How to Make the Most of Student Open days
University open days aren’t just a chance to see a new city, but they can be an opportunity to get a real feel for a university campus if utilised effectively. As these open days are limited, it is essential to plan ahead in order to make the most out of your time in attendance, and allowing yourself an adequate time schedule can also benefit your involvement. There is no time to waste, so prepare yourself prior to your visit and employ these straight-forward methods to ensure the best results from your open-day experience…


When visiting a new university campus, it is essential to familiarise yourself with an array of relevant people. Networking with university lecturers, union personnel, as well as past and present students will allow you to grasp an overall perspective on your specific course but also the campus and city themselves. Speaking to fellow students will further provide you with the opportunity to gather an in-depth review on your chosen course, but also compare the university with others. If you are lucky enough to meet a present student who had visited other open days previously, why not ask them how the courses compared?


You’ve met the right people, so now is the time to ask the right questions. These questions will provide you with a route in to attain personal thoughts on your chosen course, the university campus and the city itself.
  1. University lecturers and personnel – ask them to prove their worth! By asking them about the grades that past students attained and what qualifications you will achieve within your new degree, you can gather an idea of what personal benefits you would gain.
  1. Past graduates – Ask past graduates whether they would recommend the course to new students. If they had the chance to return to the university degree, would they return?
  1. Current university students – These are the most important people to pester with lots of questions! Ask them how the course is run, the module options and assignment tasks that it entails, and importantly the social life – is there a vibrant nightlife, the recommended accommodation and what sporting facilities are there to get involved in.

Visiting Facilities

On top of meeting new people and asking a variety of questions, you need to ensure that you visit all the facilities that the university has to offer. Visiting these facilities will allow you to gather a feel for how your lectures and seminars will take place, and the equipment available to your course. The library, student union and course-specific buildings are a good place to start, as they will be where you will be spending most of your time when you’re not out socializing. Once you have covered those areas, try finding out information on the sporting facilities such as the university gym, if that’s your thing. Finally, visit the student accommodation! If you’ve asked the right questions to current students you have met, you should already have a good knowledge of the best places to see.

Student Life

The social life of university is just as important as the academic aspect for most students nowadays, so exploring what the city has to offer is therefore crucial to a successful open day experience. Enquire about the nightlife, shopping facilities and places to eat/drink, and even transport for those mornings where walking to campus is just too much of a strain on your schedule! You can always use your networking methods to your advantage, and ask a present student to show you around the city centre and its amenities.
Published on: 26 Aug 2021