Five apps students shouldn’t be without

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Five apps students shouldn’t be without

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October 13, 2016 10:37 am Published by
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With the ever growing popularity of tablets, and the steady decline in PC sales, the final quarter of 2013 is expected to see tablet sales exceed desktop and laptops combined. With this in mind, and considering how the modern student is never separated from their tablet or smartphone, we have compiled what we believe to be a list of must have apps for students. Here is our top five free apps.


While it may not be as exciting as Angry Birds, this app could prove to be just as vital to the student regime. Dropbox is a cloud based, file syncing tool which enables you access to your documents regardless of what computer or device you’re working from. With limited individual storage space provided by universities, Dropbox offers the perfect solution allowing all work to be saved in a central location and retrieved from any device. It also allows for editing on the go (providing you have internet access), which can prove very handy if you find you have some spare time whilst waiting for a train or sat in a coffee shop.

The Cloud FastConnect

Wi-Fi is up there with food and water when it comes to student necessities, but when you’re out and about it’s not always the easiest thing to come across. Many establishments such as coffee shops, pubs and train stations offer free Wi-Fi to the public via The Cloud. There are thousands of hotspots all over the country and The Cloud FastConnect app helps you find them telling you exactly who’s supplying them and how far away they are. Also, once you’ve signed up, the app will automatically connect your smart device to the Wi-Fi once you’re in range. You’ll never have to be without Facebook and Twitter again.

Mobile Banking (NatWest/Lloyds/Barclays/Santander)

Despite the lack of it, students often find that money is hard to keep track of. Fortunately, pretty much every bank has its own app which enables you keep on top of your accounts. You can pay bills, transfer money between accounts or even just experience the joy seeing your student loan come in. Using your card as a student often means you struggle to keep track of your spends, but with mobile banking now on your smartphone, you’ll know exactly what you’ve got left to spend.


Most students will tell you that saving a note as a text message draft is more than sufficient for the needs of today’s young academic. However this free app is much better for note taking and its strength lies in its versatility. Not only can you just save notes, but you can also save webpages and pictures to it and then organise them into folders. You can also sync them to all your devices so no matter what piece of tech you’re sporting that day, you’ll never be without those important musings.


Wikipedia is a student’s best friend. Throughout school Wikipedia proved that no homework was completely undoable and this is no different now you’re at university. The Wikipedia app displays the incredibly popular online encyclopaedia in a neat and mobile friendly way which makes it very user friendly. The app also allows you to save articles for offline viewing and is very useful to have.

Whether your needs are social, leisure or work related, there are a range of apps out there designed to make life easier for students. These are just some examples of the apps out there that we’d recommend, in order to save you the time of trawling through the app store.Have we missed out your favourite app? If we have, let us know what it is and why you couldn’t be without it.


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