Leeds University Area Guide for Students

everything you could possible need right on your door step

The University area is awash with student's residents due to its perfect location, as within walking distance of both, Leeds city centre and Headingley, yet remains affordable accommodation for most. Woodhouse Lane is particularly popular with the Leeds University main campus entrance situated here. If you want to be in the midst of the University life style and parties then this is the area for you, with everything you could possible need right on your door step. But remember your neighbours will be students so don't expect any peace and quiet any time soon!

University of Leeds


University of Leeds

Contact details

Phone: 0113 243 1751

Web: https://www.leeds.ac.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/universityofleeds

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UniversityLeeds

University of Leeds Location

Just off Woodhouse Lane, opposite the shops, cafes and banks. Around half a mile north-west of Leeds City Centre.

Getting to the University of Leeds

The university is around three quarters of a mile north of Leeds Rail Station. Trains from there to London King’s Cross take two and a half hours, while Sheffield is 40 minutes away. Manchester is around an hour away by train.

The campus is well-served by major bus routes. The 1, 6, 19/19A, 28 and 56 all go along Woodhouse Lane towards the Parkinson Building. Expect as many as 20 buses per hour to stop by the Parkinson entrance, with around 10 at the other end of campus.

About the University of Leeds

This is the largest and most-established university in the city, with more than 30,000 students taking undergraduate and postgraduate courses there. It lies pretty close to the city centre, while student accommodation is plentiful in the surrounding areas such as Hyde Park, Woodhouse and Burley.

Student life

Students at the University of Leeds can expect to take advantage of a number of libraries, quiet learning spaces and entertainment venues on campus. The student union building has a handful of bars and eateries. As it only has one main campus, everything is all on-site, so you won’t have to bus between buildings.

University of Leeds Student Union

Leeds University Union represents the 30,000-plus students and organises activities such as live music, charity fundraisers and catering in the LUU building. They also have a job shop for any students looking for part-time jobs to help pay for the basics throughout their studies.


Courses and facilities

The university has a long list of courses, with the most popular including chemistry, biology, mathematics, ancient history and business. It has a great reputation for research, frequently being amongst the top 10 universities in the country.

As for facilities, there are four libraries on-site, while there are an astonishing 19 ‘PC Clusters’ dotted around the campus. There are three sports centres at the university too, with The Edge being the newest and most up-to-date, boasting a gym and swimming pool.

Student accommodation near the University of Leeds

There are places to live in the university itself, but there is more accommodation in the areas of Headingley, Woodhouse, Meanwood, Burley, Kirkstall and Hyde Park. In each of these areas, you’ll find a mix of Victorian and Georgian terraces, modern flats in spacious halls of residence and quiet semis and detached houses in cul-de-sacs.

Leeds Beckett University


City Campus

Headingley Campus

Church Wood Avenue

Leeds Beckett University Contact details

Phone: 0113 812 0000
Web: https://www.leedsbeckett.ac.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leedsbeckett
Twitter: https://twitter.com/leedsbeckett

Leeds Beckett University Location

The City Campus is just south of the University of Leeds on Woodhouse Lane, sat inside of the Inner Ring Road. The Headingley Campus is just off Otley Road in Headingley, surrounded by Beckett Park.

Getting there

To get to the City Campus by train, it’s around two-thirds of a mile north of Leeds station. As for buses, the 1, 6, 28 and 56 are the most frequent services stopping there, heading towards areas such as Headingley, Hyde Park and Adel northbound and the City Centre and Cross Gates eastbound.

As for the Headingley Campus, the 29 bus stops right in the campus itself every 10 minutes on weekdays, heading southwards before terminating in Woodhouse. On nearby Otley Road, the 1, 28 and 6 buses all go up and down that route. The nearest train station is Headingley, which is just over half a mile south of the campus.

About Leeds Beckett University

Having recently changed its name from Leeds Carnegie University, Leeds Beckett is a modern, dynamic place to study, with not far off 30,000 students enrolled on its many courses across the City and Headingley campuses. State-of-the-art learning spaces and spacious lecture theatres are guaranteed in City, while the serene nature of Headingley lends itself well to a great time throughout your studies.

Student life

The City Campus is just a stone’s throw away from the City Centre and, as such, is close to many a bar, restaurant, shop or cultural venue where you can rock out, chill out or go for some retail therapy. In Headingley, you’re close to the Otley Run, Leeds’ most famous pub crawl route, as well as Headingley Stadium, home to world-class rugby league and cricket.

Leeds Beckett University Student Union

Leeds Beckett Students Union represent all the university’s students and help run all kinds of activities and services. They organise societies for everything from sport and religion to political activism and music. They also have a jobshop for students seeking part-time work, as well as a multitude of live music and entertainment events on campus.


