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Commercial FAQ

Popular questions asked about our commercial lettings process

What aspect of commercial property do Parklane deal in?

Retail shops, offices, and industrial.

Do Parklane have properties outside of the Leeds area?

Yes we have retail units in other cities around the UK.

Can I be put on a mailing list?

Although we do not indiscriminately mail shot we do match your requirements and constantly review the market to match your criteria.

Can Parklane offer help to commercial tenants starting out?

Yes we can sometimes make arrangements for rent free periods and also factor in other help like fix rent reviews etc.

Do you have a web site I can view the property details on?

Yes but the information for commercial is very limited as most figures are based on the negotiations and help we can achieve for our clients.

How long are the lease periods?

Although some properties may justify longer leases, we do have units that can be let for as little as 5 years and sometimes offer units for seasonal use.

Do I make arrangement to view a property through an agent?

No need, we manage all our own properties and would be happy to accompany you to a viewing.

I have a commercial property to sell, do Parklane buy?

Yes we are always looking to expand the portfolio and would be happy to hear of a unit for sale.

I want a unit for hot food, can I take any unit and apply for planning to change?

A. It is always better to get a unit that fits the user class consent, however it is possible to apply for a 'Change of Use' but this could be a lengthy process and could potentially be rejected. A lease progression could not wait for this process to take place before completion.

What are the user classes?

A1 is for shops such as clothes shop, pet shop, hairdressers etc A2 if for Bank, building society or estate agents etc A3 for Restaurant or cafe etc A4 for Pub or bar A5 hot food takeaway etc B1 Business offices, light industrial etc B2 special Industry B8 Warehouse, etc C1 Hotels C2 School or College etc C3 family home etc D1 religious, medial or public building etc D2 Leisure etc. There are other types and also business use that does not fit in any category; this is known as "Sui Generis".