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Leeds vs London

Where The Real Capital Is

As the popularity of students moving to London continues to rise, here at Parklane Properties we’ve decided to analyse whether or not it makes sense for postgraduates to move to the Big Smoke by comparing the UK capital with the northern city of Leeds.

The most recent figures show that London is the top destination for Leeds graduates after university, with 60% of inner London graduates, but for most, lifestyle expectations will not be met. But is it really necessary to move down to the bright lights of London straight after finishing in Leeds or is it better to carry on in your student accommodation or take up a professional let in the Yorkshire capital?

Leeds has grown immensely in recent years; home to the largest financial sector outside London and with over 70,000 jobs opening up in the digital sector, it has become a strong contender for businesses looking to move up North.

The graphic we have created below compares the two cities, looking at the contrast in the cost of living, typical salaries, crime rates, house prices, even the difference you’ll pay for a pint! 

Leeds vs London Infographic