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Student Properties for rent in Leeds City Centre

Your student guide to Leeds City Centre

One of the most vibrant cities in the country, Leeds is a firm favourite in the student community whether they’ve lived here or visited fellow students who have themselves.             

It’s more of a question of ‘what isn’t there?’ when it comes to Leeds. You’ve got two fantastic universities that are reachable on foot from the city centre, a shopping experience that gives London a run for its money and some of the most excitingly different bars and pubs you’re likely to experience in a university city.

Leeds City Centre safety and security

Like any major metropolitan area, Leeds has its fair share of crime, but accommodations for students in the city centre itself are kept particularly safe by excellent features like security gates and CCTV.


One of the best things about Leeds is compact nature of its city centre. The train and bus stations are both within walking distance of the main shopping streets and, as you would expect from one of Britain’s busiest places, there is an abundance of bus services out of the city to the universities and to the many suburbs that are worth checking out. 

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Finding a student property to rent in Leeds City Centre

There’s plenty of choice for student accommodation in the city centre, so it’s simply a case of choosing what’s more important to you. If you want to be closer to the universities, choose the north west; if you want to be closer to the nightlife, choose the south east. However, in reality, you’re close to everything in a student house in Leeds city centre!

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