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How to boost your slow Broadband Connection

Slow broadband connection has become an extremely irritating problem for the modern-day Wi-Fi user, meaning internet service providers must continuously update their broadband speeds in order to please their demanding customers.

Poor wireless router locations, software updates and background applications could all contribute towards a decrease in broadband speed, therefore conducting research on the internet providers in your area via broadband comparison sites can often be key.

If you are experiencing a painfully fragmented Wi-Fi connection, here are eight reasons you must begin to question to help resolve the problem…

Broadband speed test

Firstly, try testing your current broadband speed! Conducting a broadband speed test from your own home is the simplest method in comparing your internet service provider to others.

Websites and applications such as allow consumers to determine their upload and download latency; or the speed of which pages load, in simple terms.

However, the location of your nearest server is likely to affect the results of your broadband speed test, therefore it is recommended to explore other options before settling on one internet service provider.

Wireless router location

Although this strategy may sound unnecessary, the location of your Wi-Fi router within the household can play a key role in its efficiency.

Broadband companies suggest that placing your wireless box centrally at a high point will lead to the fastest Wifi speeds, eliminating any potential interferences from walls and doors.

Rush hour surfing

Similar to the rush-hour queues of the British highways, the internet suffers from high-intensity traffic at peak times during the day.

According to the BBC, the internet rush hour occurs between the hours of 7 and 11pm in the UK, meaning a significant number of major broadband companies and their customers are affected by delays.

In hindsight, important internet surfing is therefore encouraged within quieter hours of the day such as the morning or mid-afternoon to avoid high periods of web-traffic.

Background applications and devices

Likewise to encountering volumes of web-traffic, running a variety of devices from one wireless router will ultimately slow your internet connection down.

Connecting PC’s, tablets and mobile devices with one broadband network will add to the work-rate of your wireless router – along with your monthly payment bill.

Similarly, devices left to drain data whilst not in use are often a larger burden on broadband speeds, meaning switching off appliances can save on more than just electricity bills!

Software updates

Restarting and updating your broadband system can prove to be a difficult task, however it is essential in boosting connection speeds.

Updating regularly allows for a stable Wifi connection alongside consistent memory and virus cleaning of all linked devices, and furthered by an updated web browser.

Usage limits

Internet service providers may decide to slow your internet connection down following an over-use of your tariff.

Whether the household is simply using too much broadband data, or your Wi-Fi privacy is unlocked and available for nearby devices - it could be suggested to contact your service provider in order to manage your current package.

Cheap broadband

Although a cheaper alternative broadband may offer prices that larger internet providers simply cannot achieve, it is recommended to stick to a major operator in order for the most sustainable connection results.

Broadband deals are widely available with the largest providers, with monthly plans often linking with line rental to cater for specific needs. To keep up to date with the latest available deals, check out:

Comparison sites

If your current broadband provider continues to fail in offering value for money bundle deals to suit your needs, look elsewhere!

With hundreds of comparison sites now providing broadband consumers the ability to surf an array of deals in one place, there is no harm in searching for a new internet provider in your area!

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