What you need to know before looking for apartments to rent in Leeds

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What you need to know before looking for apartments to rent in Leeds

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January 18, 2016 12:51 pm Published by
Renting property in Leeds

Our previous article about our advice on renting an apartment in Leeds and what tenants should look for when inspecting property highlighted questions that need to be asked and this article takes that further with more helpful information.

To continue our checklist of questions to ask, tenants should take a keen interest in how their future home is going to be heated.

Take time to ask about the heating; does the central heating system work? Do the radiators function as they should do?

Current tenants living in the apartments in Leeds

Make sure one of the things you ask the current tenants or agents when potentially renting an apartment in Leeds is whether the property is properly insulated and it should have double glazing.

Another important entry for any checklist when looking at a property to rent is to consider the amount of storage space available. You will need somewhere to place all of your belongings so ensure there is enough available space.

While asking about available space, take note of whether there is enough surface space in the kitchen and whether there are enough cupboards there too. Also, does the washing machine work?

If the property is furnished, are the pans and pots and kitchen equipment in good condition?

Does the property come with curtains or roman blinds?

Are there any leaking taps and is the shower working properly? Again, don’t be shy about turning the shower on. Also, what is the condition of the sealant around the shower or bath?

Does the property already have Wi-Fi or broadband fitted?

Looking for a house for rent Leeds

These are just some of the items that anyone looking for apartments to rent in Leeds – and indeed they are applicable for those looking for a house for rent Leeds as well – and here at Park Lane Properties we have the expertise to answer these questions and will be willing to help anyone wanting quality accommodation in the city.

Our next article in our series of questions to ask potential landlords and agents in Leeds will focus on the safety issues that are a legal requirement which must be met.

Here at Park Lane Properties we offer quality rented accommodation in the city of Leeds and this includes apartments and houses. We are willing to answer any questions from potential tenants and will deliver quality accommodation that will impress. Contact us today:

contact form or +44 (0)113 237 0000

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