Courses and facilities

At the City Campus, courses offered centre around business, social sciences, teaching, politics and law. Languages and sport-based courses are mainly run from the Headingley Campus.

The facilities available in the City Campus include the Sheila Silver Library and computer hubs in the Rose Bowl building. At the Headingley Campus, computers and books are available for use at the Headingley Library, located in the James Graham Building.

Student accommodation near Leeds Beckett University

There are a number of halls of residence near the two campuses, but there are also houses and flats located within Leeds City Centre, Headingley, Woodhouse, Hyde Park and Burley which are very handy to live in. Wherever you choose to live, the accommodation is safe, comfortable, convenient and within easy reach of many local amenities including shops and medical centres.

Leeds Trinity University



Brownberrie Lane
West Yorkshire
LS18 5HD

Leeds Trinity University Contact details

Phone: 0113 283 7100
Web: https://www.leedstrinity.ac.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leedstrinity
Twitter: https://twitter.com/leedstrinity

Leeds Trinity University Location

Leeds Trinity University is half a mile west of Horsforth Rail Station, opposite a rugby ground. It lies around five miles north-west of Leeds City Centre.

Getting there

Horsforth Rail Station is just a short walk away and is served by trains going to and from Leeds every half hour or so between 7am and 7pm. Leeds is 13 minutes away by train.

By bus, the 97 to Guiseley stops outside the university itself, while the 50/50A go near the train station every 10 minutes or so at daytimes from Monday to Saturday. The 30, 31 and 32 buses also stop here, as does the 9.

About Leeds Trinity University

Having formerly been a college, Leeds Trinity is becoming the university of choice for students who want to study in a peaceful, friendly environment. With the countryside to one side and the quaint town of Horsforth to the south, it’s just the place for studying without the distractions that might turn heads towards the centre of Leeds.

Student life

Most of the main amenities for students in Horsforth are in the town centre and on campus. The university site has a student union building, sports centre and plenty of places to get your head down and study hard, while the town centre has all the shops you could possibly need, selling stationery, food and fashionable student clobber.

Leeds Trinity University Student Union

Leeds Trinity Students’ Union represents the thousands of people who study at the university, offering advice, running societies and organising live events and charity fundraisers. The union also provides welfare services if you need help with any aspect of life on campus, not to mention a jobshop for part-time vacancies.


Courses and facilities

Leeds Trinity is best known for its array of teaching courses, but they also offer qualifications in journalism and media production. Psychology and sport-based degrees are offered here too.

There is a large library on the site, while for anyone taking a journalism or media-based course, the Media Centre has plenty of computers and studios to make use of. There’s also an on-site gym and chapel for daily worship.

Student accommodation near Leeds Trinity University

There are a number of different accommodation options around the university. Student flats and house shares come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with many clustered in and around Horsforth. Nearby Kirkstall and Adel are popular with students at Leeds Trinity because they’re near regular bus routes and are close to major local landmarks and beauty spots.

Leeds University of Law - Leeds Campus


15-16 Park Row

Leeds University of Law Contact details

Phone: 0800 289997
Web: https://www.law.ac.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UniversityOfLaw/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/universityoflaw

Leeds University of Law Location

On Park Row, just next to the Slug and Lettuce bar, opposite the branch of HSBC. It’s around two minutes’ walk from the Headrow.

Getting there

The campus is only five minutes’ walk from Leeds Rail Station, which is accessible from City Square before heading up Park Row.
Buses stopping near the University of Law include the 1, 33/33A, 163 and 166, with the first two going towards the northern parts of Leeds and the others heading east towards Crossgates and Harehills.

About Leeds University of Law

As the name suggests, this is a specialist law university, offering undergraduate LLBs, GDLs and the like. Their Leeds campus is small yet conveniently placed for anyone who needs to pick up life’s basics before they head out.

Student life

Spread across seven storeys, the campus has a cool, professional feel. There are workshop spaces, lecture theatres, seminar rooms and more besides for studying. However, being such a small campus, there isn’t that much on-site besides a student cafe.

University of Law Student Union

The University of Law doesn’t have a student union in the traditional sense, but it does have welfare provision in the form of a disabled students’ service and professional development support. There’s also some extra support available for international students.

Courses and facilities

For undergraduate students, LLPs are available. GDLs and LPCs, which can be done on a full-time or part-time basis, are available as well.

On campus, there is a library with all the legal textbooks you’ll possibly need. There are also seminar rooms where you can study quietly when they’re not being used.

Student accommodation near the University of Law

There is some accommodation in Leeds City Centre in the form of student flats near the inner ring road. A little further away, there are houses of all shapes and sizes in Woodhouse, Burley and Kirkstall; all three areas are easily accessible from the campus by bus or, at a push, by walking.

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