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How To Save Money On Your Gas And Electricity Bills

As the winter months edge closer, energy bills will be on the rise for many households in the UK as the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Even the cheapest gas and electric providers will reap the benefits of unassuming customers whose heating habits and electricity usage are costing them hundreds in payment plans.

Although suppliers may continue to set their benchmark prices at seemingly unaffordable rates, we have conjured eleven smart methods to boost your energy efficiency whilst potentially lowering your gas and electric prices.

Manage your thermostat

 According to, turning down your household thermostat by 1 centigrade can save up to £60 per annum. To further this reduction process, steer away from high intensity heat stints and manage your thermostat on a timer-based setting for the boiler.

Smart controls

Electricity suppliers are beginning to market smart control technology which allows consumers to control and understand energy efficiency. From numerous mobile applications, you are able to manage the heating temperature within your home at any point of the day.

Ditch the power shower

The luxury of a power shower is rather indulgent throughout the winter months following a damp journey home from work, but it can often come with a price. Proven to use more water than baths in some cases, power showers could be the root of your energy efficiency problems.

Don’t standby, switch off!

The most common cause of sky-high gas and electric prices is the resistance of consumers to shut down all of their home appliances when they are no longer in use. Although using standby settings makes turning your gadgets on much simpler, the long term effect that this habit has on your electricity prices is monumental – so switch off!

Cooking on gas

When cooking on the hob in your household, it is important to utilize the most effective rings to cater for your needs. Whether using gas or electric, this method of cooking can save on bills and increase energy efficiency with little wastage.

Smart washing

Roasting that wine-stained dress at 90 degrees centigrade or tumble drying your oldest fluffy pillow won’t do your electricity prices any favors, so why not try washing your wardrobe at 40 degrees and hanging the finished product out to air-dry to save yourself a monthly sum?

Natural lighting

As the sunshine beams in through your household’s windows on a fresh winters morning, embrace the warmth and open your curtains to welcome natural heat. This simple method will eliminate the need for artificial lighting, boosting your energy efficiency and dampening the electricity suppliers’ bills.

Energy-saving alternatives

Energy efficient light bulbs and LED spotlights are the most basic alternative to standard household lighting systems, and can be found throughout the high street. Although these new bulbs can be slightly more expensive, their long-term saving will be valuable to your energy bills.

Install insulation

According to uSwitch, the UK government are now offering full and partial funding for cavity wall and loft insulation. Combining the savings of both methods could save a household onwards of 40% - or £200 a year – on their fuel bills. 

Invest in solar energy

Another government-funded Feed-in tariff scheme, which encourages solar panels in Britain, could reduce energy bills by a third. Some solar panel installers may carry out the work on your home free of charge, due to them receiving payment for energy generated by the newly installed solar systems. 

Go compare

Finding the cheapest gas and electric suppliers has now been made easy, with a widely available array of comparison sites and applications that allow users to compare their energy tariffs with other companies in the market. Compare electricity prices online and you will get better deals.

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