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Leeds through the Ages

Take a look at pictures from the past, present or mix them both together

Yorkshire, it’s the largest county in the UK and holds some of the richest history and culture in the UK. Home of the Yorkshire pudding and the best cups of tea, there’s no-one more proud of their heritage than Yorkshire folk. Leeds is now the largest city in the county with a population of 750,000 people and has developed its own unique history.

Here at Parklane we want to celebrate the history of our hometown and invite people to take a trip back in time to see how Leeds has evolved over the years.

By clicking through the slider you can visit some well known locations around Leeds and take a look at pictures from the past, present or mix them both together while using the book icon unveils a brief, but intriguing history related to each landmark.

Well known and loved locations such as the Corn Exchange are featured, originally opening in 1863. The photo on the slider dates back to 1915 when it was used for business transactions and deals between the corn dealers and merchants.

Even at Parklane we’ve seen evolution over the years, first opening on Cardigan Road in 1977 before relocating to our Headingley home in the late 1980’s.

Do you have any memories or photos of Leeds Through The Ages or are you able to create your own past and present mash up? Follow us on Twitter or Facebook and share your pics with us by using the hashtag #Leedsthroughtheages.