The Dirty dozen: Leeds best burgers… and where to devour them!
If you had a pound for every burger joint in Leeds, you’d be pretty well off. Yes, every other restaurant seems to offer the promise of the perfect gourmet burger these days so choosing where to go and what to have can be something of a minefield – talk about first world problems. To help you out, we’ve handpicked 12 of our favourites – we like to call it the dirty dozen:

Butter Blood and Bleu – Almost Famous

Featuring a mouth-watering 100% beef patty, steak, chorizo, cheese, trailer trash onions, peppercorn sauce, blue cheese sauce, red chillies and magic mayo, this absolute belter of a burger is a carnivore’s delight. Once you go Butter Blood and Bleu, you don’t go back. Munch down with LoveHate Marmite fries and an ice-cold pint of Danger and Mayhem.

Where to find Almost Famous

River Phoenix – Almost Famous

Named after the late Hollywood star (despite the fact he was a vegan), the second Almost Famous offering on our list comes with a juicy beef patty, cheese, streaky bacon, shoestring onions, Frazzles, red chillies, Redneck BBQ, Bacon Bacon mayo and Winning ketchup. Absolute perfection and the best thing is, this one is available on Deliveroo for those too lazy to drop in.

The Juicy Lucifer – Reds True Barbecue

If you’ve got a mouth made from asbestos and like it hot, then you would be a fool to pass on the awesomeness of Reds mighty Juicy Lucifer. This devilish creation consists of two patties with a melted three cheese spicy centre, smoked peppered bacon, fired onions, pickles, fresh jalapenos, Dirty Sauce, Ballpark Mustard, Devil Wing BBQ sauce and fired up fries. Not for the faint hearted.

Where to find Red's True Barbeque

Heisenburger – Get Baked Presents The Joint

Get Baked are simply the business when it comes to takeout gourmet burgers and their bestselling Heisenburger is one of their finest creations. Featuring blue cheese and delicious candied bacon, the beef patty is one of the juiciest you’re likely to find. Wolf down with some Five-O fries and you’ll die and go to burger heaven.

Where to find The Joint


PBJ – Get Baked

So nice, we name checked them twice. Yes, Get Baked are simply too good to only mention the once and the PBJ is the burger that Elvis would be putting in a triple order for. The beef pattie is accompanied with American cheese, crispy bacon and crunchy peanut butter with BBQ sauce – sounds a bit wrong but it’s oh so right.

The Moozadell – Boss Burger

Voted ‘the best burgers in the UK’ on TripAdvisor, Boss prove that sometimes keeping things relatively simple can be a winning formula. The Moozadell burger features mozzarella, slow roast peppers, caramelized onions, rocket and house made Boss mayo. Enjoy with a side serving of sweet potato fries.

Where to find Boss Burger

Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger – Five Guys

If you prefer to avoid fussy toppings and keep it simple, then you can’t beat a good Five Guys cheese burger topped with bacon and salad. The high-grade Irish beef packs some flavour and the Cajun house fries cooked in peanut oil are possibly the best chips you’ll ever have. Pick up a bottomless soft drink and you can enjoy what seems like a hundred different flavours of Coke. A truly American experience.

Where to find Five Guys

The Chicken – Mojo

Celebrating 20 years in business this year, it’s hard to believe it’s taken Mojos this long to start serving food. The food here is fantastic and The Chicken is one of the best. Featuring crispy fry chicken thighs with Jack cheese and Mojo Louisiana Hot Sauce, this creation knocks the spots off anything the Colonel can produce.

Where to find Mojo's

Colonel Patty – Patty Smiths at The Belgrave

The Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen really does offer hangover food heaven, with Dough Boys Pizza and Patty Smith’s burgers in the house. The Colonel Patty is a real lip-smacker and comes with spicy fried chicken breast, sriracha hot sauce, mayo, baby gem lettuce, pickled red cabbage and beetroot and chipotle mayo.

Where to find Belgrave

Honey and Rum Burger – Brooklyn

The often forgotten New York Burger Kitchen upstairs in Brooklyn bar really does deserve a bit more love from Leeds, as it’s easily the city’s best kept secret as far as burgers are concerned. Coated in honey and rum glaze and smothered in American cheese, lettuce pickles and onion rings, the beautiful Honey and Rum Burger is the stuff legends are made of.

Where to find Brooklyn's

The Pit Master – The Pit

We’ve all got that one mate that eats like an absolute pig. If they happen to be in town, then take them along to The Pit for an almighty Pit Master. Stacked skyscraper high with a beef patty, bacon, grilled chicken, cheese and beer battered onion rings, it’s a heart attack on a plate that’s well worth the risk.

Where to find The Pit

Wagyu Beef Burger – Stockdale’s of Yorkshire

Whilst Stockdale’s focuses primarily on serving premium steaks, cooked to perfection on their Josper Grill, their awesome Wagyu Beef Burger is one of the best in Leeds. Using locally sourced Wagyu beef (considered to be the best beef in the world) this juicy gourmet burger really does taste like a cut above the rest. Enjoy with their delicious beef dripping chips and a glass of red wine for the ultimate posh burger experience.

Where to find Stockdale's of Yorkshire

Published on: 26 Aug 2021