour, so you can use it to your advantage, at least for a while. Therefore, grab the TV remote and settle down (as you couldn’t fit a TV in your room) whilst they guiltily agree they love EastEnders. Furthermore, they say the best things come in small packages, so maybe your room could turn out amazing if you put your mind to it. Furniture can easily be moved around, ask your housemates what makes the room look bigger – it’s actually better to not put furniture right up against the wall as sometimes placing it in the middle or at an angle can make it look more spacious. Changing it around every term could also make it a fun place to be and it’ll seem like a new room if you do small things like mover the bed. Also a tiny room will probably make you not stay in your room the whole time, which a good thing as you’ll be known as the sociable one and it’s always a great idea to get out and about..

Take it in turns

You could firstly discuss it and ask if people would be willing to change rooms every term, although sometimes that’s a lot of hassle. However, your housemates may be willing to negotiate a reduction in rent for the smallest room as that’s only fair.


Mirrors! They reflect the space and add light, visually expanding the room. Ikea is a definite place to add to the shopping list, it’s a place to explore with good deals and ranges of furniture that will fit in all sorts of place, for example a table that fits in a corner maximises the space even more. Choosing furniture that is see-through also makes the space seem much bigger, such as a glass table or selecting a smaller piece of furniture such as a bean bag instead of a chair. Smart storage is also the way to go as having a storage box underneath your bed or hanging a shoe rack to hang on the back of your door easily adds to your storage space. Finally, make sure it’s not dark, including having dark colours as this only adds to smallness. Lighting will help, so add some fairy lights – but make sure they’re battery powered as you don’t want to annoy your housemates with a huge electricity bill.

Wall space

Wall space is also useful, add some stick on hooks, as usually holes in the wall aren’t allowed in rented rooms and stick some shelves up or picture frames – anything you want. Also add some posters of the outside world, your favourite places, to pretend you’re in a distant land elsewhere. Wall stickers are also a fun way to add a personal touch and they peel off easily for when you leave Good luck and have fun, these times will only happen once – make the most of it!
Published on: 26 Aug 2021