12 Student startup ideas that you can do today
Here are , without having to get a loan, and without having to buy anything extra. You will need a bit of starting capital, but you can do it with your spare cash if needed. For some of the ideas you may need a car, but otherwise you simply need yourself and your computer/laptop. 1 - Start A Swapping Scheme The premise is very simple. You start a website, forum and even an on-campus location where people can swap things. It doesn’t have to be anything more advanced than a corkboard where people pay a dollar to post an advert. They post the things they are willing to swap and the things they are willing to swap from for. You can put the corkboard on your dorm door if you wish, or you can start a website, or even start a swap shop if your college will allow it. The great thing is that you can see the best deals first and snap them up yourself. 2 - Coursework Writing For Other Students When students struggle or miss classes, they sometimes cannot complete their essays and coursework. Many will go to confidential writing services, but if you can build an underground reputation as a confidential essay writer, then people will bring their business to you--and there is a lot of money in essay and coursework writing because there is a high demand. AssignmentMasters is a good example of such kind of business. 3 - Sell Items On eBay For A Commission Take photos of people’s stuff, get their details, and try to sell their stuff on eBay for a profit. You can charge them for the fees if their items do not sell, or you can factor it into the profit you make when you take a commission. However, you decide to work your business, you may have a high degree of success if you go about it the right way. Students often want money quickly, so market your business as a quick-fix money solution. 4 - Buy Things From Other Students To Sell For A Profit Students sometimes need money fast, and they often have good stuff that they will sell for a large discount just to get some money. You can use this to your advantage and buy their stuff for cheap and sell it as a profit. There are also lots of students that spend their grant/loan money on new things such as the newest tech or even a car, and they then discover they have no money to survive the term. After a few days of eating noodles, they are often willing to sell their new items for a discount, just so that they can start living like a human instead of a scavenger. If you are also running the eBay business as listed as item 3 on the list, then you will also find many people willing to sell to you at a discount rather than wait for an eBay auction to finish. 5 - Proofread The Work Of Other People Some people do not mind writing their work, but they hate proofreading. It is a common problem because reading your own stuff is boring--plus it is more difficult to spot your own errors. Take advantage of this and proofread people’s stuff for them. 6 - Use Your New Qualifications To Sell A Service If you are studying graphic design, then start your business whilst in college with your own website and Google Adwords to market your services. You can do the same for programming, web design, and a whole host of other qualification-specific services. 7 - Promote Yourself As A Tech Support Person There are plenty of people in your college that are good with computers, but they are not excellent. For example, there are still people that want to upgrade their Java, or upgrade to Windows 10, or that want to install new software and do not know how. Make a website, list all the things you can do, and charge a fee for your services. 8 - Arrange Parties And Sell Tickets Gather a few of your friends, invest a little money each, hire out a hall, arrange for a bar, promote and sell tickets. If you turn it into a group effort, then you are less likely to lose money, more likely to succeed, plus you get to go to a party. 9 - Start A Car Lending Service You have to be very careful with this business, but many people have done it. You lend out your car for a fee and a set amount of time. Bring the person to your dorm, and have them take out temporary insurance on your car for the time they are borrowing it, and on the day that person takes your car, have them leave their license with you, their current passport, or something else that shows who they are and that is valuable to their identity. 10 - Create A Go-Get-It Shopping Service This sort of thing has been going on for years. Usually people visit elderly people and charge them a small fee for getting their shopping from the supermarkets. You are doing the same thing, but you are doing it for students that do not have a car. Once people start to trust you, then they will pay in advance and you can do large shopping runs. 11 - Build A Review Website For Your College Making money this way will take time, especially if you have to do it via affiliate advertising. However, every year there are thousands of students looking for reviews of your college or university, and you can capitalize on that yearly demand. 12 - Create Information Products Featuring Your Notes The sheer weight of students that need notes is legendary. In every class, during every session, and in every college/university in the world there are students that have missed classes, that haven’t written notes, or that have lost their notes. Students need them desperately all the time, and usually they have to borrow them from friends. You can write up your notes and sell them on a website. Make notes for every class, write them up, and sell each batch of notes for a very low price. Hand out a few leaflets in class advertising your website, post adverts on local boards, and people will come to you when they need your notes.
Published on: 26 Aug 2021