Leeds’ best craft beer bars

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Leeds’ best craft beer bars

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July 29, 2016 12:35 pm Published by
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Over recent years, the popularity of craft beers from independent micro brewers has rapidly increase. Now, when heading out for a drink with friends or family, many look to sample something a little different from the mass produced lagers on offer in common commercial areas. In an effort to bring true taste back to beer drinking, many have turned to smaller named specialised craft drinks which blend more sophisticated tastes with a more delicate brewing process. If you’re wanting to meet up with friends in Leeds, or just head out to sample some of the best craft beers available in Leeds, make sure you check out these spots.

North Bar

Describing itself as one of the original pioneers of the Leeds bar boom, North Bar is located in the burgeoning Northern Quarter of the city, which is fast becoming the must visit destination, with some of Leeds’ trendiest craft serving bars. With around 130 different beers on offer, you’ll have plenty of choice to broaden your drink horizons. The choices do vary seasonally and the rotation attempts to provide as much choice as possible.¬† The bar’s popular draught selection includes one of America’s trendiest new imports on tap. Brooklyn Brewery has seen a huge rise in popularity since the bottled lager was first introduced to bars in the UK, and many different variations of the brewery’s offerings can now be found all over the city. At North Bar, their lager can be found on tap, and many other of their brews can be bought in bottle form. Joining the American import on tap is one of Germany’s best drink offerings, Erdinger, along with many other micro brews.


Scottish craft beer producer Brewdog began life with just two brewers in their original Aberdeen set-up, however after just seven years, their bars can now be found as far afield as Sao Paulo and Stockholm.  With locations all throughout the UK, Brewdog explains that its Leeds bar is honoured to join a growing swell of independent craft beer meccas poised to unshackle the city from the drudgery of the mainstream. Offering everything from a tasty but relatively safe Punk IPA, all the way to a daring Clown King at 12% ABV and Dog B at 15.1% ABV. Their mission of providing craft beers that distinguish themselves from the mainstream, whilst also resurrecting a punk music revival sees their city centre locations buzzing with activity on most weekends.

The Pit

The Pit has gained a reputation as one of Leeds’ favourite American barbecues, and with good reason. The popularity of the restaurant, along with competitors like Reds True Barbecue shows that Leeds’ love of slow cooked meat is growing. If you’re just wanting a drink, The Pit is still a great place to go. An enticing selection of American craft beers await you on draught, such as popular favourites from the Shipyard Brewing Company, and another offering from Brooklyn – their Pennant Ale ’55. The bottled selection is equally as impressive, with an assortment of options from around the globe, such as Schneider Weisse Wheat from Germany, Anchor Steam from San Francisco and British options from Thornbridge.


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