How to kick start your career whilst studying

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How to kick start your career whilst studying

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May 9, 2016 11:56 am Published by
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The career world is more competitive than it’s ever been, which is why now, as a student, is a great time to start building on your employability skills. University is a great place to begin to get ahead on enhancing your CV, as there are so many great opportunities around you. That way you can leave with the best possible chance of getting the job you want and kick start your career.

Here are some tips to help transform yourself into the ideal job applicant. giving you the edge in your future job hunt.

Work Experience

Taking on work experience whilst at university is a great way to develop your CV and also great for figuring out your career path. Many Universities offer a sandwich course, which takes place over four years at degree level, with work experience or foreign studies normally taking place in your third year. This is great option if you feel like work experience on top of your studies is too much because this way the work experience is incorporated within the course.

Part-time job

Taking on a part-time job is good if you want to build up skills to put down on your CV, also you get paid, this may suit you more than work experience if you need some extra money to keep you going whilst at university. Even if you just get a job in retail, you’ll pick up skills such as, communication skills, time management and working under pressure, all of which can be very valuable to employers.

Social Media

If you want to be taken seriously in the workplace, you need to make sure all your social media is squeaky clean, even a few pictures of a shameful night out can damage your chances of getting the position you want. So whilst you’re at university, make sure you regularly clear out anything employers will view as unprofessional.


Start building a network of contacts now by attending networking events, getting involved in career based societies and putting yourself out there by signing up to sites such as ‘LinkedIn’. This may be a little daunting at first but by doing this and by asking questions and contributing an intelligent opinion on industry-relevant debates you’ll start to get your name recognised.

Student Societies

Joining a society opens up so many opportunities as they offer so much. By joining societies, you can develop skills such as communication and teamwork, these are skills employers won’t be able to pick up on by just looking at your course.

It’s also good for picking up contacts which may be of use in the future. Also, why not start a society yourself, or even get involved in the student union, it will show you have leadership skills, which employers will see as potential. Here’s a list of societies you can join at Leeds uni.


Volunteering for a charity or campaign is a great way of boosting your future employability and is also for a good cause. Volunteering demonstrates a lot of transferable skills and also gives you a personality which employers like to see, it shows that you’re passionate and dedicated which is ideal for increasing your chances at kick-starting a career.

Employability Schemes

Over 80 universities have started putting together programmes with their careers department to award students for dynamically developing their employability and figuring out what to do career-wise.

Joining schemes like these will give you a framework in which give you the motivation you need to get your employability act together. These schemes also require you to document your journey in a self-reflective report that encourages you to keep track of your achievements and learn how to explain them clearly in an interview scenario.

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