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How To Get Broadband Without A Landline & Save Money On Line Rental

Ever wanted to get broadband without line rental? Let’s be honest, not many people have a landline these days, so this annoying policy seems a little redundant. A lot of people make calls on their mobiles, and don’t bother with landlines at all. Internet without line rental seems like the way forward, but will it be a possibility, and does it actually work out cheaper?

Until now, most companies will insist on you getting and paying for both, which feels pointless when you don’t even own a phone. Broadband companies should realise they can beat their competitors by offering a sweeter, more relevant deal to their customers.

In May, the Culture minister Ed Vaizey contacted BT, Virgin, TalkTalk and Sky to ask them to meet to talk about broadband pricing. However, the result wasn’t quite as Vaizey hoped, as these companies suggested simply just charging the two fees as one amount, rather than separately, but this wouldn’t necessarily have an impact on price.

TalkTalk are the first company to show interest in changing, saying they will ‘scrap separate line rental charge and offer a combined monthly price’. Although this price may not be any cheaper, at least companies are starting to think of things differently and are looking to simplify the way they charge people.

Finding a service provider which doesn’t need a landline

The simplest way to avoid having to pay for line rental is to find a company that offers broadband only deals. However, keep in mind that although it is sold as just broadband, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be cheaper in the long run.

For example, companies may offer very low reduced prices for the first six months, and then the prices jump up. Make sure you look at the entire contract and work out the overall costs, don’t get tricked by sneaky deals that look appealing. Companies such as Virgin Media enable you to pay for the internet, without having to sign up to a landline. Another company that offers broadband only is Hyperoptic, but they aren’t available in many areas.

How to find the best line rental and broadband prices

However, it isn’t always cheaper, and in many cases, it works out more expensive. Even if it isn’t that much cheaper, at least you feel like you aren’t paying for something you don’t use. If you would rather get the lowest possible deal, you may find signing up to both services is cheaper, but it depends how fast you want your internet to be.

If you aren't sure what broadband you can get in your area, click here to find out. If you want to get the cheapest possible line rental, the best thing to do is to shop around for deals. Check price comparison sites to see which companies are offering the fastest broadband at the lowest prices. It’s also worth calling companies individually and asking for better deals. 

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