5 tips for not ruining Valentine’s Day
So, Valentine’s Day is almost here and whether you’re spending the evening with your long-term partner or someone you just met on Tinder, you really don’t want to mess things up. Nope, there’s nothing worse than committing a Valentine’s faux-pas. Follow our tips and this hot date will most likely not be the last, but one of many others to come.

Don’t buy gifts from the petrol station

So, we’ve all heard that it’s the thought that counts, but if you show up with a box of Ferrero Rocher, a battered singled red rose or one of those cheap and nasty grey teddies from the local Shell Garage, it shows what you actually thought was ‘That’ll do.’’ You don’t have to spend a fortune on your Valentine, just try pick something out you know they will actually like.

Don’t buy racy lingerie with just yourself in mind

Whilst you might think that a bright red body stocking from Ann Summers is super-sexy, remember it’s not you that will be wearing it and she may not want to dress like a porn-star! If you are going to buy lingerie, try picking out something with a little more class, and if needs be, consult her friend in private for some advice.

Don’t offer to cook a meal if you can’t cook

Whilst you might think the meal Nigella just whipped up on TV looks like a piece of cake (we couldn’t resist the pun), if you’re a complete kitchen klutz, then approach with caution. Come clean that you can’t cook, and offer to splash out on their favourite takeaway, or simply go out for food instead. We’ve heard all sorts of cooking disaster stories here in our office, including a guy who served his hot date chips and vodka…needless to say it was the first and last time they saw one another.

Don’t talk about your ex

Whilst you might think it’s hard to talk about past experiences without mentioning your beloved ex of four years, just don’t. It’s a clear sign that you’re not over this relationship and a huge turn-off for your new beau, who will probably come to the conclusion you were probably dumped for being a wet lettuce.

Don’t get too drunk

Whether you feel like drinking copious amounts of alcohol because it’s a first date and you’re nervous, or simply because you’re a complete boozer, reign it in! The last thing you want to do is declare undying love for someone you barely know, before puking in their lap and being sent home alone in a taxi. If you do, you will definitely find you bump into them on a regular basis for years to come and have to relive the sorry experience over and over again.
Published on: 26 Aug 2021